High Impact!

High ROI

“We increased sales 25% in 60 days following training!”
Daryl Dixon, CEO VALiNTRY Solutions

“Even our most challenged staff members are communicating more effectively with the most difficult clients. We’ve closed more business and saved more cancels than ever before!”
Rich DeSena CEO Progressive Debt Relief

Create the Team that Drives Your Numbers
On-Site Training and Workshops

Tactical Skill Mastery in SALES

Performance Management

Consultative Collections

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

1 & 2 Day On-Site Tactical Sales Mastery Workshops
Sales Training With Long-term ROI

Close MORE Deals!

Generate Quality Leads
Improve Closing Ratios
Niche Your Market
Create Powerful Value Propositions
Book MORE Appointments
Deliver Irresistible Presentations
Overcome Objections
Navigate the Gatekeeper EVERY TIME
Gain Quality Referrals
Secure Client Loyalty
Get New Hires Up to Speed

We are proud to have been ranked
in the top 30 by Global Gurus
( http://globalgurus.org/sales- gurus-30/ )
for sales training

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and your company!
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Pici & Pici Rapport Mastery™ Sales Methodology is a proven, consultative approach providing tactical skill training on the complete sales cycle. We provide results-driven training that can be utilized in any industry, with any product or service. We include our LIVE OUTBOUND PHONE COACHING for booking appointments. Participants make calls to their prospects during the training and attain a 90-95% success rate for navigating the gatekeeper and an 80-90% ratio for booking appointments on the phone.

Customized Training on the Complete Sales Cycle

Lead Generation

Recognizing behavior and communication styles

Target Marketing

Listening skills for sales

Value Propositions &
Effective Messaging

Recognizing the clients
decision making style



How to deliver a powerful presentation

Closing techniques based upon human behavior styles

Time & Territory Management

Dealing with Objections

Follow up

Priority Management

Conflict resolution

How to gain quality referrals

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Go from Adversary to Advocate in the Sales
Relationship and Develop a Collaborative
Relationship with Existing and Prospective Clients!

Training at your location or a designated site, we will customize the environment and curricula to meet the goals and objectives of your organization. We teach sales performance through an easy-to-apply, tactical sales formula that is built on TRUST and AFFINITY. This adaptable program is performance-driven and can be utilized in any industry, with any product or service. When followed and applied, sales professionals can yield tremendous results in a remarkably short period of time

“Joe Pici is the “Real Deal”. If you’re looking for a sales trainer to get your sales team to produce more appts and more sales, then look no further. Joe is a no-nonsense, professional trainer with a customizable, dynamic sales format designed purposely to attract buyers and capture more business. Best of all… you’re team will have sales appts BEFORE the training is done! Get ready for a sales boost with Joe Pici!!!
Dean Malone – Financial Service

Our training offers an opportunity for you to build rapport with prospects and customers, which translates into customers for life. Customers created through trusted relationships can add significantly to the bottom line over time through repeat business and referrals. These meaningful relationships also generate the opportunity for you – and your company – to further elevate your reputation and position within the marketplace.

“The training with Joe & Dawn was awesome! Joe’s phone script landed me with two appointments on accounts I have tried to get into for 4 years! Dawn’s teaching on personality types was extremely valuable and taught in a perspective I have never heard before. In my almost 10 years of selling, this dealt with things I had always struggled with and no one else had ever addressed. I completely recommend them.” Demetrious Peoples – VP Sales & Marketing at Maison Insurance Co.

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1 & 2 Day, On-Site Performance Management Training
Lower Conflict, Build Leaders and Cohesive Teams

Maximize Team Productivity

Lower Conflict in the Workplace
Improve Closing Ratios
Niche Your Market
Create Powerful Value Propositions
Book MORE Appointments
Build Productive Teams
Develop Leaders
Decrease Turnover
Improve Communication for Fewer Misunderstandings
Enhance Employee Job Satisfaction
Improve Customer Satisfaction

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When You Build Your Team, You Build Your Business

The Wall Street Journal reports the total cost of employee turnover ranges from 50 – 150% of the employee’s annual compensation.

A Hackett Benchmarking and Research report shows that companies that spend $218 per employee on training have a 16% voluntary turnover, while companies that spend over $273 per employee on performance management training have turnovers of only 7%.

The Business Growth Cycle has proven a direct relationship between employee engagement, (which includes employee satisfaction, skills, loyalty, and productivity), and customer satisfaction/loyalty with the bottom line, company profit.

The Power of an ENGAGED Workforce

Companies grow profits as much as 2X faster than their competitors
Lower turnover by 87%
Experience 2X higher customer loyalty
Have a 19.2% growth in operating income over 12 month period

“ Pici & Pici turned around the performance of staff members with whom I’d already been giving extra time but still couldn’t effectively “reach.” I highly recommend them to any organization that is looking for real, lasting results!”
Lisa Bull, Owner Lechner & Associates

We provide training programs to support each segment of this
cycle to promote business growth and sustainability.

