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Maximize Client Experience – INTERVIEW with Chris Stege The secret to his success is in his unique approach to Maximizing the Client Experience. Christ is a TOP1% Influencer 8-figure Real Estate Agent, Founder- Greater Value Network, Podcast Co-host, Growth leader building a real estate company into multiple markets nationwide.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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I always want to bring you expert and today we have an expert in the industry of real estate. This guy. He is an entrepreneur and He’s gonna answer so many questions on how to build a massive, a massive referral-based real estate company. But before that welcome to the sales edged podcast, I am do peachy your host. This is podcast number 265 and we want to thank you for your loyalty. It’s only because of you that we continue to grow into over 100 countries, tremendous amount of downloads. And we thank you for that. We want to thank our sponsors peachy peachy ink, which is a speaking coaching tree. Consulting company specializing in recapturing. Lost revenue for our clients. Getting in front of your target market. Closing more deals. Sharpening, your skills on the phone and also sell more virtual e.com, which is our membership platform. I’m out there every Thursday Night Live doing it group coaching, Group Training, that massive ecourse. We promise is there, it’s ready, but we have a 9-step to essential sales success free webinar.

Go there. Check it out. So today, I’m excited. Chris and I have gotten to know each other only over the phone for the last couple years. So Chris Steig is he’s a Powerhouse, but Chris. Welcome. And just give our team are our audience, some background on who you are and what you’re doing, but still, thank you so much. It’s just a privilege and honor to share this time with with you guys today. Thanks for having me on. And I’m from Lubbock, Texas with race in actually born in Houston area, and I come from a long line of pastors racing a pastor’s home. And and, and I spent my time there and then and then not my wife and I have, we’ve been married, 15 years and have two beautiful daughters ages 6 and 4, and I said sometime in Nashville, Tennessee. See music industry years years ago and then came back. We’ve been back here in the Austin, Texas market for about 15 years back in back in Texas in and I’ve been in the real estate space now for quite some time and and I just love it. There’s just something about it. That it gets me going around people. I connect with people every single day. We feel something very special and we’re continuing to build

Want it each and every day we’re growing literally by the day in the week and the month is just continue to grow. But it is a it’s a fun. This is sort of fun market and it’s an exciting energetic market. And and so I’m not say we a lot during this time because it my wife is a part of our business. It’s not just me and we have a organization. So it’s not. I it’s me or tweet. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so while little bit about myself, yeah, that’s great. So so because you guys are experienced massive growth because of a hot Market you have. But so though, he’s hot. So youth develop some skills, some ability, some methodologies and and I’d like you to share because you’ve shared with me on the phone book. What when you think about sales, when you think about client acquisition, what are some of the things you do? Your secret sauce, your methodology for

Client Acquisitions, gaining listings, that type of thing. Well, there’s one thing I excel at and I’ve shifted several years ago. And if you’re in the real estate space, you know, you eventually you do want to get to a point where you’re you’re winning more listings. Your listings is births at you know, and and so we we normally teach and train on how to win more listings. It’s where I’ve excelled. We put together a listing presentation, a menu of options. We put together things that really make us Stand Out Joe in in this, in this industry and in his face and it’s so we want to maximize the client experience and what I mean by that is if you go into a transaction and it’s just that it will be a number, it won’t be memorable. It’ll just be a another another number. And and and so what we what we want to do is we want to really connect with

The client find out what’s valuable to them. It on that listing appointment. We’re not, we’re not a silly. Providing marketing material, that all other agents might be doing when they come in the front door. We’re really finding something. We want to find out how we can connect with it and build that relationship and from contract to close. We want to provide something that is more experience than it is a transaction. Because experience is a relationship that’s being built a transaction. Like I said, it’s just a This is the number so maximize the client experience. We there’s many professions that are involved in a real estate transaction. Whether it’s a 30-day, 45-day, two weeks closers, there’s multiple. So I involved those people and we will not put together a special gift something for the family, something for that, not be moving here. We live in this great. Big city of people are coming from all over the State of some people come from all over us. A to Texas. So they’re coming in here and they’re doing, I don’t know. Any what’s new? What do we go? Do we, do we know who, where do we go? This is so we really bring him into and what we want to do is ultimately create that that loyal fan base and right. And so, yeah. Yeah, so that’s our that’s a, that’s a big thing that we do and we can kind of go on and talk through a little bit maybe a little bit more, but we want to maximize and we

