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Pici & Pici Boot Camps will take place in Orlando, Florida and will be coordinated by Joe Pici and Dawn Pici. Join us in the vacation capital, Orlando, Florida. Traveling from overseas? Great! We can accommodate you. We look forward to seeing you there! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sales Training

3-Day Intensive
Sales Boot Camp
Oct 23-25, 2023
8:30am – 5pm

Speaker Training

3-Day Intensive
Speakers Boot Camp
October 26-28, 2023
8:30am – 5pm

DISC Certification

Behavioral Studies Institute
3-Day Intensive
Oct 23-25, 2023

Sales Boot Camp

Orlando, FL

April 23-25, 2023

Rapport Mastery™ for Sales

that will revolutionize your sales and
financial future!
Your ROI is in the Bag!


Pici & Pici Rapport Mastery™ Sales Methodology is a proven, consultative approach providing tactical training on the complete sales cycle. It includes our LIVE OUTBOUND PHONE COACHING for booking appointments. Participants make calls to their prospects during the training and attain a 98% success rate for navigating the gatekeeper and an 80-90% ratio for booking appointments on the phone.
We will take you through the 140-page workbook with loads of information and take-home value. You and your team will reap long-term results!

 Higher sales conversions!
Heightened client loyalty!
Increased Quality Referrals!
Exponential Brand Growth!

Day 1 – Understanding Your Clients

The Consultative Approach to Selling
Listening Skills – Recognize what your clients are really saying and how best to respond to connect more deeply
Presentations that connect – Tweaking your presentation and communication to connect with your client
Bogus Beliefs about sales – Overcome what may be holding you back from success in sales
How to gain quality referrals – The economics of exceptional service
In sync with the sales cycle –  Preparation, presentation, and performance
Understanding & Recognizing communication styles thru the DISC model of human behavior
Rapport Mastery™ – Become your clients Trusted Advisor
Discover Your Clients Hot buttons Understanding & Recognizing communication styles

Day 2 – Expanding Your Business

Assessing your business
The consultative model for sales success
Assessing your competitors
Discovering your most valuable target market
Assessing your uniqueness
Assessing the Value of your offerings
Creating 3 different types of value propositions – Each participant will receive individual coaching to create specific value propositions for their market
Getting emails and voice mails returned
Scripting for phone contacting
Staying on top of your game

Day 3 – Activation – Your ROI is in the Bag!

“The Pici & Pici Rapport Mastery™ Sales Training System is successful because of our
On day 3 we coach you for booking appointments with YOUR PERSPECTIVE CLIENTS.
Gain an 80-90% success rate for booking appointments.
Working with the Gatekeeper – This training has a proven 98% success rate for getting past the gatekeeper!
LIVE PHONE CALL COACHING as participants reach out to their perspective clients – This training has a proven 80-90%
success rate for booking appointments on the phone!
9 lead generation strategies & Power Networking
Strategies for closing the deal based upon the DISC model of human behavior
Mechanics of a powerful core story sales presentation
Priority & time Management for efficient territory coverage
Dealing with Objections
Development Process Ladder

 Speaker Training
October 26th-28th, 2023

3 Days designed to increase your income in the speaking/
training/coaching industries

More Skill ~ More Money ~ More Impact ~ More Confidence


Start getting paid what you’re worth!

Our turnkey system that cuts 5 years off your learning curve to get to the upper levels of income.

• Speakers
• Trainers
• Coaches

Public Speaking Boot Camp for Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches

Turn your talent and expertise into cash.

At Pici & Pici, we know how hard it can be to break into the communication industry and capture high paying engagements. That’s why we created the TOTAL EXPOSURE Professional Speaking/Training/Coaching boot camp. Our 3-day, intensive training and 120-page workbook will help you package, price, and promote yourself to a six-figure income.
Our 120-page workbook is loaded with information and take-home value for long-term results.
Avoid rip-offs!
Negotiate for higher fees!
Start making money right away!
Exponential Brand Growth!

Day-1 – Your Business

Identifying Your business model
Essentials of a successful speaking/training/ coaching career
5 aspects of Business Administration
Creating 3 different types of value propositions –
Each participant will receive individual coaching to
create specific value propositions for their market –
Your Business Plan
9 lead generation strategies & Power Networking
Core Story presentation coaching

Day-2 – Identifying & Expanding Your Brand

7 steps for creating a compelling brand & brand message
Best platforms & practices for video, pod casts & live broadcasting
Selling Yourself Creating a Compelling Core Story
Top on-line profiles & how to utilize social media to build your brand
Your Website
Writing Proposals
Essential Marketing Materials
Putting on your own events – Logistics, planning & ticket sales
Contract Negotiation

Day-3 – Selling Yourself

Your Core Story Presentation – Each participant will deliver and be coached on a 10 minute core story presentation based upon the training they have received during the boot camp.
Best practices on working with the technical staff at events
How to price yourself
Priority Management
Development Process Ladder
3 Step Process for moving forward from the training

DISC Certification

Orlando, FL – October 23-25th, 2023

Behavioral Studies Institute

Taking Human Behavior and Communication Training

Have you ever attended behavioral or personality training and left thinking, “That was interesting. So what?”, and never experience anything lasting to improve your relationships with others? If so, you’re not alone.

Our remedy: Application Based Training. We have founded the Behavioral Studies Institute that takes human behavior training to the next level. Here you will find a more effective way to make sense of people and build positive relationships with those who are perplexing in your life at home, work, and anywhere you interact with individuals. We go beyond mere awareness. We help you ‘walk in someone else shoes’. Training in the Pici & Pici Behavioral Studies Institute will assist you to:

Build Positive Relationships
Build Trust
Conflict Resolution
Assertive Communication
Interaction Dynamics & Team Building
Performance Management
Priority & Time Management
Increase Family and Marital Unity
Reduce Stress in the Home and Workplace
Listening Skills
Building Rapport
Repairing Broken Relationships
Producing Your Own Seminars
Priority & Time Managemen
Train the Trainer – A turnkey training business opportunity. Earn your certification in the DISC model of human behavior with us and gain the experience to train others.
Our training is fun, informative, and immediately applicable! We provide activities to help you master skills and the opportunity to ask questions face-to-face.

ADDITIONAL BONUS! We’ll show you how to share this information with others and build a part-time business in the performance management training space.

Our 95-page training manual will provide you with all of the necessary information and materials you will need for producing your own training events.

Your Pici & Pici Human Behavior DISC Certification includes training and certification in the following areas:

Assessment of your behavior and communication styles
Listening skills
Harnessing behavioral blends to increase productivity
Performance Management
Reading & utilizing behavior assessments
Identifying & adapting to the behavior and communication styles of others
Leadership Development
DISC model of human behavior
Team building
Conflict Resolution
Interaction Dynamics
Reading body and language cues
Assertive -Non- Aggressive Communication
Building Rapport
Priority & Time Management

Make money part or full time!

Are you looking for added income?
INCLUDED in this course is our TURNKEY Train the Trainer program!
You’ll learn how to deliver engaging, compelling, workshops using your own materials OR materials from Pici & Pici!

The Pici & Pici Behavioral Studies Institute will instruct you in the basics of training to enable you to
 Put together a class
 Reinforce learning through activities
 Promote understanding
 Facilitate discussion
 Use visuals effectively
 Accurately assess training need
 Provide access to Pici & Pici training materials
 Develop and manage a training program.
Producing Profitable Events
Learning Activities
Client Needs Analysis
Effective use of visuals and learning materials
Creating on-going training programs
Training Modules
Leading discussions & interactive training strategies
Behavioral & Communication Training
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