How to Get the Best Sales Training Company for Your Sales Team

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Nail the Sale

The Best Sales Training Companies can help you increase your company’s bottom line. In addition, training your staff has been proven to lower turnover and solidify repeat business. Unfortunately, sales training companies are often considered an optional expense or “too expensive.” Therefore, many employers expect their hires to have all the necessary sales skills. After all, ‘sales experience’ was one of the criteria used to evaluate potential sales representatives. However, you can’t afford not to have a Sales Training Company work with your sales teams. We explain why below:

The cost of turnover in your sales staff

Estimates of annual turnover among U.S. salespeople run as high as 27%—twice the rate in the overall labor force. Beyond this, some industries claim the average tenure of sales reps as low as only two years. Consider an organization with 50 sales reps earning $65,000 per year. Replacing 13 (27%) of their sales force would result in turnover cost of about $330,000. In addition, this does not include the loss of revenue as a top performer takes their book of business to a new supplier.

Smart, growing companies understand that regular sales training for their staff is not an option. Effective on-boarding and continuing education in sales is proven to lower turnover and increase productivity.

How to Select The Best Sales Training Company for You or Your Sales team

1. Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Be specific as you analyze what needs improvement. Which parts of the sales process are floundering?

  • Lead Generation
  • Booking Appointments
  • Sales Presentation
  • Closing Deals
  • Follow Up
  • Gaining Quality Referrals

2. Decide when you wish to see improvement

Begin looking for a sales training company now, if you are looking to improve in any of the above areas within the next 6 months. If you must wait for some reason, put money in your budget for training now.

3. Find a sales training company that has a great track record

Joe Pici Sales Trainer Global GurusWe are proud to announce that Joe Pici has been ranked #3 in the world for sales training and speaking by Global Gurus. This is his second year being ranked in the top 30 by this organization. Global gurus is a research organization. They make their revenue from their advertisers at their sites and not from a GURU or GURU candidate.  Unlike other “Top Guru” or “Best…” lists out there, they do not sell their rankings nor do they give any ranking consideration to organizations who advertise.

What sets Joe Pici apart from other sales trainers & training firms?

Joe Pici gets unbelievable results due to his LIVE, OUTBOUND CALLING technique. His training is highly effective and gains immediate results  because participants execute live calls to their prospects during training. Clients normally close enough business within 48 hours of the session to more than cover the cost of training!

Proven results

Joe Pici sales trainingSales Training: Joe Pici’s outbound calling technique gains an 70-80% conversion rate for booking appointments on the phone! Joe has a comprehensive sales skills training program which focuses on a consultative approach to sales. Rapport Mastery™ for sales equips you and your team with a process supported by skills in the complete sales cycle: lead generation, communication, booking appointments, presentation, closing, gaining referrals, and time management. It provides training and mastery of communication and people skills to better connect with clients. Assess strategies and scripts

Consultative Collections: There are many reasons why consumers may not pay a bill. Many debt recovery and accounts receivable management agencies don’t grasp the importance of recognizing communication and decision making styles or how to defuse conflict. Our process equips your staff to build bridges of understanding and mutual respect to increase your number of clients who are current.

  • Increase Collections without Conflict
  • Reduce No-Pays by 60%!
  • LIVE Telephone Coaching

Joe Pici Keynote presentationsInteractive Keynote Presentations: Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker that will light up the room or a skill based presentation to gain long term results, Joe Pici is your man. The best training comes from those who are still in the trenches with clients every day – just like your sales team. Joe Pici makes over 100 outbound sales calls a week. He openly shares his knowledge and expertise.

Are you looking to get new hires up to speed?  Do your more mature sales professionals need help adapting to the ever-evolving business environment? Joe Pici has proven with hundreds of thousands of clients internationally that his system increases sales. Customized keynote presentations and workshops vary in time and scope from 30-90 minutes.

Joe has reproduced these results over and over again in companies including: R&R Tire Express,  Nationwide Insurance – NFL National Football League –  – Piper Aircraft – Home Video Studio Franchise – Cartridge on Wheels Franchise – VALiNTRY – Hood Distribution – R&L Fleet Management – Aflac Insurance – TSA Homeland Security – Better Business Bureau of Central Florida – Aarons Rent To Own Franchise.

Joe Pici sales training

Sales Training Company That Helps You:

Book More Appointments. Close More Deals

Increase Collections

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