We maximize the client experience, really? What makes us stand out. Well, you know, you’re a Lot Like Us in that you’re very consultative. We are very consultative versus transactional, and we know we’re not looking for a one-off. We’re not looking to, to get them to say yes or no as quickly as possible, but I have a curveball for you because I know you also recruit and you bring on other agents and and some of those might Might be young and if you’re sitting in a room of potential real estate agents and they want the old sage not that you’re old, but they want some they want some wisdom wisdom. Yeah, what are you gonna say to them about what it would take for them to win in a real State and a game. Yeah, need to seek as if you are a business owner who happens to be a real estate agent. Not just

Realtor because if you’re, if you’re thinking a realtor, doesn’t separate you apart from all the other. I mean, we have here in Austin, Texas Market, we have 18,000 exits and and that’s a butt and competing for that one listing. You know, it’s like it’s crazy. It’s so you really have to become more of what I would call a specialist and not a generalist and specialist is what what will will will you will be sought out, you know, and in and didn’t List is more of chasing business versus a specialist, which is attracting business. And so we help we teach and we train all on the regular how to how to build something niche-y small Niche. Let me call me sniffs, whatever you call it in the lobby, want to say it, but we talk kind of build that personal brand and, and think that way from, from the very beginning. Because if you just think transactional, that’s

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This owner your transaction is just one of the things. One of the many things that we do as business owners to help really grow and expand our Network. And so, that’s a, that’s some good advice that I was given many years ago is to think like a business owner. Okay. So more advice, you’re giving this team here. Yeah. When I got to know you and every conversation. You have tremendous talent and you have tremendous Charisma and you can build rapport very quickly through trust. But the average person, the average person that stumbles into real estate, don’t have those gifts and talents that you brought with you because of your past. What are the yours in front of that same group and they’re saying hey Sage, what are the skills that we’re going to have to master to start?

Move this forward. Yeah. Yeah, you always want to be learning. You give you’ve never mastered your craft your mastering. And you want to be a sponge know that first step first, two years. I remember early on Joe, when I first get started. I’d asked a simple question to it to a broker buddy of mine who I was meeting with it. Really that one meeting wants to help lost my career. And I said, Add this. I said what’s one or two things? But maybe one thing that you can share with me that agents don’t do enough of, but if they did do it, would it would produce greater fruit. I mean, this would just be a like that the big deal because I really wanted to focus like this. I I can meet and I can connect. Well, many many don’t have that ability, but they but they can work on it. But I think if you’re a, whether you are an introvert and extrovert, you can really tap into

Well, God is giving you that create that creative mind and your and make it something that is is is really is water. You would be authentic. So you don’t want to, you want to be something that you’re not if you want to. I mean, I know agents, you know, in our organization that are that are super duper successful, but there are exceptional with a one-on-one conversation on a big group. And so, you really want to tie into what, what God has gifted you with and really make that your, your sing and and connect with people, I think with introverts and extroverts or whatever. It might be, people have this wonderful ability to connect and you want to bring your style and connect with people and really, really get into someone’s lies and find out. Find out their names, find out about their kids, or their hobbies and what they like to travel and some things like that.

Really? Not not do not think transactional. I mean if you just think transactional it’s going to be something that will lead to exhaustion and they’ll be burnout. But if you can think of yourself as a business owner happens to be in this great state of real estate, you can do some really great things. And so I hope that answers a little bit of guys and I’m gonna throw another fastball this. Let’s do it. Okay. I mean, I trained all Industries and and, you know, and I’ve uh, Trace and and you know, and I’ve really seen over the course of my lifetime because I’m older than you, you know, a lot older than you. And I believe real estate is probably one of the top two, three ways to create wealth. Okay, and if it’s so good and it is why do 92 percent of the people who get a real estate license? Quit doing real estate within 18 months. Months. That’s a national statistic. You’re the professional in this area. I just stir, you one over the plate. I’d like to know from a professional. Why? That happens, you know, the purpose of systems is to ensure consistency and it will say that again, that’s why our people. Yeah, the purpose of systems is to ensure consistency and and I was, I was taught early on years ago how important the

What’s up, having a plan? Having a system working that system regularly going back through that system. Analyzing it thinking through acne, know if you were the client. How can you come after you make it more personable memorable? How could you improve your jacket? You make it more efficient, you know, and so this is so, so many agents don’t have a system. They hear all this, you know, glamour in this wonderful life. And all this commission, all this great income that can be earned. But but, you know, if you look at these great companies, you know, it doesn’t have to be in real estate. But even in real estate, those that are super successful work from a system and, and they have a time during the day, whether it’s a four-hour, period of Father appear to eight hour period that they are, they are consistent in their efforts in building something great. And so I think

