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by | May 2, 2018 | Empowered Professional, Nail the Sale

End of month mindset is often considered to be critically important for business people, especially those in sales. It’s typical for companies to have sales quotas and target goals, and employees are expected to meet them, resulting in extra pressure toward the end of the month. During that last week, business people can get pretty frantic as their deadlines loom, and they push themselves harder than usual to attain their goals. Most corporate individuals have an end of month focus. But might there be a better way?

What is mindset?

“The idea and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation; a habit”

You know what mindset will help you achieve your end of month goals: your demeanor, focus, drive…that “eye of the tiger.” You’ve learned which activities are the most productive for you, and you focus more on those at month’s end. For many people, this means amping up the effort on around day 17, with a view to a strong close on the 31st. But what if you could change your mindset and actually start the month amped up?

My challenge to you

Years ago, I started playing a mindset mind game with myself, and it gives me tremendous lift and momentum to kick off the month. Rather than feeling the pressure build up as the month progresses, I treat the first week like it’s the end, and I start my month in the black. I’ve even had the first day pay for the whole month!

Recently, I heard a phenomenal speaker who had the latest statistics on income: only 5% of people in America today make $100,000 or more a year, which breaks down to $8333.33 per month. I wondered if maybe it’s because people wait until the 17th day of the month to start producing. As Dawn and I have worked across every industry, it has become very evident how much production occurs at end of month. It’s like people crescendo during those later weeks as they evaluate their business and realize they have to kick it into high gear.

Choose a different week for end of month

What could happen in your business if you begin playing the mindset mind game? Decide what it would look like for you. Maybe you’ll shift your end of month to the 21st instead of the 31st, and actually follow through on end of month activities ten days early. You can create new habits and attitudes that cause your momentum to swing toward the beginning of the month, resulting in higher overall productivity and less fluctuation.

To implement this plan, think of five things can you do right now to facilitate it. Maybe it’s having your call lists ready to roll, or focusing on clear, effective messaging, or fine tuning your core story. Make sure you have generated enough leads to give yourself a strong start, rather than scrambling for names. Whenever you decide your “last week” will be, pack it full of meetings and other high-producing activities.

Analyze your time, knowing you can only do three things with it: spend it, waste it, or invest it. Make sure that your productive time isn’t wasted with busy work, but is filled with tasks that bring in results. Change your end of month mindset to a strong focus on preparation: rather than scrambling to meet your goals, those are done and behind you. Now you’re looking ahead to attack your first week with the same intensity that you formerly attacked the last one. Figure out the strategies that work best for you, and have them in place and ready to go.

Your time is now

For some crazy reason, people seem to think they’re going to live forever. A guy once said to me, “Joe, someday I’m going to…”

I looked at my calendar and said, “You know, I can’t find someday on here. When is it?”

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, but we get distracted by things that are nonessential in our lives. This causes us to lose focus on what’s truly important. Look back at the things you said you wanted to accomplish by the end of last December. Did you achieve them? Evaluate how many days you’ve taken off, and how many days were productive. When the New York blue laws were first repealed, business owners rejoiced at the opportunity to stay open on Sundays. Unfortunately, many modern business owners have an opposite mentality, taking advantage of every little holiday created by Hallmark. It’s commonplace for businesses to close early, close on weekends, and take holidays. But if you really want to grow, you must have that entrepreneur mindset of “whatever it takes.”

For you to change your habits, you must change your mindset. This is not difficult, but it does take some mental re-training. First, decide when you want your new “end of month week” to be, and make it as productive as possible. After you’ve met those targets, set your sights on preparing for the next “first week.” You’ll be amazed at how your productivity skyrockets, and at how much momentum you’ll carry into each new month!

Joe Pici has been ranked in the TOP 30 sales trainers by Global Gurus.

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