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eBook – The Daily Practices of Sales

We know what actually works for increasing volume and closing more deals. Consistent sales success relies on consistent daily practices. This means that success in sales is attainable for every salesperson. We share with you are top 7 habits to propel you for sales domination!

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Download FREE eBook

eBook – Guide to Eye Catching Business Cards

Are your business cards likely to end up in the trash? Discover the secrets for creating powerful business cards that captivate your prospective clients. Make a marketing statement that prospects will remember.

eBook – Avoiding the 11 LinkedIn Pitfalls

Make sure you’re putting social media platform for business. You’ll discover best and worst practices and gain tips for putting together a dynamic LinkedIn profile.

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The 9 Essential Skills for Sales Success Master Class

You will learn:

  • If it’s time to FIX or FIRE your sales team
  • The roll virtual selling plays in your sales process
  • The 2 elements over which you have no control
  • How to increase productivity & eliminate busyness
  • How to avoid hiring mistakes

eBook – The 7 Non-Negotiable’s for Making Money in the Speaking Industry

Turn your talent into CASH! We’ll share a few insider tips to help you get paid more when you share your intellectual property. The speaking industry provides opportunity to embrace one of the most lucrative careers available. Discover how to maximize your earning power.

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eCourse – 3 Keys for Building Rapport

Discover how to build rapport, even with the most difficult people. Rapport is the deepest level of relationship in a business setting. At rapport, individuals know, like and trust you. Developing rapport creates long-term, repeat clients who provide quality referrals. Master the 3 keys and build stronger relationships with others and restore relationships that may be

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