That’s that is the reason why many agents cell and in very, very few, actually succeed and stick and stay in this and that’s that would be my response. Joe. Now. You’re a very hot market right now and Austin share with the audience. Why that that market is slyke one of the top two or three markets in the country right now, you know, I keep telling my clients know the next five to seven years, no will be He will be a Silicon Valley. I mean it’s tech industry is moving here. We just found out that Yvonne luscus is not only building, hist, 5 million square foot gigafactory here, but they’re moving their headquarters here. And so I have folks that are, you know, from outside the country and Canada that are just, you know, interested in Austin, Texas and what’s going on. And so it is it’s a fun place to be. It is a seller’s market. We

Our it is the hot the hottest it’s ever been. It’s not hot. And so I mean we’re talking crazy hot seeing numbers that you would never even imagine, you know, and it’s a lot of people from outside the state of Texas that have Deep Pockets that are just going. Hey, you know, I’ve got a cash, you know, I’m going to cast a cysteine and so, you know, it’s a it’s a it is it’s worth can probably see. More between 160 to 170. Joe had a move here through Central dances. Yeah. Yeah, we’re experiencing at in Florida or not because the Elon Musk but a lot of reasons and that’s it. You know, the tax reason, that’s a big thing. People with money, want to come here because we don’t have that state tax, but but we’re seeing an influx now. Is there a an inventory shortage? There is no, it’s about about a few months back, you know.

It was a time when we were about a week worth of inventory. And, and now we’re, you know, I think that in a balanced Market, you know, it might be six, six months, you know, where we would have, what would the mandatory? And we were protesting there. But, you know, dealing with a little bit of some bar fatigue, they, they got a little bit tired of the, you know, running offer a month, 30 offers, you know, all over sin. In in 24 hour period, you know? And so They sell back a little bit and said we’re going to we’re going to look again, but interest rates are so low, so it’s a great time to see right buyer to start looking again because there is a little bit more inventory that this come about. And if your seller is still a good time to sell, many people are are now because of the golden period are had had that they’re already said they go remote your remote from now on it’s funny how that it took a

Pandemic to realize we don’t need all this brick and mortar space, you know, you can work from home. You know, that that that’s that’s where we are now. And so these these sellers of my are now selling capitalizing in there. They’re moving outside the state or far and further into the Hill Country or are in still working remote. And so many are just are just doing that. So so if a person wanted to be part of your team, does it have to be a geographic area? What what could a person do to become part of your team? You know, that’s it. So we’re actually in multiple States. I’m apart of the, a clown office brokerage that labeled were agent. Owners. My real estate group, is in multiple States, many markets throughout the country. I’m here in Austin, Texas. And so it doesn’t matter where you are. We’re all 50 states, every single Market in each city state. We’re actually in Canada 17 countries right now. I’m sewing.

I mean, I’m an Arizona. I’m in the Phoenix area in Boise, Idaho. I’m in. I’m in Dallas, Texas. When he’s in Texas. We have Folks up in the Chicago, the Midwest, we’re Cloud office, broke receipts, and reach out to me and, and they can get in touch with me at Chris Dot stag at the Xperia L t-dot-com. It’s actually just do this. I love the, I like, I like the phone yamini, don’t like the phone anymore. So, I switched back to give me a call. I love to have a conversation with you and 512. 2709 1230, give me a call. Love to have a conversation with. That’s fantastic. Chris. I can’t wait to move you over. But hey team before we do that to things glue. Gurus is now out taking votes and thanks to you. I ranked at the top for last three or four years and I’m asking you a favor. If you wouldn’t mind go to Global gurus dot-org, go to the sales, voting area and vote for Joe. I certainly appreciate that. But the other thing still.

Fortunately.com. There is a free webinar right now that you can get one of two ways. You can go right to sell more. Virtually. I cam where you can take your phone out right now. Type in the word sales, edged one word text, at the five, five, six, seven, eight. That’ll take you to a peachy peachy link that will take you to a splash page that splash page. The first thing you’re going to see is nine Essentials of sales success. It is a free webinar to you, to help you. Sell more so, thanks, Chris. Thanks team. Let’s move over.

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