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Welcome to the sales Edge podcast 226 and I am your host Joe Pici. I’ve got a great friend. Dawn and I Both have a great friend. Andy Andrews New York Times bestseller. His podcast is called the noticer, okay, things he notices and answers questions to that. And so you know, I’ve listened to Andy’s noticer. And I’ve noticed some things over the past handful of years, a word keeps coming up and I’ve noticed That there’s some challenges with this work. Just this is a word that I want to address today. I’ve addressed it partially in past podcast, but today it’s going to be the focal point. That word is Trust. This is the sales edge podcast number 226. We are sponsored by Pici and Pici which is a speaking coaching training consulting firm. We help our clients recapture lost Revenue get in front of their target market. Close more business and sell more Virtually.com was to a special online, web-based portal. It’s a membership site. Every Thursday night, I’m out there live, I’m coaching I’m training, we have e-courses, we have interviews, we have downloads. It’s a phenomenal place to come for pennies on a dollar. We welcome you check it out. But today we are going to move into a topic that is so near and dear to us here at Pici and Pici and probably you too, and that is trust. You know, trust is a very tough thing, it’s very hard to get easy to lose and I once heard it said, trust is like paper. Once it’s crumpled, it’s never perfect again. So, when we look at trust, when you look at someone or something, okay, it’s reliability. It’s about the ability to do something. It’s truth. It is things like strength and belief belief in. You’re going to do what you say, you’re going to do 100% of the time. It’s Assurance, Assurance in that it’s going to get done. Like I said, trust in a person trusts in a thing it’s character. Wow, I could do a 10 piece series on the whole aspect of character. It’s Reliance and it’s confidence. So when you stand back and we evaluate who we trust and who trusts us, okay, who we trust and who trust us, folks, it’s a tough thing to do and so as we look at that, we’re going to look at some of the Consequences of betraying trust what happens when trust is betrayed.

Number one, it’s going to cause a lack of motivation internally. It’s going to cause a lack of motivation on our team. In our company, it’s going to cause high turnover where trust has been broken. You’re going to have people leaving. Okay, it’s inevitable, that trust is the fiber that All things together. And so when broken Things Fall Apart, it’s going to be lost clients. If you break a trust with a client, you’re going to lose that client, you probably never going to get them back because remember, they don’t have to work with us. We earn their trust, we earned them being a client of ours.

The next thing is lost friendships. How many friendships have been lost when trust has been betrayed? And how about family? I’ve seen families broken up over a broken trust. And so these things are really, really important when you look at the consequences when you look at the downside of a broken, trust its lost confidence. When trust is broken confidence in the project in the people, it just disappears. Okay? There’s nothing good that happens when trust is broken. It is The lack of the ability to attract and retain Talent you’re gonna have a hard time. Getting people come to work with you saying things, you’re going to struggle to attract, and retain quality clients because the word gets out, you know, bad news travels 10 times faster than good news. People are more apt to say what you didn’t do then what you did do and so we see the spiral effect, okay? It’s Destruct. Once the trust is broken throughout the entire organization, it begins to dissemble. Just break apart. It creates a toxic environment. So a lack of trust, a distrust is going to create toxicity. It’s also going to have health issues. I know of many, many people that suffer with serious health issues when a trust Has been broken. And so, you know, is there anything good? That comes out of a broken trust? No, I don’t believe there is and I have always said, is easier to repair a relationship. Than it is to repair a trust. Trust is the very key Foundation, it’s the girder. It’s the concrete that holds up the building. It’s what it’s all about. It’s something people can count on. They can rely on.

Let’s look at How can you build trust? I’ve made a list of trust Builders. So if I were you, you know, don’t pull over the car, don’t stop on the treadmill but maybe you want to go back and you want to take this list and put it up somewhere and ask yourself this question, am I doing that? Have I done that? Do I continue to do that.

So number one, be true to your word. Always whatever comes out of your mouth, be true to that. Let there be no doubt in your word.

Number two follow through on every commitment As a tough one. But when you make a commitment, you have to follow through because it only takes one time. Just one time not following up with a commitment that will destroy trust. So number two is follow up with every single commitment.

Number three, Build trust slowly. It takes a long time to build trust folks and don’t assume because somebody says, I trust you they really do. It does take time be patient with it. Build trust on a rock build, it slowly, build it, methodically.

Next, Make every decision carefully. I think sometimes were quick to decide therefore we lack the commitment to follow through. And like I said, we are not good on our appointment, it’s not because we’re trying to hurt anybody, but because we didn’t think we think, and we didn’t think things out and so we didn’t make a decision carefully. So we wish we hadn’t made that decision at all.

The next one is think before committing You know, I get people calling me up and I have people asking me to do this and do that, and I used to be reactionary. And now I slow the game down and I think if you say yes to this, will you see it through? Do you have to time to see it through? Do you have the ability to see it through? Are you the right person for the, for the job? And so think.

The next one is. Have the courage to say no, if you do not believe you’re going to commit that you’re going to carry through that, you’re going to finish the task to just say, no I’m sorry, I can’t do that, it’s better to say. No. Then to say, yes, not finish and lose, trust. Think long-term folks, not short-term and so after that.

