Ep. 288 Just in Time or Powerfully on Time

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Turn your prospect into a loyal, repeat client. Joe Pici will show you how to be on time, every time.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Does being late matter if you, like, what are the benefits of being on time all the time? But what are the consequences of being late?

They were going to discuss the importance of being on time or being late and what are the ramifications of those things? So welcome to the sales edged podcast number 288 and I am your host, Joe peachy. We especially want to thank our sponsors PT and PTT ink and sell more virtually.com. These are both are businesses that stay focus so much on helping our clients to go. She ate better fees book, more appointments, close more business, overcome objections. Sections navigate the gatekeeper. We want to thank you. We’re especially appreciative of how you’ve grown this podcast around the globe, continue to grow it. Around the globe. We appreciate that and we want to tell you, we’re excited about this announcement. We wanted to wait until we had enough downloads that we could get great exposure for our sponsors. And where there should you want greater exposure. Call me at four. Oh seven, nine, four, seven, two five, nine.

We believe this is the very popular podcast and we can help you get new clients. So, let’s talk about this whole thing about being late or being early. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and one mistake to destroy it. I don’t believe we realize the impact that it has when we are late for a meeting for a phone call, but Eating for phone, call for an appointment. It determines, whether or not others can trust us and rely on us. Think about it. How do you feel about a person when you’re sitting there waiting on the meeting and they’re late. How do you feel about when they’ve scheduled a zoom call with you and you’re waiting for them to come in? And they’re late. How do you feel about the fact that they said I’m going to bring that project into a to Clock on Friday. Only to get that text saying, I’ll have to contact you Monday. We’re late. See, there’s not a good thing that happens when we’re late. It shows how we value others, as well as ourselves being late can have major consequences, you know, think about that, you know, it seems like such a small thing. I know people that treat being late like such a small thing and yet the

Winches are catastrophic. I seen clients loss. I seen income loss. I seen time loss. I’ve never seen anything positive when a person is late being on time. All the time, is going to set you up and give you a Competitive Edge. You’re out there spending money, all the time on advertising on pay per, click on new websites on every new conceivable, way to generate clients and let and yet, don’t we treat time. So, So, in consequentially.

Being on time, far, far, far, will outweigh, advertising dollars, you know, it’s going to create a great first impression with people, but don’t just mean first impression. I don’t care who my client is. I have one client for 14 years. I’m never late when I’ve scheduled something with them. It’s going to put you in a position where you’re going to have a great influence with other people, which means you’re going to be a person people want to. Listen to you know, except for an emergency and there are emergencies, you know, children get sick. You have a car accident. There’s just bad things that can happen that are an emergency outside an emergency. Everything else is in our control, we control whether we’re on time, we control whether we’re late. So when you look at that, when you look at the fact that if we’re in control, it’s our fault.

It’s no one else’s fault. So number one, what happens as a result of being late. Number one in the most important one you’re going to lose trust of other people. When you’re late, it weakens your credibility. You lose your power stance right there. The client is thinking, if I can’t trust him with my time. Can I trust them with this project? Can I trust them with my money? See time is more important than money on. I-i’ll I would rather have time than money. I can make money. I can’t make time. Another thing is being late signals. You have no respect for the other person or persons. They might have a group you might be, they’re supposed to be there to meet with a group. So you don’t have any respect for them. That’s how they view this time is money, you know, you have the ability to sell and negotiate if people.

Value. You if they respect you, if they’re going to give up their precious time to you and your late, they feel like you’ve stolen something from them. It’s that important. Another one is being late. Tells the, the other person or persons that your time is more important than theirs. You know, we’re always talking about being client-centric, be client-centric, be other person Centric and yet, if we’re late, we’re valuing our own time.

Then we’re valuing them. We value ourselves more than we value. Then, it shows tremendous disregard. It shows tremendous disrespect. It then tends to do this inner mineralize, you lose credibility because you’re unreliable, you’re careless and you’re disorganized. So there are so many things that can hurt you by being a person that tends to run late. Now. Let’s look at never make an excuse. Again, other than an emergency. We know that you’re in control of being early. You’re in control.

Of being on time. Why don’t we learn things like set your alarm a little earlier space out your meetings better, you know leave earlier. It’s amazing to me that people say well that’s 50 miles. So I need to leave 70 minutes before and they don’t take to take into consideration, might there be an accident, you know, my date gets stuck in traffic. It’s always if you give yourself more time you can always Is do something in the parking lot waiting. You can make sales calls. You can be prepared. So another one is being late.

Is definitely a Time spender, which costs money, you know, you will, you will be subject to apologizing to replacing to rescheduling a mess to making up. You know, how do you make up lost time? Think about this to find a new client? Because you just lost one. What is it? What is the monthly revenue of your clients? If you looked at a monthly?

