Ep. 199 INTERVIEW – Ann McNeil

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Build a Better Stronger Life & Business: INTERVIEW  Ann McNeil, the Master Builder Building Master Lives, will help you develop the confidence you need to build whole-life success.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

Joe Pici (JP):

Welcome back and this has been incredible. In fact, I’m going to have to book Ann and to come back again and again and again because she’s just a wealth of personal and professional growth for Dawn and I. And that’s what we need in our lives, don’t we? Don’t we need those those people that can sew into us with honesty, integrity, and help to create Clarity. So Ann McNeil the master builder. We’re going to ask her some questions today that, we’re going to take this to another level. And so Ann what I want you to talk about is, Ann success principles and like you were sitting with this person one-on-one.

Ann McNeil (AM):

Well, Joe, I think it all starts again and you reminded me that I keep saying the same thing over and over and I think that it all starts with how much money you want. I think that’s one of the success principles that none of us can get past. Even children dream of becoming something, somebody, having something but, as adults we shouldn’t stop. So I think that would be one of the first principles. We talked about principles, you know, we can go into first, your desire how much money you want. These are success principles. The second naturally, would be, do you have the applied faith? You can just be faithful, but are you willing to apply that faith in order to achieve that desire?

Thirdly, call it next, do you have an affirmation statement which will help you to reprogram your thinking about yourself and the achievement of that desire? And then you get into what about you have specialized knowledge, not just general knowledge or specialized knowledge to achieve that desire. Because when we attempt to be all things to all people and you know when we sell Joe we must sell to a target market, a specific end goal to achieve and to relieve a particular pain or make money and doing that.

And then next, you have the plans that are required for the achievement. One of the very large principles, which I live by everyday and that is accountability. Do you have an accountability buddy? It doesn’t matter if you call it a board of directors for your business and your life, or if you calling a mastermind group of whatever kind of accountability group that’s going to hold you accountable for the achievement of those goals.

Next. Are you making the decision? Next to you have the persistence to persist.

The next, you have that pleasing personality with that wonderful smile like Joe and Dawn have. To convince us to do the work. And so Joe, those are some of the principles of success. And one of the big ones I’m really really really starting to learn more about is, the power of the subconscious mind and The Sixth Sense.

And how the infinite intelligence speaks to us to hunches and notice that all of these things that all the times that we’re not connected with self and with the infinite intelligence. We just run right by it. And so these are just some of the success principles that I implore, I promote and then when I coach my corporate clients and those individuals and those corporations, I am always encouraging that we study to show ourselves, starting at these principles.


Here’s a question for you. Over the course of years, you’ve been dealing with a whole lot of people and a whole lot of companies. Is there may be one particular thing that stands out amongst the rest that people are most challenged with when you first begin coaching them?


Oh most definitely. Top of mine, self-confidence. Self confidence in many of us have been in multi-level marketing businesses.

Wonderful business and one of the first things your sponsor will tell you is, to share the concept. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in a business or if you want a job, you always selling. And oftentimes because of our self confidence, you are encouraged to sponsor other people, share the ideas, share your business with other people.

And what we find is that the first thing we do is if we’re, at a certain level I call it, you know on a scale of a negative 1 negative 5 to a + 10. If we’re at a plus 5 we share that idea with people who are at a 5 and below because, of our lack of self-confidence. But I am learning Joe, that as we increase our self-image and our self confidence, you can now go from that +5, to a +10 in sharing that idea to individuals who you look up to. And this was huge in my business and my life, and also in the lives of my clients because, I had to begin with myself and growing my self-image.

And actually Joe right now is interesting. You ask that question. I am at a self-confidence challenge to write out a self-confidence formula for 30 days. And I have a mastermind group and we’re all challenged and when I tell you the growth that my coaching clients are experiencing, it is phenomenal. So the answer to your question, I would say a lack of self-confidence.


You know, it’s amazing because we have 21 ways we generate Prospect leads. And one of them is to create what we call a dream 100. Right. And those are companies or individuals that thinking about approaching them would give you butterflies. Every year we have those and the amazing thing is what we’ve learned. Because that that whole thing you explained about self-confidence usually determines who you will approach. Okay, and and if we raise our self-confidence we tend to approach people at a higher level. And so for us because we’re we became so sure of the results we delivered, as you do, then there was no longer anyone that made us nervous on that Dream 100.

Because what we learned, as you learned, once you start working on your confidence through action, all of a sudden the doubt kind of goes away. So a cold call to the National Football League was just no different than a cold call to a solopreneur. So tell me this, you’re working with that self-doubting entrepreneur. That person who is struggling to gain confidence. What are two things you start out with that person to get them engaged in moving forward?


