Value Propositions Get Your Foot in the Door

by | May 10, 2016 | Nail the Sale

“Oh, I’m not interested in that…”

You’ve heard it plenty of times. Too often, we give a prospect our best pitch, only to be completely blown off with this sort of line.

What if I could show you a surefire way to avoid ever hearing it again? Well, I can even do you one better and introduce you to power statements that solicit responses like “Really? Tell me more!” That would be worth a few minutes to keep reading, right?


If you’re still reading, I won you over with my value proposition in the preceding paragraph. I made you an offer you couldn’t refuse. Value propositions are clear, simple statements about the benefits, solutions, and results your product or service provides. They focus on outcomes without mentioning the product or service itself.

Benefits of Value Propositions

These extremely helpful sales tools are the perfect way to get your foot in the door with leads. They let you quickly generate interest and convey that you’re focused on the customer’s needs, not your own interests. This, in turn, helps build rapport and trust.

But beyond that, value propositions are a cut-to-the-chase way to pre-qualify your leads. Of course, not everyone will hear you out just because you opened with a value proposition. But it’s safe to say that those who don’t aren’t looking to buy what you’re selling.

Some folks got to the second paragraph of this post and opted to read no further. They just weren’t interested, and nothing is likely to have changed that. They weren’t the target audience for this post. Oh well. Next!

Value Propositions save time by immediately sorting out the receptive leads from the rest of the pack.

Creating Value Propositions

It’s not difficult to craft effective value propositions. We’ve written about the process and how to best apply it in one of our free e-books, which you can download below:

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