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by | Oct 7, 2014 | Nail the Sale


October – November – December are big volume months for many of the direct sales companies. But remember, this is also the best time of year for finding business builders to join your team.


Because during the holiday season people are shopping for gifts and as they shop they are continually reminded of what they CANNOT AFFORD. They are literally looking at their dreams and facing the reality that they have no way of ever attaining them. There are gifts they would love to purchase for their children, spouse or friends but do not have the money to purchase them. This generates a need that motivates your prospects for looking at other ways of making money. Surprisingly, we have found that folks will make the time, even at this time of year,  to look at opportunities.

 So – If you want to be successful in Direct Sales don’t shut it down between Thanksgiving and New Years.



Many folks WILL decide to put the holidays on a credit card and those bills WILL start to arrive in January, February and March.  OUCH! How will they pay for all their purchases? This situation provides another great opportunity for you to get folks to sit down and look at your business opportunity.

REMEMBER: The months October through March are the  6 GOLDEN MONTHS for prospecting for your business! Those who are in Direct Sales because they are looking for an easy, convenient way to make money tend to ‘vacation’ during  this these months then  wonder why their business isn’t growing. YOUR ACTIVITY NOW will determine your future. These are the months that separate the successful from those who struggle and eventually quit.

 The GOLDEN MONTHS are upon you!

I  provide the skills and the guidance you need to maximize these opportunities.

ONLY 5 openings remain for my

Inner Circle of Seven Coaching Program

Don’t consider this program if :

      •      You lack motivation.

      •      You think Direct Sales is a nice ‘hobby’.

      •      You think Direct Sales is an easy way to make lots of money.

Consider responding if:

      •      You are serious about building a future for you and your family.

      •      You have worked hard but can’t seem to break through to the higher levels of financial success.

      •      You need a knowledgeable person to confide in from outside your company.

      •      You want direction from someone who an show you how to make  6 figures in Direct Sales because she has done it!

Receive 4 hours of face to face coaching in the studio with Dawn Pici PLUS 90 minutes of consultation by phone!

A $1350 value for ONLY $500!



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