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You need results.
We provide them.

Increase new business
Maximize productivity
Improve client loyalty
Gain quality referrals
Expand your brand
Build your career
Gain skill & confidence

We serve:

Entrepreneurs and start ups
Direct sales

We work cross-industry.

Because we provide tactical training in the complete sales cycle, entrepreneurship, and performance management, our methodology adapts easily into all business models.

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We are just like you. We’re in the trenches every day selling and building our training business. That’s why we have the expertise to deliver power-packed training programs and presentations that will guide you and your team toward greater productivity, performance, and goal achievement. We provide a wealth of tactical skills, strategies, and techniques you for immediate application. You’ll be surprised at how simple these ideas are to implement — and how well they work. We’re all about results and we’ve created a training system that is easy to learn with hands-on, LIVE coaching that is proven to work in real-world situations. We invite you to check out our website and take advantage of our FREE resources.

We follow a proven system. We’ve created a unique methodology that has proved successful in all industries, economic conditions, and cultures with individuals and companies from around the world.

Our training is most effective for individuals and companies who:

are looking to improve their effectiveness in sales. We do tactical training on the complete sales cycle; lead generation, booking appointments, presentation, handling objections, closing techniques, gaining quality referrals, as well as LIVE phone coaching.

looking for powerful keynote speakers to ensure the success of their next corporate event. We are accomplished, internationally experienced convention keynote speakers.

want to accomplish more with the staff they have in place. We offer a full range of performance management training including communication, conflict resolution, customer service, listening skills, leadership, and team cohesion.

build a profitable professional speaking career. We have created and utilize a proven system to earn six figures in the speaking, training, or coaching industries.

desire certification in the DISC model of human behavior. Discover how to develop positive interactions at work, in the home, or in your association.

need help leveraging LinkedIn for generating endless, quality leads. Put your best foot forward on social media’s largest business network.

Our desire to meet the clients’ needs creates great flexibility and customization in our delivery capabilities.

Boot camps
On-site training
Convention keynotes and breakouts
Private coaching – in person and virtual

We do LIVE phone coaching,

The quintessential element that makes our training unique is our LIVE PHONE COACHING for:

Booking appointments
Customer service
Consultative collections
Call center sales

Ranked by Global Gurus in the TOP 30 sales training firms in the world, we are tactical, skill based trainers, inspiring keynote speakers, and executive coaches. Our expertise is in the niche markets of sales, performance management, professional speaker development, LinkedIn, and provide certification in the DISC model of human behavior.

Our training model is wrapped around one central idea – building rapport

Rapport is the deepest relationship that can be obtained in the business process. Once established, rapport involves an individual knowing, liking, and trusting you. In today’s tight markets, businesses compete to expand their customer base while encouraging loyal, repeat business from existing clients. Many businesses attempted to woo customers with special offers, new features, free shipping, and countless other promotions. Contrary to this practice, our research shows that 85% of your client base will give you loyal, repeat business if they begin trusting and liking the individual(s) who represent your company. This is the essence of our training.

We have over 30 years of international experience in the speaking and training industry. Our signature program, Rapport Mastery™, is a proven system and an extremely strong skill builder which is straightforward and easy to apply.

We are looking forward to speaking with you to see if our programs and training are a good fit to address your needs or the needs of your organization.

Speak with Joe personally and get all your questions answered at 407-947-2590

Business Strategist, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Coach
Sales Strategist, Executive Coach, Author, Trainer

Business Strategist, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Coach

Dawn Pici is a business strategist specializing in the area of Performance Management through Rapport Mastery™. For over 20 years she has worked internationally and developed programs that will increase efficiency, encourage mutual respect and improve communication in your team while reducing conflict in the workplace.

Escalate sales
 Attract and retain valued employees
Improve customer loyalty
 Enhance team efficiency

Listen, laugh, and learn with Dawn and enjoy her signature keynotes or empowerment training workshops. The techniques she imparts are simple to understand and easy to apply.

As co-author of the books Fueled by Greatness, Sell Naked on the Phone, and Sell Naked in Person, Dawn is also the intellectual resource behind Rapport Mastery™ in the Office. Although best known for her work with corporations, Dawn works with faith based and non-profit organizations helping them to attract and retain valued volunteers.

“If you or your company is in need a shot of adrenalin, Dawn Pici is your answer. Dawn is a dynamite presenter and corporate trainer. Her marketing expertise combined with her training in human behavior give business people an unbeatable edge in gaining, retaining and cultivating a strong customer base. Dawn’s fast-paced and entertaining seminars will keep you on your toes and in rapt attention.”

Frank Feather, Business Strategist & Keynote Speaker

Sales Strategist, Executive Coach, Author, Trainer

Ranked by Global Guru’s in the TOP 30 SALES TRAINERS, Joe Pici is a strategist for top sales professionals and a coach specializing in results driven sales training through Rapport Mastery™. Since 1992 he has functioned as a catalyst for sales teams and individuals, helping them sharpen their skills for creating appointments and closing sales through his live phone call workshops. Rapport Mastery™ sales training, a methodology exclusive to Pici & Pici Inc., is an extremely strong skill builder which is straightforward and easy to apply.

COO and co-founder of Pici & Pici Inc., Joe is also co-author and intellectual resource behind the books Sell Naked on the Phone and Sell Naked in Person. Joe has expanded his knowledge and coaching expertise into a comprehensive, turnkey system for success in sales. The Rapport Mastery™ for Sales is relentlessly on-target, packed with the culmination of his years of experience in:

Reaching decision makers and booking appointments
 Closing more sales
Securing repeat business and customer loyalty
 Empowered communication
 Creating focus and direction for on-going growth

“Joe Pici is the greatest speaker and trainer of our time. His unique approach to sales and human behavior has revolutionized today’s sales industry. His desire to educate and to see others succeed is only matched by the clarity of purpose in his message and laser sharp focus.”

Rico Pena, Owner TSV LIVE

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