Free Download: Be the News – Your Guide to Press Releases

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Empowered Professional

Tap into Press Release Power!
Out distance your Competition!

  1. They’re Great Little SEO Boosters. When you distribute a press release online, it gets published on dozens of news and niche websites. And each of those sites links back to your own website. Google approves.
  2. They Help You Rank for Keywords. If you’ve selected keywords to improve your SEO, press releases are yet another place you can use them. When people search for these keywords, if they don’t find your site, they’ll find the press release, which will still lead them back to your site.
  3. They Make You Look Important. Press releases aren’t just for major corporations announcing mergers and acquisitions. Your recent company expansion is news, as is that big contract you won. The more news you have online, the more buzz you’ll generate for your company.

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