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Challenge Yourself INTERVIEW with Arnie Fonseca, coach, speaker, and consultant.Challenging yourself and breaking old habits, might be easier than you think and it’s necessary for real, lasting improvement. In addition to running a successful business, Arnie also guides adventurers on a challenge as they climb through the Grand Canyon. He applies these same principals for success in your business or career.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Anywhere pick up anything that I could to make money and it just started working in with lesson one year. I tripled my income. Yeah, never look back. I still I was telling some of the other day. I still feel like I you know the day would go when you’re teaching and you walk out it summer vacation. I spit I still feel like I’m a summer vacation where you know for cooking. We never had some of it now. I know hey, I’m asking different. This school might have closed but you Went open the weight room could naturally. Like I remember the day, I had a similar thing. I remember the day that I walk into my principal and I said I’m done and I’m going into my own full-time business and this is a guy who didn’t want me around to begin with and he went nuts. And so I gave two weeks notice. I was going to be a professional. I was going to do the right thing and he said no, get off the campus. Take all your stuff and get out of here. 30 minutes later.

Walk in. I said the dawn. Well, it’s over and I said that he didn’t want my two weeks notice, but all of a sudden life changed, because now was eat what you kill. But you’re not the debtor can get deposited on Friday anymore. I believe it, you know, and their friends to put urgency and I’ve tasted milk not everybody’s ready for that. Now an angel, if I would have planted out better, but you know back then you’re a young guy and you and you and who do you love? Business. I was in a business guy. I was I was I wasn’t. I was going to be a teacher and a coach, my whole life. Joe. Yeah, but it got the job. I want it. I’d still be coaching right now. And so I think I don’t know but but I didn’t have a mentor and a code might go to was it was a coach my mentor, so he wasn’t a business guy. He was going to sit me down a little Felix. Let’s look at all the positive because all the positives and negatives are going the other way.

Yeah, well, they’re facing up, had two babies at home. And, and I’ll tell you one thing, though. I thought coaching football was very complicated. You know, I thought it was this cops, and then I left coaching football, and I got into business, and I went when you have been living, and if they grow You know, you this is different out here. You, you got to go get it every day and you have put food on the table. What was that? Transition point? When you left that, you knew this is going to work. What was that kind of what happened? You know, Joe, it’s probably, you know, because I went I got it. I started taking a class at a community college and then I started, I was I was at a gym.

I started to keep to get more clients and then here’s what really blew it up. I did a I did a video tape Joe. I did a video. I had this idea of doing a video tape and I was going to do it. What I’m just a home video because I read this book of a professor at ASU name is Claude. Only that was I remember that name and and it said to do it. It doesn’t have to be complicated, right? It’s like This thing, and then my father-in-law, I love to death. He I let him creep man and he’s, no, you can’t do it that way. And, you know, but that that that that that that, you know, all these legal speed will things. Right? And I remember the day, I went into my garage. I called this professor at ASU. He answered the phone and I go. I’m losing my mind in and so he said just frickin do it man. Don’t overcomplicate. Well he got over.

Complicated, Joe, it did. Okay. So we ended up doing a professional video. Alright, which put me in debt, but, but here’s Kate. I, when I launch that video, a friend of mine is still a good friend of mine. Got me in a newspaper story and it’s obscuring, West Valley newspaper here in the valley. Okay, that’s when people read the newspaper and all of a sudden. In all he did was put my beeper number in there. Joe, my phone, my beeper went off the chain. I got more business than 21st century podcast from there. It just blew up and never, and I never look back. That’s great. Well, here’s what we’re going to do on you. We’re going to keep going with this. We’re going to be when you over to sell more virtually. But before we do that, can you tell these folks? You know, what? Why would they call you? Who’s Ty?

Person that would call you. Okay, and how to reach? Reach out to What right do right now. The type of person to call me as somebody that is looking to recapture their health and fitness and might be going through some. I mean, some people, my age or RH, you know, I’m in my 60s and if you’re if you’re dealing with joint pain and back pain and chronic pain and I just hear all the time, Joe people are struggling because they don’t get this stuff the way I do because I live it. I promise you you call me. I’m going to hell. Help you. And if you want to avoid surgery you want to avoid a lot of drugs and stuff and even these supplements. I’ll help you to avoid that stuff. I promise you. I promise you that you’ll feel a difference in just a couple weeks. And if you want to do it, just pick up the phone. The easiest way to get a hold of me is 6:02. 3909 144. I will, I will pick up unless I’m with somebody or you can text me at that same number. I promise you, I will get back to you as fast as

Fantastical, thank you. Hey, look. Team everyone else. Miss. Number one. Thanks to you four straight years. I was in the top of the pack on global. Gurus that org and voting is open right now. So if you could do me a favor, if you could go to Global gurus dot-org, go to voting, go to the sales Division, and give you a peek. You vote. Then move over to the workshops and hit Rapport Mastery peachy peachy sales.

I would so appreciate it just because you you we’ve been able to to every year be part of that. We thank you but a more important he a more important announcement is when you take out your phone and you put the word sales as yet, one word and send it to five. Five, six, seven, eight. The first thing that’s going to come up as what we’ve promised you. It’s a free webinar on the nine Essentials of sales success. It’s their it slide

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