Business conventions are designed to increase employee engagement, productivity, skills, knowledge, and loyalty. It’s important to discern if you are you getting your money’s worth out of your convention speaker. Make sure you hire a presenter who is skilled to deliver the following.

convention speaker1. Everyone with the mic should reinforce your message.

Professional speakers are revered by audiences based solely on their occupation of ‘holding the mic’. Therefore, what they say carries a lot of weight. Their influence is capital leaders can exploit. Essentially, your convention speaker should become your mouth piece.  The reason is simple. Leaders set the mission and work to get everyone on board and in the correct seat. They provide advice, direction, and guidance. However, since “A prophet has no honor in their home town”, those in command who are always in front of their organization can gradually become ineffective.  This situation can be rectified by allowing someone else to bring the message. Especially if this message is one you have been sharing for months but hasn’t been widely accepted or understood.

The person from out of town, carrying a laptop, is always the expert.

A professional speaker, who is an expert in the topic areas you need to address is the perfect channel for getting your message across. They represent a fresh voice and perspective. When we are hired to speak, we ask the client the results they are looking to accomplish with the event and inquire of any message, information, or mission they wish us to reinforce.

convention speaker2. A convention speaker should help you be competitive in the market place.

Keeping individuals in your organization current with the latest advances in you field is critical for remaining competitive.  Unfortunately, workers spend up to  50% of their day shifting through and managing information. Therefore, staying on the leading edge, can result in ending up on the ‘bleeding edge’ of information overload. Consider this. It’s been estimated that just one Sunday edition of the New York Times contains more information than the average person had access to their entire lives long in the 18th century.  According to business psychologist,  Dionne McHaffey,  “Companies that can out produce competitors will reach the forefront of the industry and remain there. Many employees, however, suffer from information overload, which causes their productivity to suffer.”

Effective convention speakers are ‘information brokers’ & do your homework for you.

Solution: Hire a professional speaker who is current with information your organization needs. Select a speaker who specializes in being an ‘information broker’. Discriminate between speakers who are polished presenters with those who are polished presenters but also  have invested the time or have the expertise to sort through the lastest information and research in your needed topic area.

convention speaker3. Your paid presenter should validate you and your audience.

You or your company is the true ‘star’ of the show. Therefore, those on stage should celebrate your company on it’s accomplishments, growth, community involvement, future plans, etc. Their verbal praise can go far in helping you to retain top talent. Let’s face it. There are always those in the audience that are considering their options. Your speaker should help you keep them on your team.

The worst case scenario, (and unfortunately we have seen these things happen too often), is when the speaker hired:

  • ignores mentioning those in leadership
  • makes your stage their soap box – This happens a lot during election years.
  • offends your audience
  • promotes a competitor

When vetting any speaker, find out from past clients if they made any of the above mistakes. In addition, ask how they spoke about your company (if at all).

convention speaker4. They should help you by saying the things you cannot.

Sometimes leadership finds it’s self in a ‘no win’ position. Perhaps the message may be one that might ruffle too many feathers if delivered by you.  Some of the  questions I ask a client are, “What do you need me to say that you cannot?” and “Are there any challenges of which I need to be aware?”

Therefore, select a speaker  who is willing to customize their program to meet your needs and adapt to any challenges your organization may be facing. Be open with them. An experienced, professional speaker has helped other organizations with similar issues and can give advice an guidance to ensure the achieving the results you desire.

convention speaker5. Your hired presenter should never give you a headache.

You have a lot on your mind when you’re running a convention. Your convention speaker should not cause you any distress. To ease your mind, make a few additional requests of them. Inquire of their past clients if they were easy to work with and then consider asking your presenter to agree to the following:

  • Request they  arrive a day early rather than flying in a few hours before the event. Airline travel is more unpredictable today than ever. You don’t need to add extra worry about delays, weather, or missed flights.


  • Call you as soon as they are on the show site. You don’t need to worry if the ‘star of the show’ has made it or missed their plane.


  • They meet with the technology crew and set up everything needed before the event begins, (not 5 minutes before they are to present on stage), to discuss microphones, power point presentation, etc.

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