Revenue of your clients and you lost that client because you chose to be late. And when I mean chose, You do choose, you can choose to be early. You can choose to be on time. You can choose to be late, but they are all choices. Can we afford to lose clients? Because we choose not to be more organized. Another one. Being late is going to cost you a lot of money. It’s going to cost us money. I’ve known people that have missed flights, missed opportunities. Miss deadlines, had to pay late, fees, had to pay rescheduling fees.

All of them cost money. And how do you put that on your your sheet that you have to send up to your boss? I miss my flight because I chose not to get up early enough. Another one is it does create confusion. When you are late, you will be confused. You, your head is spinning your, you’re not in the zone, you know, you’re running a minute behind and so now you’re going to lose your Clarity in your focus. You’re going to walk into.

That meeting and not having everything organized. You’re going to look for your core story sheet, but you were late and you put it in something and you don’t remember. So, you know, let’s avert confusion. Let’s improve our focus by getting there early and being prepared. Another one is being late. Put you on defense being on offense, makes you proactive being on defense makes you reactive. You’re the one that comes in late and all. All of a sudden, you find yourself having to justify which is just a lie, why you were late because we chose to be late. And so, think about this now, you’re not on solid, you know, you if you’re early, you’re going in there with great strength, great clarity, great, Focus your on proactive. You’re on offense. If you’re late everything turns where you’re now on defense. So let’s move on. And let’s look at the benefits. What?

Is to you in a way of a benefit when you are always on time. The first thing is you’re going to build trust and confidence in people around you and potential clients in present clients in everybody around you and your grandchildren and your wife, everybody. Your husband don’t you want people around you to have confidence in you to trust you? The next one is you will be prepared well in advance. That’s so important that you are prepared. You are early. Therefore you have everything done in advance. And next one. You’re going to gain tremendous respect. How would you like to be that person that other people say, you’re always on time? I can count on you. I never have to worry about if you’re going to show up at the right time. Another one is you’re going to have increased efficiency. You’re going to be much more effective streamline your

This is are going to be tighter. There’s another one you are going to be valued because you value others. If I value your time. You’re going to Value me back. So important, you know, people buy from people, they know like and trust and that show value to them. You’re going to gain time and money instead of losing it. Like I said, what do you do when you get there a little early? And now you can sit down be prepared, have a cup of coffee and get ready for the meeting and then possibly make some phone calls because you’re not in a hurry. You’re not, you’re not you’re not running to catch a cab Uber. Next one is you’re going to reduce tremendous stress. How would you like to listen? Your stress? How’d you like to listen distractions?

Being girly, you’re going to reduce that stress. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants to go. What am I going to say now? I knew a guy that for 15 years, he would call me before every conference that I was putting on and he would say, you’re not going to believe this Joe, but I’m going to be a little late. This is so not like me and yet he was late all the time. Once you become late, you start accepting it for yourself. Number 8, you’re going to develop Rapport and in last week’s podcast. I talked about the importance and how you could create tremendous rapport with people. Where that is about know like trust they value you they rely on you. They they know that they don’t have to worry about they put together a meeting. They don’t have to worry about. Are you going to get on the zoom in time? We do a lot of podcasting.

Not only am I on other people’s podcast, but I’m always on before the host. But we have people come to our podcast and it’s always like, you know, we like our people would be 10 minutes, early to be a guest on our podcast. Just so we can have everything organized that’s important. Because when Showtime, it’s showtime. And ultimately, you will become their trusted advisor, which means now you have a seat at the table. Now, they’re looking at you with respect to Jose part of the solution. He’s not part of the problem. When you’re late, you are part of the problem. When you are early, you are part of the solution. Are you part of your clients solution?

Can people around you count on you? So let’s ask you some questions here right now. Do you have a system for managing your priorities and time, you know, where by start with priority management and get the time as you? I’m going to make you an offer. Should you be at a time where you would like to be more effective be on time. More often manage your priorities in time. Shoot you want to be more effective with your time. Give me a call at four. Oh seven, nine, four. Seven, two five, nine. No, I’m going to offer you a ten minute complimentary cup. A Joe where I can help you manage your priorities and time better which will make you early or on time for every meeting which will give you a Competitive Edge. Give you that.

Editor’s. So, folks. If this is an asset to you can, you know, can you like it? Can you share it? Can you write a great comment? And please go to sell more virtually.com.? We’re offering that free webinar, 9, Essentials of sales success. Watch the whole thing. It’s a great value to you that in and of itself, that’s system will help you be on time in your sales system. So this has been do peaky. Thank you so much for being part. Part of the sales, Edge will see you at our next podcast.

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