Maximize Team Productivity
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Attract & Retain Top Talent
Customized Training

Maximize Team Productivity
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Attract & Retain Top Talent
Customized Training



Discover how simple it can be to develop positive connections with others. Download our FREE eCourse “3 Keys for Building Rapport.”


TSA at Reagan International Airport discovered how Pici & Pici Conflict Resolution Training increases employee safety and effectiveness.

Disfunction in the workplace is costing billions in lost revenue and thousands of lives each year.


HOMICIDES are responsible for 17% of work related deaths. Second only to vehicle accidents as to death on the job.
(US bureau of labor and statistics)


70% of workers are disengaged at an estimated cost of $450-550 BILLION each year!


24% lower profit margins due to employee disfunction


2.8 hours per week are spent with employees dealing with workplace conflict adding up to 385 MILLION work days.

In fact, 50% of a managers time is spent dealing with employee conflict issues due to lack of trust and poor communication.
(US News & World Report)

According to Gallup’s state of workplace reports, organizations with high employee engagement will derive the following benefits:

Higher Profitability

Lower Turnover

Lower Theft


Fewer Safety

Lower Absenteeism

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The Road to Improvement begins with Enhanced Communication & People Skills

Enhanced Communication

“In business, communication is everything!”

Robert Kent – former dean Harvard Business School

Powerful, effective individuals understand that communication and people skills are the cornerstones to success in business. Unfortunately, as our world becomes more technology focused, these essential skills are being left behind causing many companies to wonder why they’re struggling to obtain and secure more business.
These skills are embodied within Rapport Mastery™.

What does rapport have to do with communication?

Rapport is… the deepest relationship that can be attained in the business process. It involves individuals sharing common ground that is established when harmony and accord have been reached between all parties. This does not mean the individuals agree on every issue, it means they have attained a mutual respect for each other’s opinions.

Communication is… the successful conveying and receiving of ideas, information, and feelings between individuals. A critical factor in measuring the effectiveness of communication is when the intended message of the sender and the interpreted message of the receiver are one and the same. Unfortunately, messages are often misinterpreted resulting in confusion and/or conflict.

Rapport Mastery™ is… the possession of skills and the genuine desire to develop relationships of mutual trust and emotional affinity. Those who have achieved Rapport Mastery™ have developed the skills to recognize and adapt ones communication and behavior style to the styles of others. Therefore, they are able to transmit the true meaning of words and symbols.

At Pici & Pici, we have 30+ years in the communication training industry. We have invested enormous effort in understanding the complex subject of human interaction. Our work has resulted in the construction of a methodology that makes human behavior and communication easy to understand and a program that helps participants apply these principals for immediate positive results.

“Having attended your class recently, was an amazing and eye opening experience. Your presentation is inspiring, well organized and captivating. I would place you at the TOP of the list of all the speakers I have heard in your field. Not only will I recommend your services to my friends, I already have. I can’t think of a business, law firm, or any organization, that wouldn’t benefit from hiring you.”
Bobby Brantly former Florida Lt. Governor.

Understand, Recognize & Adapt to Communication and Behavior Styles

Listening Skills

Building Rapport

Powerful & Polite Assertive, Non-Aggressive Communication

Conciliatory Gestures

Real Life Application Customized to Your Industry & Team

Get your team on the same page. Increase cooperation now!


Create Cohesion

Accomplish MORE with the Staff You Have in Place!

Get your team on the same page. Maximize productivity now!


Lower Conflict in the Workplace
Build Productive Teams
Develop Leaders
Decrease Turnover
Improve Communication for Fewer Misunderstandings
Enhance Employee Job Satisfaction
Improve Customer Satisfaction

DISC that makes a difference!
Imagine… having the right people on the bus and in the correct seats while working together effectively.

We help companies cut costs and increase productivity by lowering stress created by fragmented leadership teams who are struggling with communication issues and turf wars. Our Rapport Mastery™ Team Building System begins with understanding and applying the DISC model of human behavior to the work environment.

Team Building

Maximize Productivity
Increase Cooperation
Improve Competence
Meet Deadlines
Achieve Goals

Building Leaders

Lower Turnover
Work More Effectively with Others
Get More Accomplished
in Less Time

Building Rapport

Connect with Others on a Deeper Level
Develop Trust
Read Others

Priority & Time Management

Lower Stress
Maximize Effort
Achieve Goals
Gain Satisfaction


The Power of an Engaged Workforce

Companies grow profits as much as 2X faster than their competitors
Lower turn over by 87%
Experience 2X higher customer loyalty
Have a 19.2% growth in operating income over a 12 month period.

“It’s not often that I run into really high caliber professionals like this husband and wife team. Joe & Dawn have achieved a level like no one else when it comes to growing someone’s business and expanding the knowledge of human behavioral studies that dramatically increase sales, stop conflict and increase your bottom line.”
Scott ‘Spiderman’ Mulholland CEO USBCI Building Envelope Consultants

Shape Customer Experience

They Represent You.

Your employees are your best or worst marketing tool depending upon their communication and people skills.

Increase sales
Improve Saves & First Call Resolutions
Collections without Conflict

40% of customers begin purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation for customer service.

