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Time Management – Is the 5 Day Work Week Robbing You?

Time Management is key for maximizing productivity. We are getting ready to celebrate Labor Day, which was established in 1887 to honor those who work hard. If I took a poll right now I’m sure most of you reading this would agree that you work really hard. Many might add that they have so much to do they wish there were more hours in the day.

Let’s calculate how many hours of work we actually do.

First, there are 365 days and 8760 hours in a year.  If the average person works 8 hours per day they are working 2920 hours every year. However, if we subtract weekends and holidays, not counting vacations and sick days, we are working only 135-145 days per year! That’s 1840 hours per year and only 160 working hours per month! This means we are only being productive 20% of the time available!

Is it realistic to expect to reap huge rewards and career advancement with only 20% effort?

The situation is actually worse. In the example above we are assuming everyone shows up to work ready to give 100% effort. It doesn’t include those who arrive late, long lunches, coffee breaks, and sliding out early Friday afternoon. How many hours are we actually being productive? According to a Gallup poll, 68% of the workforce is disengaged.

Right here I need to stop and add a disclaimer. I don’t believe in working non-stop. Everyone should practice taking a day a week to relax and a week or two of vacation time. Each day needs to be sprinkled with exercise and extra curricular activities to reduce stress. But, the idea of a five day, eight hour work week is robbing us of our  potential.

Time management ideas to help small businesses gain ground

Assessing where we are.

I want you to look at the number of days you have between now and the end of the year. Then calculate the number of productive hours you could have each week.

  1. We have more discretionary hours than we realize. Analyze how to ‘repurpose’ your time. One of my coaching clients is a life coach. She was trying to decide if she had enough time to take on a new client. I asked her if she could find an extra five hours each week. She replied, “Sure, anyone could.” Well 5 hours per week is 20 hours per month. With this amount of time she could take on several new clients.

If you check our business on Google you’ll see that we are open on Labor Day.  I know someone will wonder about that. But I don’t view it as working. I’m being productive on Labor Day. I’ll be pursuing my dream and living my passion.

  1. The Power of “NO”

Clients come to us who are looking to get into the speaking, training, and coaching industries. Many of them are working a full time jobs. Therefore, we suggest they enter the speaking industry only part time. Quite often we hear,  “Where will I find the time. Where will I put this?”.  We remind them that you don’t put it or find time. You make time for it by saying “NO” to something else.

“Success is less about what we say “yes” to. In fact, it is more dependent upon our ability to say “no”.

Say “no” more often and you will  find an extra 2-8 hours per week. Study and practice assertive communication. Then identify how you could make them more productive for achieving your goals.

  1. Make use of the 6th day: There are 7 days in a week. Take one for rest and relaxation. However, the 6th day is magic. It’s a time for ourselves and our own growth. It’s the day to focus on and build a side business or taking courses to secure career advancement. You can attend a training event or invent a new thing-a-ma-gig. The 6th day is sacred for personal development.

 I grew up in a construction company my dad owned. He worked on Saturdays. Dawn’s dad owned an auto repair shop and worked days and evenings. Look at the next 4 months and decide how many days do you really need off? Invest a few Saturdays toward your future.

We were created to be productive.

Identify the reason behind wasting time

Why are people so unmotivated and unhappy. Why do they waste time? Tony Robbins says,  “Because they don’t know what they want.” Do you have a purpose or direction. Something you want to accomplish?

 4. Find a Higher Purpose – Identify your “why”

Effective time management begins taking an inventory of where you are spending your time and money. The things and activities you spend your time and money on reveal what you truly value.  Have you ever said, “I don’t have the time to do that”? What you are really saying is, “Other things are more important to me.”

We always have the time and money for things we value

What do you value? Do playing video games and watching YouTube in the evenings and weekends have greater value to you than:

  • starting a side business,
  • volunteering in your community,
  • spending quality time with friends and family,
  • meeting clients, or
  • taking courses to improve your skills and knowledge?

We are headed for the holiday season

Decide in advance which days you will relax. Calculate the remaining days you will have the opportunity to be productive. Set goals for your work through the holidays and create a plan to achieve them. The more productive you become on your work days through the holiday season, the less guilt you will feel on your days to relax. They will be really enjoyable!

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