Engage Your
Advance your career by becoming a
confident, polished public speaker
Discover how to package, price
and promote yourself into a
successful career in the speaking
Engage Your
Advance your career by becoming a
confident, polished public speaker
Discover how to package, price
and promote yourself into a
successful career in the speaking

Perhaps you can identify with us. We began in the speaking industry without having influential contacts, any form or notoriety, or being NY Times best selling authors,

Yet, we found a way to:
Create & deliver presentations with WOW factor
Develop a 6 figure income in the speaking/training/ coaching

We’ve been ranked in the top 30 trainers by Global Gurus. We will share our proven system with you.

Find out if our training is a good fit for your success.
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Discover insider tips for making money speaking/training/coaching

“The 7 Non-negotiable’s for Making Money in the Speaking Industry.”

Looking to build an income in the speaking industry?
Join us for TOTAL EXPOSURE Speakers Boot Camp
Orlando, FL October 25-27, 2018

3 Days designed to increase your income in the speaking/training/coaching industries.
Can’t work these dates
into your schedule?
Check out our

Who should

1. The aspiring speaker/trainer/coach who is tired of giving their information away for free and wants to monetize their business.

2. The serious career professional who wants to reach higher levels of income while using their experience, voice, and ideas to make a difference in peoples lives.

your learning curve
At Pici & Pici we know how hard it can be to break into the communication industry and capture high paying engagements. That’s why we created the TOTAL EXPOSURE Professional Speaking/Training/Coaching boot camp.
TOTAL EXPOSURE is a TURNKEY business opportunity with training in every aspect of the professional speaking/training/coaching industries.
Build your career while working a full time job.
Our 3 day intensive training and 120 page workbook will help you package, price and promote yourself to a six figure income!
 Discover how to get started and avoid beginner mistakes
 Market yourself for less money while creating greater impact
 Understand how to use social media to expand your brand and influence
 Learn power negotiation strategies
 Price, Prospect, and Promote yourself
 Techniques to WOW your audience every time
  Master making more money by planning and producing your own events
 Learn how to protect your intellectual property
 Secure spin-off business
 The easy way to create materials for sale at events

Know you’re worth MORE but can’t break into the upper levels of income?

  Ever struggle to be hired or sell tickets to your events?
  Want to get better at negotiating your fees?
  Want to understand how to run the business side of your business?
  Want to put more power into your presentations?

SEATING LIMITED to ONLY 12! To deliver the highest value training to our clients, we limit class size. This provides maximum individual coaching and gives each participant the opportunity to deliver a 10 minute presentation to the class.

We have made being successful in the speaking/training/coaching industries as easy as 1,2,3.

No other professional speaker training gives your this much! Have you experienced speaker training that teaches you only enough to ‘wet your appetite’ and then expects you to spend more for ‘advanced training’?

TOTAL EXPOSURE is a ‘soup to nuts’ training experience including EVERYTHING YOU NEED to build a 6 FIGURE BUSINESS! Just take a look at the training you’ll receive!


Day-1 – Your Business

Identifying your business model

Essentials of a successful speaking/training/coaching career

Business administration

Creating 3 types of value propositions. Each participant will receive individual coaching to create specific value propositions for their market

Your business plan

9 lead generation strategies & power networking

Core story

Day-2 – Identifying & Expanding Your Brand

7 steps for creating a compelling brand & brand message

Best platforms & practices for video, pod casts & live broadcasting

Selling yourself
Creating a compelling core story

Top on-line profiles & how to utilize social media to build your brand



Essential marketing materials

Putting on your own events – Logistics, planning & ticket sales

Contract negotiation

Day-3 – Selling Yourself

Your Core Story Presentation
Each participant will deliver and be coached on a 10 minute core story presentation based upon the
training they have received during the boot camp.

Best practices on working with the technical staff at events

How to price yourself


Development process ladder

3 Step Process for moving forward from the training

Gain Confidence and Power for Public Speaking

Become a Powerful, Polished Presenter
Public Speaking Training

Business Presentations with WOW Factor!

Advance your career! Whether your a C-suite executive or presenting to one, we have the tools to help you create and deliver a strong, engaging business presentation.

Irresistible Sales Presentations!

Gain an unfair advantage over your competition with our
Rapport Mastery™ Sales Presentation Training.

Nail Social Media Broadcasts!

Social Media broadcasting is one of the most effective ways for building your brand. Get up to speed with the latest trends, hardware, and soft ware for producing great broadcasts.
The POWER of Your Presentation to:
 Persuade Colleagues
 Exude Confidence
 Close Deals
 Energize Your Team
 Build Your Brand
is the Difference Between Success & Failure
Whether you are looking for career advancement, increasing sales, brand expansion, or building your business, the ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee/business owner should possess. Effective delivery can help you get your message across, and influence your audience.
Our training provides courses for effective presentation skills that empower you to communicate confidently and competently to all types of audiences.

2 + 12 =

Let’s chat and see if we’re the right fit for your success

Turn passive listeners into active participants with well conceived and delivered interactive presentations.

Discover how to create presentations that will connect with each of the behavior and communication styles of your audience.
Investigate the different types of speeches and best practices for the successful delivery of each.

Create logical, easy to follow presentations that flow from point to point with easy transitions.

Practice engaging speech opening lines and powerful ways to close your talk
that will make your presentations memorable.

Master getting ‘buy in’ and conducting engaging, interactive sessions.
Remove the ‘snooze’ factor from PowerPoint presentations.

Get started producing your own social media broadcasts – the easy way. We know the short cuts.
Gain long term effectiveness. How to challenge your audience toward a desired action.

13 + 6 =

Let’s chat and see if we’re the right fit for your success

Meet Joe Pici

Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Tactical Sales Trainer, Executive Coach, Author

Joe Pici is a strategist for top professionals and coach specializing in results driven training through Rapport MasteryTM.

Since 1992 he has functioned as a catalyst for corporate teams and individuals, helping them to create purpose, direction and activation.

An internationally acclaimed speaker/trainer/coach, Joe has helped others gain top fees and quality clients.

Joe will help you make money in the professional speaking industry by guiding you to:

Discover your most profitable target market
Refine your topic and material
Create impactful messaging and value propositions
Accurately price yourself to gain top dollar in your market
Negotiate bigger deals
Produce your own successful events
Package and promote yourself

Co-Author of the book “Sell Naked on the Phone”, and intellectual resource beside the Rapport Mastery™ System.

Meet Dawn Pici

Dawn Pici is a business strategist, tactical sales trainer, author, and brand expansion expert. She has been voted one of the 10 top women to follow on LinkedIn in her field.


Discover high revenue producing clients
Understand your six available income streams
Strengthen your brand and brand message
Understand how to use social media to expand your influence
Create essential marketing materials
Engage in effective Live broadcasting
Produce a money making event

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