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Leveraging Strategic Alliances –  Joe Pici will help you gain brand recognition and incase your bottom line thru setting up successful strategic alliances with individuals and companies.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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So many ways to generate Prospect. Leech. We have over 20 ways that we do that. But today, we’re going to discuss one of those thing. We’re going to
Insist the pros, the cons, and what you get out of it, welcome to the sales, edged podcast. This is podcast 290, and I am your host show peachy. Let’s think about Pici and Pici inc and sellmorevirtually.com. Both of those platforms. Both of those businesses focus on helping our clients get in front of your target market. Negotiate higher fees, sell more. You don’t assume were virtually platform is a mint membership platform where I’m out there live. I’ve every Thursday night doing a master coaching or training. So more virtually right now is open for you to become a member. We have a mega course, we’ll be talking about in a few minutes and Pici and Pici is mostly our live training and boot camps corporate training, live coaching. And so we also want to thank you. You are the reason why we’re still here, Believe It or Not podcast to 90. Then you’re the reason for that. We’re open for sponsorship.

You want to get greater exposure to a massive audience? Give me a call 4:07 947. 2590, you know, a strategic Alliance is a business relationship between two or more businesses that allows them to achieve objectives. They might not have the opportunity to have these companies to maintain their independent status. So in other words, these are not true Partnerships. These are separate. Companies that are going to align themselves. Strategically. This is a win-win-win relationship. Okay, the first company into a client wins a company, they may refer in wins and the client always wins because they’re getting more services provided each party will benefit from this arrangement in today’s business environment. Few companies can have the

So delivering everything for every client so many times it becomes necessary. For companies. Collaborate. Here are a few ways for you to generate some strategic alliances. Number. One is Target companies that are already selling their products and services into your target market, you know, this is where they’ve already set up a business inside your target market. They already have created, a trusted advisor, ship to their clients. It is. So you want to get in there and really create a for cross referral program, you know, you want to build that trusting relationship with companies again that already doing business with your target market. So, this is where you set up a coffee. This is where you set up a zoom. This is where you set up a telephone call where you do a core story with the idea that you can create a strategic Alliance cross referral program. This

Second one is you want to Target companies that your clients need after you get done working with them? What does that mean? You know, you’ve already created the pathway. You’ve already established business, but when you get finished with them, or during the process, they need other vendors, they need other services and you have access to other companies. So, for example, you may be Be able to provide a referral for a CRM. You maybe you’re able to provide like for example, one of our strategic alliances with land and Connor who is our photographer, our branding photographer. And so we have such a high trust for him. We can bring him in. Now, another one is maybe you have a tremendous relationship with a CRM company. Okay, we like to to use the Ballantrae as a

For that. We like to refer out to them. Another one was when we’re working with clients, you know, we work with speakers coaches and trainers and reels, all different companies. When they’re in need of branding specific branding. We like to bring in Kurt mercadante. So here’s what happens in the process to be able to have those people in your say silos. You stable to be able to bring Nym in as strategic. You have to have a tremendous relationship with them there. For you both have done your core story. And this is where cross referrals begin to happen. So when you trust each other yes, my motive is to bring one of those people into my clients, but in turn many times, they return the favor. So let’s just talk about another way of creating a strategic Alliance as future present clients, you know, we We have to have strategic alliance with her present clients. Whereby, we bring value to our present clients as of number two, and then they may feel like they can refer us and they bring us in on projects, they’re working on. So this is the third way to create positive, strategic alliances number four is on social media who’s following your posts, your videos, who’s following,

You, who can I introduce people to, who can they introduced me to and who are all of my connections? All of this social media thing, opens up the door, for some very fine, strategic alliances, another one. Number five. Who am I the client of another word? Who do I write checks to? You know, for example, the other day went down? Down to look at a proof with my printer. And so, as I’m in there, I said to my printer. Do you have some collateral material? Do you have business cards? Because I have training in your printing is so good. I would like to refer you. And by the way, feel comfortable with do, if you know any clients, if you know anybody that might need to get in front of your target market and close more business, I would certainly appreciate the cross Reef.

This becomes another strategic Alliance. Now, here’s a big one. Here’s one that I, that I started doing. Now, when covid close things down. This doesn’t happen as much, but it’s starting to open back up and that is Target events. Now, very, I mean, it’s very easy to say, you target events with your target market in there, and that’s great. But I’m talking about strategic alliances. How about targeting events? It’s where the attendees have inroads to your target market. So, for example, I was coaching a company that did cleanup restoration. And I said, where you should be going, as you should be going to a vents where there’s Esurance agents because the insurance agent is always the first one to get called when there’s a situation and you want to be top of mind. So,

