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Don’t just sell – Deliver an Experience: INTERVIEW with Pegine who is a leadership speaker, Best-selling author. Award-winning Businesswoman, Pegine is an advisor to US Presidents and Fortune 500 executives on women in business and women in leadership called to lead.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

Joe Pici (JP):

Hey team, it’s not every day. You get a who’s-who on your show and I can’t wait for you to meet the game. She is world famous. She is incredible. We’re going to turn.

Things over her a little bit. But first, I want to thank you for joining the sales as podcast. This is podcast 283. We want to thank you. First of all, our audience, helping us to expand in over 100 countries around the world, more and more downloads, and thank you for that. We want to thank our sponsors Pici and Pici, which is a speaking coaching training consulting firm, which specializes in helping our clients, get in front of that Target Market, close more business and gain an unfair advantage over the competition. And sell more virtually.com, which star membership platform. I’m out there live every Thursday night. And this one here is to help people recapture lost Revenue, but let’s get to our guest. Wow, Pegine, it is so great to have you. I’m so excited to be here. I know I want to be able to say, all right. Let’s just stop talking. I’m just go over and take the virtual course and then we’ll come back and talk again. I’m so excited to be here with you. Let me give you a little understanding of who she is. She’s leadership speaker, best-selling author award-winning businesswoman again is in the advisor to US presidents and Fortune. 500 Executives on the women in business and Leadership called the lead. She educates leaders in business woman on how to influence impact and Inspire their world to increase profits productivity, and positively engage stakeholders. Holders and employees. The game coats of CEOs, military leaders, Admirals and Generals presence of universities colleges and entrepreneurs. So the game, tell our audience, what you do and who you do it for.

Pegine (P):

So what I do is Inspire impact, educate and women leaders in business. So women leaders and business need to know how to So, like you’re hearing, I had to sell how to be a known, their platform, only their stage on how they present themselves in a way that really moves the needle, you know, there’s a tremendous amount of information over the last 30 years, is a little big transformation of women. Moving into leadership positions. The greatest increase has been in entrepreneurship and owning business and yet at the same time, there is Is you know, how do I open the door? How do I get into? How do I be seen? How do I run a board of directors meeting so that people see me as I end, powerful presence dominated. My thoughts and my mind and confident and do it in such a way that you feel confident that I could take you where you need to go. So that’s what I do and we use professional role players when we were working with our large companies that we work with Walmart. We bring in

60 of their Highest Potential women, those points become presidents of Walmart’s in different countries around the world. They come together. We bring our professional role players and run them through their Paces to practice what needs to occur. So then when it’s real, they’re prepared. We and I run in Vents and coaching and training and speak. I speak all over the world to influence Inspire and purple guy like to add to say. Can I say? A this, I like to push prod provokes and you can puke get uncomfortable with me. So when you’re out in the real world, you own it and you got that’s what I do.


Well, I’m going to tell you compelled me to want to get you know, you better. And you may not know this when I was on your show with and Neil and and the docket and Galen. You said something that hit me, I have to have her on my show. You said, you cut your teeth. In sales, in downtown New York, I selling door-to-door. High-end clothes. Can you give us an idea? What you were doing there and what you learned?


So I was a territorial salesperson in menswear. All right, and I was, what is known as a garment 0, which in New York Times was we back? Then you would see people walking the streets with these garments on Big Red. Wax. And if they wearing a business or what they were doing is they were taking the racks into behind the scenes of department stores, like Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue taking their rares and selling them. But I specialized in very high-end sales.

Boutiques places that they were paying a lot of money to get men to dress really well, so that they can influence people. So I had to learn who I had to learn ahead and take a shirt and you might see it as a white shirt in the package. I saw it as a elegant white shirt. Notice the collar. Notice how the buttons are crossed. Notice that Fabric. And so I was selling the image that you would have if you want. And that’s where I learned I learned from some of the best sales leaders ever. Real government owes that had cigars out of their mouths. They were Street. They were powerful. They didn’t take anything but they knew sales and that’s how I started that that is, you know, I travel from the ticket. Tip tip tip of new. To the bottom of Georgia in The Boondocks and to these little Boutique special stores that quality emotion. And and you know, money was really, really important about how you present and that’s where I learned sales. And that’s how I really learned about high-end sales more than anything else.


Right? Well, you know, the Italians, the movie, The Godfather, You know, you talked about you were making your bones in those days, which means you were paying the price. But another conversation we had that really resonated with me. There’s certain methodologies and philosophies that you have when it comes to sales and I wrote some things down and I’d like you to dive into a couple of these things. The one thing you talked about was some of your strengths and I’d like you to take a deep dive on, this was how you build clients And repeat business?


So, honestly the way I learned how to sell clients and get repeat business is when I was a waitress in a place, called The Crab Shack, we sold fish and crab and things and the way that I made sure that I had and this is what I’m going to share with everybody else. That’s right now, is I learned that if I make sure my tables were had the best experience. Experience the best service and the most personalized service, they would keep on coming back and insist. They sit at my table. So I learned retold crabs and fish and things like that. I learned that my Japanese clients were, I guess. Can you call them clients? Right, where the best clients to get my best tips? So, what did I learn how to say, hello? Uncle how to make sure.