Be 100% consistent to build trust other people have to know this, there’s a consistency in what that company does. There’s a consistency in what that person does. There’s a consistency in the results, they deliver there’s a consistency in how they deliver. Consistency will build trust.

Now from there. Listen actively great listeners build trust. You’re going to build trust quicker if you listen and you are if you talk. So make sure you’re listening intently. We have a course where we teach people have listening skills, clarification skills. Proving to the other person, I’m really listening to every word You say that builds trust.

Another one is always put always but always tell the truth. If you tell the truth today, you won’t have to repair it tomorrow. If you tell the truth today you won’t have to remember what you said. Because truth is truth and there is no such thing as partial truth. There’s no such thing as a little white lie. It’s either truth or not. tell the truth. People won’t always like the answer but they will trust you. And when things are tough, they go to people They trust.

The next one is be authentic. Be the same person you project yourself to be. I always say this, to speakers be the same person behind the stage as you are on top of the stage. authentic, is who you really are when the guns are going on. Be authentic.

Next. Recognize other Achievers, being willing to edify and recognize the achievement of others, which is the next one is share the credit. I mean, here at Pici and Pici, We are not a one pony show. I want everybody to know. The reason why Joe Pici got Ranked number one in the world and sales gurus is the marketing efforts of Dawn Pici. and so, share the credit, don’t ever be an island.

Never and this is, I believe we are number 14, never but never, but never sacrifice your values for anything. Your values are all you have, that’s your foundation. Don’t sacrifice them.

The next one is always, always, always, always, always but always be honest. Have integrity folks. Make sure everything lines up. Make sure your words and your actions are congruent.

From there, admit your mistakes be willing to own up to my mistakes. That builds trust, that doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger.

The next one is lead by example you lead from in front. Somebody said, would I write a chapter? Would I put a chapter in her book? You’re going to do a compilation book on leadership and I already know what I’m going to write. Leadership is 150 percent example based. lead from in front. Do what you want others to do.

The next be fair, always be fair. Never choose one person over another treat everyone with respect this builds trust and be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means, you know, I made a mistake with that, I’m sorry, I’m not perfect. So these are ways you can build trust. So if you decide to do this, if you decide to use this as an ideology, a methodology, here’s what you can expect.

Here are some of the great benefits of building Trust.

Number one, Your team’s going to have better collaboration. InSide company inside a team, people will collaborate if they Trust What’s going on in there.

Number two, It will improve transparency. In other words, no secrets everything here is transparent. That is what will come from a trusted environment.

Another thing is better problem solving when there is trust problems, are going to get solved quicker and better because of the collaboration.

And the next one is more efficient and effective actions. Not having to worry about a trust breakdown. People can focus on being effective being efficient, not worrying. Who gets credit getting the job done.

The next one, you’re going to increase your client base. A trusted business is one that has many clients, okay? Remember client means under your protection, need to take care of your clients.

The next one is you’re going to attract quality Talent, a company, an organization, with integrity and great, trust is going to have it easier to find great people. You know, in this economy we’re very hard to find, good talent, one of the ways you can Elevate yourself, gain, an unfair advantage, over Your competition is to have trust throughout the entire organization.

Next one, you’re going to reduce conflict, where conflict is high, productivity is low. And so when there’s High trust you reduce You really reduce the amount of conflict, you’re having internally and with your clients and with yourself.

Another one is, you’re going to increase productivity tenfold.

The next one is you’re going to improve teamwork, man. A team is going to come together even if it’s just a client when a client and a consultant to train your the vendor whatever Come together with trust you get a better result every time.

You’re going to, next is, you’re going to develop deep deep deep rapport. You’re going to get to a level of Rapport where you’re no longer sitting across the table from your clients, your employees, you’re on the same side and ultimately you’re going to become everyone’s trusted advisor. They’re going to trust you so much. They can bring things to you. They don’t they don’t feel like they’re going to be looked down on. They believe that you are the one to come to when there is a situation and ultimately That’s what you’re looking to gain in every relationship. In every business relationship and every family relationship in every athletic you want to become the person, that is the trusted advisor. Folks, I hope this value to you. This is a, this is a tough topic because I’ve been asked for years, What happened when trust is broken? I’m not going to teach on that right now. I’ve read all the cliches. I’ve read all the articles I heard people speak and say, well you know you need to apologize and you do but I’m going to tell you it’s been my experience. That the hardest thing to repair once it’s broken is trust. So I would guard against a broken trust, I would make sure you do everything not to ever break a trust because repairing a trust me never happen.

So, thank you so much. You take out your phone and type into one word, sales edge, send it to five, five, six, seven, eight, that will take you to a link to a splash page. That is, you know, a place where you can find e-courses you can find ebooks. You can find links to sell more virtually.com, become a member, you’ll get great value out of it. I’m there. Every Thursday Night Live, you’re going to be able to send this links to other people. Can you share the podcast? Can you like it? Can you write a great comment? This has been podcast 226. Thank you so much, and we’ll see you next week

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