11 LinkedIn Pitfalls (That Could Hurt You) [eBook]

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Resource Roundup

Do you ever look at social media and want to pull the covers over your head?

You’re not alone. 

Social media is overwhelming. This medium moves at a break neck speed, leaving many to feel like we can’t keep up. And with changes and updates seemingly every week, this digital world can seem very crowded and confusing.

Unfortunately, we cannot do away with Social Media. And LinkedIn is no exception.

LinkedIn is vital for modern companies. In fact, companies that invest time in social selling on LinkedIn see a 15{db95e0fd77ae6d141d4535e2bf7b464d98e4151322120f553d7786be9a7303be} increase in renewals. In addition, 52{db95e0fd77ae6d141d4535e2bf7b464d98e4151322120f553d7786be9a7303be} of professionals exceeded or met their sales quotas while using LinkedIn.  LinkedIn members report that they actually want to connect with companies on LinkedIn. In addition, 50{db95e0fd77ae6d141d4535e2bf7b464d98e4151322120f553d7786be9a7303be} are more likely to buy from a company they’ve connected with!

But, what if my target market isn’t on LinkedIn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and LinkedIn, they are. In the United states, 96{db95e0fd77ae6d141d4535e2bf7b464d98e4151322120f553d7786be9a7303be} of employed professionals have a LinkedIn profile.

The verdict?

Social media marketing is no longer merely nice-to-have, it’s necessary. This is because these platforms help create a successful, integrated marketing approach for driving awareness, lead generation, and ultimately, revenue. More and more professionals are spending time reading news and keeping in touch through LinkedIn. Consequently, this gives us an unprecedented opportunity to build and cultivate relationships with potential clients.

But, it’s not enough to merely have a profile. You must learn how to use it correctly.

LinkedIn may be a powerful tool, but only if it is used correctly. So, do you know how?

The 11 LinkedIn Pitfalls (That Could Hurt You) eBook walks step-by-step through the process of LinkedIn. This eBook will show you the best way to connect with clients. In this book you will learn:

How to Become a Power User

Creating a Customer Centric Profile

Privacy Settings

Selecting a Profile Photo

Creating a Captivating Title

How NOT to Land in LinkedIn Jail

…and much more!


Learn to use LinkedIn to generate endless leads, build rapport with clients, and make more money!

LinkedIn Pitfalls eBook

The 11 LinkedIn Pitfalls eBook is available for download below!

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