But Joe, first of all. Indecision, fear, and doubt are basic hindrances to success. So one of the first things I encourage people to do is, write it down. In terms of whatever it is that you aspire to do. But do it quickly, do not delay because, indecision, indecision and you’re wavering, the longer you wait, the more the fear sets in and the lower your self confidence becomes. Versus jump and they grow your wings on the way. But but there’s a self-confidence formula. That’s in the book and you know, I’ve had a couple of minutes I could recite it. Actually because I’m memorizing it. But it is the matter of a person deciding what positive words of affirmation do you want to create? And then you focus on reciting them, memorize. But the subconscious mind Joe, what happens I find with my coaching clients, especially in the area of sales. You know, first when you pick up that phone, it’s heavy. The more you pick it up, the more yourself confidence grows. And when you think about the fact that there are people who are waiting for your solution, but they’ll never hear it if you don’t call. That in and of itself will grow your Self-confidence. The more you grow because again, we cannot make money Joe, without selling. A lot of people think they will get something for nothing, not going to happen. So I encourage my coaching clients to just to do the work. But first let’s go through the process of writing it down. Identifying who you see yourself as, who do you want to see yourself as? And the subconscious mind, Joe does not know the difference between true and false. It only believes what we tell it over and over and over again. So I encourage my clients to come up with an affirmation statement to convince yourself that you are ready.

There’s a book by Goddard and he says “the feeling is the secret the secret is the feeling”. The point being you see in advance who you want to become and then you act as if it is already so. And so that helps to build their self-confidence. But those are some thoughts that I share with my clients.


Les Brown once said, “it’s already mine, go get it.” You know, I love Les Brown because Les Brown probably was the most edifying, uplifting, motivational, speaker we’ve ever had. My concern with the motivational speakers today. Are they’re more about what they’ve done and what you haven’t. But Les Brown was, we can, and I still start my day on my stationary bike at 3:30 in the morning. And first I start with something spiritual and and I watched Les because I just he embodies that whole thing of you are going to do the work, but you’ve got to claim victory.


And you’ve got to be hungry. Joe what happens oftentimes and now we’re going to speak to those induviduals that are listening to you who have it all. They have it all Joe, and they’re not motivated to do a little bit more. And so you’ve got to be hungry for something larger than yourself. And this is why having a vision to serve, you will never even never reach that. So you want to have that vision for a larger life and building a left and legacy and living a life of significance as you impact the lives of others. And so Joe one of the area’s, one of the exercises that I do when I’m coaching my clients is, we start with the and your wife was one of our clients and came to and thank you so much for allowing her to and without supporting for coming to our retreat. At McNiel Factor island retreat, but I start with the obituary and I ask my clients bring your obituary. Yes obituary. Why? Because going back to the point of starting with the end in mind. If you know what you want to have said about you when you’re dead and gone, you can reverse that turn it into an affirmation for life and live it.

And I’ll start closing with this story. We’ve all heard about Nobel Peace Prize and the story of Nobel basically, he’d loved to read the obituaries. Well his brother died? He could not wait to read his brothers obituary in the in the in the morning newspaper. So he got up early open the paper had his cup of coffee and he’s sitting there.

And they got confused. They tought he had died, not his brother. So he said there reading this horrible horrible horrible story that the newspaper had written about him. It opened up with you know, the doctor of death because he built bombs and the bombs killed lots of people and they had all of this negative this negative negative all these things to say about him. And he sat there Joe and he made a decision. That he would live a life of peace and now we know it as the Nobel Peace Prize, but it all started with him reading what he thought was going to be his obituary if he had died. And so I encourage my clients to think about what do you want to have said about you and Joe many of us have been to somebody’s funeral, who we know well and we’re reading that obituary and you’re saying this is not the person that I thought I knew.

So so anyway Joe those are some of the activities and exercises that we do, that we have my McNeil factor island Retreat.


I would like you to explain to folks about your offerings what you provide and and the kind of people that you work with, so they would know am I a fit to work with Ann McNeil?


Well Joe, I start with my clarity mastermind. I have a small clarity mastermind group, it’s less than 50 people. And it is very reasonable and it’s on my website AnnMcNeil.com. And we also post an annual Island Retreat and it is held on November 11 through 14 and it is on a beautiful island and those individuals, it’s only 10 people only 10 people. Details on our website also, but I only take 10 people and we’re a five-star Retreat. It’s beautiful. And what I do is I help entrepreneurial women. Joe and I don’t know if you remember this 15 years ago. You helped me with this. Get greater Clarity in the highest income producing areas of their business and your life. Because Joe we focus on 10 different areas of the life the spiritual, the family, the financial, the health, education, personal growth, and development, the person’s business or their profession or career, the recreation, creatively, and Civic and we set those goals job for Six months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20, and into 40 years. And then in January which be January 2021, every January we host an annual meeting for your life. Which is you know, ask people to bring your family, entire family, but also bring your life in writing. All ten of those areas, where your goals? And it has just been a phenomenal experience Joe and those other areas on my coaching that we focus on.


John went to that years ago. And it was powerful. It was a game changer and I will only say this no matter where you are in life. You have to grow. Give them your contact information please.


Absolutely Joe. My cell number 786 546 0184. You can reach me on all the social media platforms from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I’m on all of the social media and also you can reach me at my website. That is AnnMcNeil.com.


Thank you again and have a great day.

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