That I had whatever the fish was, that was on sale, how to say it in Japanese, how to say, you know, that they gave me guess. I’ve been a little more and make sure that they felt that I had done enough research and understanding of who they were, and they knew that they can rely on me to give than the best service. And that’s I think really important to sales. People think that sales is about you, sell, and you do this and it doesn’t matter about the quality. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. But the truth amount of this you want repeat loyal customers. Even have you been believing what you do and then cure that you actually deliver. What you say you’re going to do, you’re not just selling it, you’re delivering this experience. So that’s one thing I always do is I listened on here. I watch and I said, listen in here, there’s listening to what you’re saying there is hearing with your ears but with

Eyes. I take in and observe like all I would observe, you are applying a potential client on working with you. I’m looking at your shirt. I noticed your shirt and your logo. I noticed. How you’re doing your hair. I notice how you look at me. You keep it very straight ahead. So, I’m going to make sure that when I’m talking to you, I’m speaking with my head straight. I’m making sure that I’m going to be saying, , PT and PTT, because obviously, you’re proud of that and your savior wearing it on your clothes. I hope that you’re proud on it, right? Yeah. I’m going to make sure that I do that. Not to manipulate you. Not to come on you but your respect you. Yeah, to honoring you to give you an experience that you are valuable to me. And that’s the first thing that I’m going to say. That’s really important about listening.

Cheering. I always think of ways to serve them and I, and it’s really interesting because we just had a conversation in a group that I’m in about gift-giving. Do you get gifts at the end of the year? Do you send gifts? And I’ve been very honest to all. My clients. I’m never going to send you a gift. I’m just not. I know myself will know, so but I’m honest, you, I’m not going to send you a gift because of two reasons. One is I know myself. My husband is a lucky enough to get some gas. For me, I’m not doing this right. Also, the second thing about it is, I can choose to give you outstanding service throughout the year, which is why you’re going to stay connected to me, not because of a gift that I send you and I never met anybody ever that ever that bought something from you because you sent him a tower of chocolates. Yeah. That’s true. Never never because of Feeling, you know, stress down all thing. Let me tell you what I’m going to do. If you let me just send you a video that maybe you can use a ten minute video to just give people a sense of uplift. Maybe where I just need to do is, you know, anything you say to me is under my clone of secrecy. I will not share any, but if you need to vent to cry to just be angry, I’ll hold that space for you. Yeah, you know, I found just like you found a lot of people in our industry, all of a sudden turned into giving away stuff for free and in pretending to really care and so the word authentic was over Yugi. I’ll tell you. What’s authentic is being honest forthright and we grew 20% in 2020. I’ve just finished work growing 35% and I call people with this.

Same approach in down. Time is up time. They know why I’m calling it. I’m very direct but we’re going to move you over. But before we move you over, you got so much information. We got to do three or four interviews with you. But what I want would like you to do, is tell these folks how to reach out to you, who would be best to connect with you and why, and how to get to you. Great. So here is the two groups that are the most amazing for me. Right? If you are women in leadership in business or your woman in sales and you know, you want to have the confidence assess the focus, the determination you really want to call me up. You really want to talk to me or you go to Power them in worldwide. And there I have two separate areas of women in business’ women in leadership with so much information about what we do and how we can we serve. I

That you are powerful, I believe and I’d say this to all my people be bold, be brave, be seen be heard and be paid. Well, if that’s you, you definitely want to talk to me. That’s I work with Jedi women, women who are called to lie, Cole to step up. So that’s you coming. Now. If you are, someone who has those women that wants those women, then you really want to bring me in. So I work with thing. Things and major manufacturing associations and companies GM. I bring Walmart anybody where you have customers you have people that want to see powerful women lead confidently and where you want them, you believe in them. You want them to grow. You want to call me? You want to come to me in the ways. To get. That is go to. It’s easy to go to Power women, worldwide.com., You’ll see my women in business, my women in leadership, and you’ll see me piggy.

Here’s something for all of you. Whatever. Batman. If you happen to like my style you want to get it me in your ear like a little worm of love. Then you want to join the pegeen club picking pegi any dot Club where I get daily. Motivational tips information about leadership business confidence security and the feeling of being fabulous and that’s only seven dollars a month, like that’s less than a Starbucks. X. Yeah, that’s right. Just know. They’re so those are the ways power women worldwide.com and pegeen Dot Club. Pegi. Any fantastic would be moving you over to sell more virtually, but hey, team take out your phone and put sales age in your text box. One word, text that to five, five, six. Seven, eight, that’s going to take you to Pici and Pici, take it to a splash page. The first thing you’re going to see is the nine essential.

Souls are sales success. That’s a free webinar. We recommend that you watch that and that’ll tell you so much about how to get better, how to gain an unfair advantage, over your competition, how to master the non-negotiables of sales success. Hey, if you like this podcast, can you like it share? Can you write a comment? Hey begin, let’s move over to interview. Number two.

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