Ep. 121 INTERVIEW – Pete Folch

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Podcast Guest, Podcasts

Joe’s guest this week, Pete Folch, makes the connection between sales and performance management.  One of the least recognized methods for improving client retention is by focusing on leadership development. By bringing out the positive potential in people stronger teams are created, new energy and life returns to the organization. This has a direct impact on customer service which in turn results in improved client experience and increased customer loyalty. Pete is a professional speaker and owner of SECOND WIND-FINISH STRONG Inc, a performance management and consulting firm who helps leaders and teams perform at  optimal levels. He “redefines the possible”  to spur on new energy, increase employee engagement, and ultimately improve a company’s bottom line. Pete provides BIG KEYNOTE SPEECHES. He also provides consulting and training both live and virtually. 

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