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Want to captivate new clients and make more money in the speaking industry this year?

Tired of Speaking for Peanuts TIP #52 ~ Creating an Industry Specific SM Strategy

Attracting your target market involves a SM strategy aimed at the benefits, results and solutions specific to the prospective client. Therefore consider:  Are you a keynoter or trainer?  Most speakers lack clarity on the differences between keynoting and training and make no distinction when marketing out on the web. Big mistake.

What’s the difference between keynoting and training? Basically,  keynoting is more performance focused whereas training is more results focused.


The KEYNOTE speech – This is a speech that is specifically designed for a particular audience and/or situation. More often than not, a speaker has adapted one of their ‘standard’ presentations to the audience at hand. Being performance focused, the audience is looking for the presenter to be polished, entertaining, somewhat informative and motivational. Audiences come away with statements such as, “WOW, that person is a great speaker. What interesting information! I’m excited!”

TRAINING – This is also designed for a specific audience and although the trainer may be using the same materials and format over and over with different companies, an accomplished trainer has customized the training for the specific desired results of individual clients. Most importantly,  trainers do not merely present information relevant to the audience, they engineer an environment for interaction. Trainers direct participants through a series of activities designed to increase skill levels. Participants leave the event with statements such as “WOW, I can’t wait to apply this. I know I am better at doing  ____ now. ”

The distinct differences between keynoting and training will attract differing clientele. Decision makers often hire a keynoter for a convention when they want someone to open and set the tone of the event or to bring the crowd to back to life in between more data oriented (boring) sessions. This is not to say that keynoters do not give valuable information. They do,  but they are not evaluated or hired based on results produced after the event as trainers are. Companies and individuals will assess the value of the trainer based on the results gained by applying the skills introduced. Although a trainer is hired for improving skills in a particular area, not entertainment or motivation, make no mistake, good trainers understand that they need to be entertaining and create an enjoyable workshop experience while motivating their participants for activation.

Keynoting and training fill distinctly different needs and therefore require different marketing strategies.

Tips for designing Your Social Media Strategy

Keynoters: Focus on the enjoyment and engagement of the audience.

You want your website to be filled with short, high quality video clips  of your different presentations. The larger and more professional the  venue and video quality, the better. Include favorable and enthusiastic   audience reaction which may involve placing multiple cameras and mics in the audience.

  • If you are industry specific make sure you include clips highlighting  your relevancy within the given industry.
  • Place video that exemplifies audience reaction to your polished presentation on every page of your website.
  • Use video testimonials from audience members taken during or  directly after your presentation. Place them on your website, Facebook pg. etc. Work to gain ‘spin-off business’ – ask satisfied decision makers for quality referrals.
  • Use multiple action shots of you for your brochures and other promo  materials.
  • Create a promotional DVD with short clips of you speaking. Again  these need to include audience reaction. Use this for your home page     video as well.
  • Market directly to convention planners and associations via LinkedIn, industry blogs, etc.
  • Publish a book – hard copy or electronic.
  • If you are a motivational speaker consider creating original, daily quotes and post everywhere.
  • AVOID – Guaranteeing income related results. Avoid saying your     presentation will increase the bottom line unless you have  hard data     to back up your claims.

Trainers: Focus on hard data and quantifiable results.

  • Use social media to position yourself as the expert in your field.
  • Be on LinkedIn regularly and join groups where decision  makers in your target market frequent.
  • Blog often on your own blog site and on blogs that are industry specific.
  • Twitter is a great place to build a following. Include links to your blogs.
  • Publish a book on a subject that will establish you as an expert in the field your train on –  hard copy or electronic.
  • Companies and individuals who hire you to train are expecting results  and will want to interview past clients concerning the same.  Therefore, obtain written and video testimonials from decision  makers who have hard data regarding the results of your training. Use these on your website – especially the about us page, Facebook,   etc.
  • Use metrics and statistics on all of your marketing materials both hard  copy and virtual.
  • Create a promotional DVD that highlights the results you provide and   testimonials of decision makers. This will make a great home page  video.
  • Action shots are great. However, ask permission from the companies  you are training first. You may need to get a release signed by all  included in the shot.
  • Use power statements throughout website, FB etc.
  • Video snippets of training material is great but AVOID – Putting too much of your intellectual property out on the web.  Peek curiosity with power statements but don’t give away the farm.

Two final tips for both keynoters and trainers for acquiring more business:

1. Don’t let leads disappear into the blog-o-sphere.  Answer each inquiry with a personal phone call. Nothing sells better than the human touch. Uncertain how to be successful on the phone? Get our book Sell Naked on the Phone.
2. Develop your sales skills. Remember, we sell for the right to be on someone’s stage. Too many talented speakers are going hungry tonight because they have a garage full of books but no bookings. Check out our 3 day intensive sales boot camp – Sell Naked… Successfully! and get to a six figure income – fast!

If you are starting out as a speaker and are wondering should I keynote or train, first ask this question. “Do I want to help people, make money or make money while I help people?” If ‘make money’ is somewhere in your equation then consider training. In this economy businesses are cutting the fat and too often that includes keynoters. According to NSA (National Speakers Association) 20 years ago the average keynote   received $9000 – today, $1500. Whereas today trainers average between $2500 and $10,000 per day.

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