Improve Your Bottom Line
Take Your Customer Experience and Satisfaction Up a Few Notches

Our In-bound Customer Experience Training teaches how to:

Boost customer satisfaction and retention rates
Understand what customers are looking for
See things from the customer’s perspective
Approach a variety of common customer interactions
Communicate more effectively
Turn negative customer experiences into positive ones
Create, track, and respond to meaningful customer satisfaction metrics
Improve employee satisfaction for better customer service

What could ever matter more than your company’s customer satisfaction?—nothing.

Customers are your income source, and if they aren’t happy, they’ll gladly give their money to someone else. Little, if anything, offers as much ROI potential as high-quality customer satisfaction training.

Customers’ desire for a more personalized experience is on the rise. Inability to speak with a live person is biggest consumer complaint. Balancing technology and personal service is essential.
(Wirthklin Report World Wide)

Great Customer Service = ROI

Delivering stellar customer experiences is the most important part of doing business. Among the most compelling benefits are:

Higher customer retention rates
Increasing how often customers buy from you
Increasing how much customers spend when they buy
Getting new business from word-of-mouth referrals
Getting new business from positive online reviews
Increased trust in your brand
A strong reputation as a go-to source for your products or services
Larger, more engaged social media followings
Happier, more loyal employees thanks to more pleasant customer interactions

Increase your bottom line.     Get new hires up to speed.

Attract and retain top talent!
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Joe Pici is the greatest speaker and trainer of our time. His unique approach to sales and human behavior has revolutionized today’s sales industry. His desire to educate and to see others succeed is only matched by the clarity of purpose in his message and laser sharp focus.” Rico Pena multi award winning bilingual facilitator and professional speaker and author

Conflict Resolution

Reduce RISK

1 out of 4 employees will be victimized.
18,000 workplace assaults weekly.
121 BILLION in losses due to workplace assault.
OSHA defines workplace violence as “Any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or
other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. It ranges from threats and verbal
abuse to physical assaults and even homicide.”

17% Homicides

of work related deaths. Second only to vehicle accidents as to death on the job. (US bureau of labor and statistics)

2.8 Hours

per week are spent by employees on dealing with workplace conflict adding up to 385 MILLION work days (Myers-Briggs)

In fact: 50%

of time managers are resolving people problems related to trust and poor communication. (US News & World Report)


Resolve or Prevent Conflict: Reduce conflict between management and employees, between employees, or between employees and clients. Identify motivational and managerial issues related to interpersonal style for smoother operations and lower risk of miscommunication that can prompt problems.

Lower Turnover by Enhancing Employee Job Satisfaction: Many people assume that if employees are well trained, they are more likely to leave for greener pastures. But the opposite is true; trained staff are happier and more likely to stay put. Their self-esteem improves, which in turn, improves morale and loyalty. A Louis Harris and Associates poll reports that among employees with poor training opportunities, 41% plan to leave within one year, while only 12% of those who considered their company’s training opportunities to be excellent, plan to leave.



Build Productive Teams: Performance management training increases worker productivity in many ways, including by improving employee mood and loyalty, reducing time lost to conflict, making communication more efficient, and freeing up managers for their most essential duties. Just a 2% increase in productivity can net a 100% ROI, as found by The 2001 Global Training and Certification Study by CompTIA and Prometric.

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reduce your risk NOW!


“Joe Pici has captivating teaching techniques that stimulate thinking for growing your business. You will identify better method of communication and improve your skill with people.”
Cheryl Fong – Client Services Manager – Seeman Holtz

Women’s Empowerment

She’s a smart cookie. That’s why you hired her. Top of her class and most likely to succeed.
Make sure she is fully prepared to contribute to her full potential.

Build Your Business by Empowering Women

Employees who work for Female Managers are 6% more engaged than those who work for a male manager. (Gallup)

Businesses perform better & stocks rise when women are on corporate boards. (Berkley Haas School of Business)

Percentage of employees engaged

  • Male Manager Male Employee 25% 25%
  • Female Manager Male Employee 29% 29%
  • Male Manager Female Employee 31% 31%
  • Female Manager Female Employee 35% 35%

Female employees who work for a female manager are the the most engaged of any group of workers.

Dynamic, Interactive Keynote Presentations & Workshops

We fill in the gaps to prepare your female employees for:
Maximized Productivity
Successful Leadership
Enhanced Communication
Team Performance

Our keynote presentations and on-site workshops are customized to your specific needs.

Perfect for Corporations, Associations, Universities, & Clubs

“Dawn is Dynamic, Knowledgable, and Inspiring! She is polished professional speaker who shares her experience effectively to train and motivate audiences for creating positive growth. It has been an honor to work with her as a speaker for our conference and a coach to our members as she ROCKS THE ROOM!”
Kathleen Hawkins President & CEO Hendersonville
Chamber of Commerce.

Understand, Recognize & Adapt to Communication and Behavior Styles

Powerful & Polite Assertive, Non-Aggressive communication for career advancement

Conflict Resolution

Interaction Dynamics & Team Building

Listening skills

Think Like a CEO

10 Characteristics for Successful Leadership

Grab Your Greatness

Priority & Time Management

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Discover how simple it can be to develop positive connections with others. Download our FREE eCourse “3 Keys for Building Rapport.”


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