FUTURE ARTICLE: Speaker Fee Negotiations

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Speaking Engagement

Never put your fees on your website because selling speaking is like selling a house. EVERYTHING is negotiable. Remember Tip #24 about negotiating the deal:  He who talks money first loses. You have more to lose than to gain by telegraphing your fee structure. Potential clients may be ‘scared away’ if your fee is to high. But pricing too low will reduce your perceived value in the market.

Therefore, when asked “How much do you charge?’ respond “We’re not there yet. Let’s discuss options you are interested in.” Then make sure you do research regarding the following items.

1. Discover the ‘sweet spot’ for fees in the industry of your expertise – average day/hourly rate.

2. Ask your client what their budget is for the event or how much they have spent for similar events in the past.

3. Find out if your client has an added budget for materials. Often materials are paid for from an auxiliary account or another department.

4. What results are they looking to receive? Ask them point blank what those results are worth to their company.

Again, keep fees off of your website, Facebook page, blog, press kit or any other materials you hand out. Use your sales skills in person or by phone to negotiate the best deal possible.


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