The 3 Keys for How to Build Rapport [eCourse]

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There is a lot of material out there written about how to build rapport.

Some methodologies claim to teach you how to develop “instant rapport” with clients, while others teach mirroring techniques to allow for greater influence.

We teach neither of these methodologies. In fact, we think it’s time for a reality check.

First of all, there is no such thing as “instant rapport”. By definition, rapport is the deepest level of relationship between two individuals, that involves sharing common ground, and is established when harmony and accord is reached between the two parties. The two don’t have to agree on every issue, but they will have a mutual respect and understanding of the other person’s viewpoint.

With this as the true definition of rapport, do you really think this can be established instantly? Of course not! Rapport takes time and effort to establish.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” excerpt=”There is no such thing as “instant rapport”. True rapport takes time and sincere understanding to establish. #biztips @piciandpici”]There is no such thing as “instant rapport”. True rapport takes time and sincere understanding to establish.[/tweet_box]

The second claim that some make is that by learning a few surface level mimicking techniques, you will be able to establish rapport and influence with clients and workplace colleagues. However, we find this to be not only ineffective, but a dangerous technique that often will backfire. We find it to be nothing more than manipulation that results in lost clients.

Rapport is not something that just “happens” with everyone. Learning how to build rapport is a skill-set that takes time to master. However, the investment put into this skill-set gives great rewards in both personal and professional settings.

“The 3 Keys for Building Rapport” eCourse is a 4 module interactive training course that walks you through the step-by-step process of gaining, retaining, and nurturing clients.

What you will learn in this eCourse:

  • What is rapport?
  • The importance of sincerity.
  • The process of establishing rapport.
  • The power of perception.
  • How to recognize someone else’s behavioral style.
  • How to adapt your behavioral style to connect with clients.
  • Mending broken relationships and getting back lost clients.


Benefits you can expect to receive from learning how to build rapport…

Be more productive.

What would higher productivity do for you and your business?

Be more responsive.

What would it be worth to have higher client satisfaction?

Be more influential.

Can you imagine what having greater influence on those around you would look like?

Be more content.

Would you like to have a more peaceful and happy home life?


By building stronger relationships you can achieve these results and benefit from a happier, more successful life.


The 3 Keys of Building Rapport eCourse

how to build rapport ecourse


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