Increase profit margins and gain loyal, repeat clients through NEGOTIATION training.

My cutting edge, behavior-changing system equips your team with effective strategies and techniques to maximize the value you gain from every deal.

▶︎ Develop Win-Win Strategies
▶︎ Execute Tactical Empathy
▶︎ Improve Emotional Intelligence
▶︎ Heighten Listening & Communication Skills
▶︎ Read Body Language & Voice Tones
▶︎ Conflict Resolution

Establishing a solid negotiation culture in your business will increase profitability and market value. We help our clients become more effective communicators, have greater confidence, and gain mastery of negotiation. And we develop negotiation capability across every department in their business, from the front line through to C-suite.

We specialize in Sales and Consultative Collection Workshops

Negotiation in Sales
Negotiation training in sales ensures higher profit margins on every sale.

Negotiation in Collections
Reduces no-pays and late pays to increase profit margins and client retention.

By optimizing your negotiation mastery and performance, we can help you gain results, fast.

Tactical Negotiation Training involves:

Developing a WIN-WIN mindset to find a resolution to an issue both parties find acceptable
Anticipating challenges
Developing Emotional intelligence
Employing conflict resolution strategies
Heightened commutation skills
Techniques – Strategies – Skills
Characteristics of Great Negotiators
Non Negotiable’s – Do’s & Don’ts
Coaching Points and Best Practices
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