Go to events where you’re going to build relationships with relationships with people that are selling into your target market. Now. Let’s talk about the many many benefits and there’s more, but I just put a list down to some of the benefits of a strategic Alliance. It’s going to speed up your entry to a new market. For example, if I want to get in a new market, one of my ways of getting in a new Market is a cold call. That’s great. Nothing wrong with that. But if you’re being brought in as strategic partner, that is a quicker entry to a new market. Another one is you have instant credibility when you’re introduced by someone else. So if you are introduced, as a strategic Alliance of a person who already has delivered great results to someone your credibility goes up once again,

Into the market. Another one is you increase your business offerings to your clients. So in other words and PC and PC, we know what we do, but when we have strategic alliances the examples, I gave you, whether it’s a website developer, whether it’s a branding expert, whether it’s a photographer, whether it’s ERM, whatever it is, all of a sudden that expands the breadth of our business offering Another one is, it will. Deuce your marketing budget, you know clients don’t you don’t have to spend as much to get your name out there when you have strategic alliances. That doesn’t mean you stop getting your name out there, but it will enhance that and it actually will reduce your marketing budget. Remember 5, it’s going to increase your closing ratio. The higher credibility, the higher, your closing ratio. Another one is you will learn Learn processes and skills and Technologies and strategies from your strategic Partners. In other words, you get cross-ventilation people learn from me. I learned from them when we partner up on deals. Okay. And so that the next one would be okay. It’s going to reduce your cost so much with respect to resources. I mean, if you’re going in as a strategic Alliance, the

Is both companies don’t have to pay for all of the resources, all of the, the material so you can share cost it definitely? Okay allows the primary company to expand their brand because they really offer their clients so much more. So now, we, we get down to that part where all this is great, but there are some must dues. These are Things. If you’re going to have strategic alliances, I would recommend you really abide by some of these must do’s. And I’ll tell you what this training I’m talking about is part of a 20, 20 ways of generating leads. That’s both in our sales, boot camp. Also it’s in our Mega training. If you go to sell more virtually.com, if you look at you, take the course the free course, 9 Essentials of sales success that

Finally, you down through it explained, the course. Okay, the mega course and one of the modules, quite frankly, or one of the courses and many modules under, that will be this lead generation, and we go into this whole aspect of strategic alliances. So, number one, you’re getting ready to go into a strategic Alliance. Here’s the must dues, determine the need of the client. Okay? Why is this? Alliance going to fit. Do we align with respect to our philosophies, the way? We think the way we deal with people and what need do I provide? What problem do I solve? So that’s the number one thing you want to look at number to evaluate your strategic Partners vet them, you know, are are, do they always fulfill their Agreements? Are they, you know, what were their prior agreements? Like now?

Three establish objectives and goals for every project. What is each partner bring to the table? What do you want me to do? How is this going to be measured number for divine define? Exactly. What’s going to be done? You know, what is responsibility? Get everything down. What responsibility do we have? Number 5, develop great Communications process. Us communicate before during and after every project and during is vital. You have to keep the Airways open. Any time. Somebody gives me a strategic Alliance referral. I walk through that person from the time. I contact them. What happened on that call right through the end of the project. Number six, be sure. Trust is a very Cornerstone of the arrangement.

That strategic Alliance don’t get into it. Trust is all you have now, make sure you you definitely execute every one of the projects you’re involved on. On scope on time on budget. Every single one. And number eight, vital work out, a formal agreement. Have a written document that both parties agree on and sign. Is there going to be a commission involved. If there is pay it and pay it on time, is this just a mutual trade off? Sometimes a strategic alliances. Look, I’m going to refer you, you refer me. Is the motive just for you to look good to your clients. Is the motive for you to help that other person. Look good. Get everything out. In fact, it is Saturday morning that I’m recording this. I just sent out a strategic Alliance. A client and a great friend. In fact, we could do business for the rest of our lives on a handshake. However, we created a strategic alliance with a company that he’s already working with. And last night on the phone. We talked about how this would work and you know what the commission would be in this morning. He got a written contract agreement on exactly what the Mission would be honest, everything that needs to happen and I call them up. And the first thing you said was Joe, your word is good with me and I said, that’s great. But this is and friendships have been broken because of Amnesia and he laughed? How many times have we arranged something only for it to not to happen. So if you want to keep the pressure off of relationship, make sure you the finality of it as you.

Have it down on paper. It’s written and comply with. So, these have been a few tips. I love strategic alliances. You. Work doubly hard to impress. Both the client, as well as the person who is bringing you in. We’re always looking for referral Partners, but we’re also looking for strategic alliances. They can be a little bit in the same, but they can be different. Those strategic alliances have much more. More power than just a referral. So thank you so much. This has been the podcast number 290, but take out your phone, put one word sales, edged in a text box, set it to 5 5 6. 7 8. Please do this watch. That course. 9 Essentials of sales. Success is a free webinar. I promise you. You’re going to get so much out of it. Can you like this podcast? Can you share it? Can you write a great comment?

We certainly appreciate your loyalty. Have a great day. We’ll see you in our next podcast

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