7 Non-Negotiables for Making Money in the Speaking Industry [EBOOK]

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Are you busy speaking, but not making much money doing so?

Public speaking isn’t the hard part. Between association lunch & learns, chamber of commerce and rotary meetings, and charity events, there are many opportunities to get out and speak.

So, what is the hard part of the speaking industry?

Making money!


It isn’t that public speakers are becoming obsolete. The professional public speaking and training industry is still going strong as organizations continue to rely on in-person, live speakers and trainers to motivate and educate audiences.

According to Christopher Austen of the London Speaking Bureau, live speakers and trainers increase employee morale and satisfaction by providing fresh, innovative ideas, while helping employees feel more in control at work. Higher morale means higher productivity and lower turnover.

Professional public speakers and trainers still provide incredible value for companies and organizations.

So, why are so many struggling to make money?

Most professional public speakers, while being incredibly skilled at their craft, do not view their career as a business. They tend to equate busyness with success, even if the bank account is saying something different. In fact, many professional public speakers end up coming out-of-pocket to travel and create materials because they are unsure of what to charge and how to negotiate their fee. Quite simply, speaking and training no longer pays the bills.

As a result, many highly skilled speakers end up leaving the industry to find a new source of income. 

However, all is not lost!

At Pici & Pici Inc, we have spent the past 25 years professionally speaking and training. How have we been able to maintain a stable and lucrative career?

We know that in any industry, there are non-negotiables activities a business owner must do in order to make money. Examples of this would be closing sales, finding leads, and building relationships with customers. The same type of system is true of the public speaking industry as well.

What are they?

We have put together an eBook entitled, The 7 Non-Negotiables for Making Money in the Public Speaking Industry. This eBook takes your step-by-step the formation of a successful professional speaking business. This type of foundation will make it possible for any professional speaker and trainer to maintain a long and lucrative speaking and training career.

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