Investing in Customer Satisfaction Training

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Top-Tier Teams

What could ever matter more than your company’s customer satisfaction? Unless you have a monopoly on some essential product or service—nothing. Customers are your income source, and if they aren’t happy, they’ll gladly give their money to someone else. Little, if anything, offers as much ROI potential as high-quality customer satisfaction training.

Effects of Great Customer Service

Delivering stellar customer experiences is the most important part of doing business. Among the most compelling benefits are:>

  • Higher customer retention rates
  • Increasing how often customers buy from you
  • Increasing how much customers spend when they buy
  • Getting new business from word-of-mouth referrals
  • Getting new business from positive online reviews
  • Increased trust in your brand
  • A strong reputation as a go-to source for your products or services
  • Larger, more engaged social media followings
  • Happier, more loyal employees thanks to more pleasant customer interactions

Great Customer Service Requires Rapport

Underlying all great customer service is the employees’ ability to see things from the buyer’s point of view and act accordingly. Great communication matters a lot too. If your employees are able to quickly understand what each customer wants and their motivations, they can successfully deliver and delight. They’re also able to efficiently turn around negative situations that can cost you customers and develop into bad publicity by getting to the heart of the issue and resolving it exactly how the customer wants to see it resolved.

Customer Service Training with Pici & Pici

Our customer service training is based on application of the DiSC model of human behavior. This is a tool your employees can use to better grasp your customers’ needs, motivations, and concerns.

Our training teaches how to:

  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention rates
  • Understand what customers are looking for
  • See things from the customer’s perspective
  • Approach a variety of common customer interactions
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Turn negative customer experiences into positive ones
  • Create, track, and respond to meaningful customer satisfaction metrics
  • Improve employee satisfaction for better customer service

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