How funny can a $100 comedian be?

by | Oct 23, 2011 | Empowered Professional

Tired of Speaking for Peanuts TIP#48

Years ago we had a friend who was struggling to break into the speaking industry as a comedian. Hoping to secure bookings he priced his program very affordably at $100 per night. He received no business. After all, how funny could a $100 comedian be? At the suggestion of his friend he changed his fee to $2000 a night and received so many bookings he had to turn some business away.

The moral of this story: Pricing yourself is all about perceived value and what the market will bear. Here are three ways to insure getting top dollar for your presentations.

1. Find the ‘sweet spot’ of fees for your industry. According to NSA 15 years ago the average keynote was getting $9000. Today it averages $1500-$2000. Training that produces results can charge $4000 – $10,000 per day depending upon the industry and type of training offered.

2. Work to be recognized as an expert in your field. Publish books, articles, white papers, videos etc. According to Gorilla Marketing clients will pay 9% more for an expert.

3. Get professional training in the art of sales. Learn how to negotiate and close the sale.


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  • Grasp writing contracts and negotiating deals.
  • Discover how to create, plan and produce your own events.
  • Secure spin-off business.
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Who should attend?

  • The aspiring speaker who want to take the next step.
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  • Those with years of experience in a career who want to expand their level of influence or create an independent income stream.

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