Communication & Listening Skills

Lower conflict
Reduce Risk
Improve Accuracy
Build Cooperation

Team Building

Maximize Productivity
Increase Cooperation
Improve Competence
Meet Deadlines
Achieve Goals

Women’s Empowerment

Accomplish More
without Adding More
Advance Your Career
Finding Balance

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Our training helped TSA
at Regan International
lower risk, build trust &
increase employee morale

Building Leaders

Lower Turnover
Work More Effectively with Others
Get More Accomplished
in Less Time

Priority & Time

Lower Stress
Maximize Effort
Achieve Goals
Gain Satisfaction

Customer Service

Secure Loyal Clients
Gain Quality Referrals
Increase Saves &
First Call Retentions

Assertive Communication

Advance Your Career
Lower Stress
Reduce Misunderstandings
Establish Boundaries

Building Rapport

Connect with Others on
a Deeper Level
Develop Trust
Read Others

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Reduce NO-PAYS by 60%

Increase Collections without Conflict Reduce No-Pays by 60%!

LIVE Telephone Coaching


Consultative Collections

Eliminate late fees
Increase current clients
Reduce conflict
Increase client satisfaction

“4 days after training in consultative collections, RNR Tires Express Franchise experienced a 60% reduction in outstanding collections!”

Greg Foreman-Area Accounts Manager RNR Tires Express

1 & 2 Day Customized Training Events

We have a verifiable system for improving your accounts receivable.

Collecting accounts receivable is the part of business that many companies just don’t know how to improve. This is squeezing many small business’ cash flow cycles tighter and tighter. The number one reason companies fail is due to poor cash flow. As the owner of a business, you might sometimes feel helpless when it comes to getting your customers to pay their bills on time.

Instead, we can help you be proactive by making accounts receivable collections a top priority not just in your accounting department, but company wide.

We call our plan Consultative Collections because it reduces your outstanding accounts without conflict. We know how to empower representatives from your financial and accounting, management, sales and other departments with a comprehensive strategy and tactical skill mastery geared toward maximizing accounts receivable collections.

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“ We needed to jump start our sales process and closing strategies. This training provided us with game changing tactics that will produce BLOCKBUSTER results. I highly recommend that you attended any event from Pici & Pici. It will change your approach to how you conduct business and improve your results.”
Devon Morris -Certified Scrum Trainer, Coach & Open Space

Half Day and Full Day Customized Group Workshops
on LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Discover Endless Quality Leads

Dawn Pici has been selected as the LinkedIn trainer of preference for both Nationwide and Aflac Insurance, and the NFL – National Football League.

Create a Client-Centric Profile

Create a captivating headline
Populate with keywords
Connect to critical online profiles
Upgrade brand message

Proven System for Reaching Decision Makers

Master Searches
How to leverage groups
Mining existing contact
Making your approach

HANDS-ON TRAINING Customized to Your Needs
Proven System for Leveraging LinkedIn for Quality Leads

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Dawn has been voted one of the top 10 women in her field to follow on LinkedIn. She has her ear to the ground for the latest tips and tricks to simplify and shortcut building your brand. You’ll discover how to generate endless leads
to enhance business success and career advancement.

Half Day (4 hour) Training
Group hands-on workshop
LinkedIn Lead Generation (below)
Call 407-947-2590

Full Day – (5-6 hour) Training
Group hands-on workshop
LinkedIn Lead Generation (below)
PLUS 8 other methods for
generating leads.
Call 407-947-2590

Dawn exceeded my expectations by providing tutorials of how LinkedIn can interact with other forms of social media to market your business.The recent session on LinkedIn was presented in a concise, but informative format. I strongly encourage anyone who does not have a clear understanding of the impact of LinkedIn to consider taking this seminar.” Leila Allen – President, Community Ideas

My HANDS-ON training is a simple, step by step process where I come
alongside your team to create a LinkedIn profile that speaks to your
target market.

Step 1
Your Goals – Your Message

I begin by assessing your LinkedIn goals
and developing a strategy customized to
your situation, time restraints, and industry.
We’ll study your target market and design
messaging that captivates prospective

Step 3
Discovering Endless, Quality Leads &
Best Practices for Reaching Decision Makers

I have developed search procedures to
uncover qualified leads on the free program.
This can help your team get going without
the added expense and save you thousands of dollars
in the long run.

Step 2
Your Authority

It is critical that your team’s individual profiles
reflect your company as the authority in your
field and the best source. I help you with text
creation and placement for pulling SEO. We’ll
work together to give your teams Summary,
Experiences and Contact information
maximum impact.

Step 4
LinkedIn Success in Only 3 hours per/wk
Remain Top of Mind.

Gain optimal results by leveraging articles,
posts, groups, and messages to keep your
company on the ‘tip of your target markets
tongue’. A streamlined weekly system for
lead generation and top of mind awareness
customized for your teams’ needs.

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“I believe Dawn delivered HUGE value in her seminar on how to mine leads through Linkedin. Dawn kept the audience fully engaged, answered questions thoroughly and was entertaining throughout the day. I have already recommended her day long seminar to colleagues who I know will be grateful for the recommendation. Dawn is a “pro’s pro.” It was by far the best seminar I have attended specific to mastering the sometimes confusing world of leveraging social media to increase business. Thumbs up for a day well invested. Thanks Dawn.” John Terhune Esq

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