Ep. 287 Is a Small NO keeping you from a BIG YES?

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Joe Pici shares his BEST TIPS on using the PHONE to generate hot prospects. 


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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Do you notice there are over 8 billion cell phones in the world. According to google there over one trillion phone calls made a year and the United States alone.

Yet, if you talk to business owners or sales professionals, many of them tell you, they have a fear of the phone today. We’ll going to discuss some of the most important things you can do to help. You overcome fear, become very effective on the phone. Welcome to the sales edged podcast. Number 287. I am your host Joe Pici. We want to take this time first to think Pici and Pici inc, which is a speaking coaching training consulting company and sell more virtual e.com, or I’m out there. Every Thursday Night Live doing coaching training mentoring, but both businesses are focused on helping our clients. Negotiate better deals. Overcome objections, navigate the gatekeeper book, more appointments, close more business and we want to specially. Thank you. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for more and more downloads. And by the way, I wanted to mention, we are open for sponsors. Now. We feel like we have many downloads, we can offer so much in a

Exposure to our sponsor. So get in touch with me at 4:07 947. 2590 a recent step from Salesforce, says that 92% of the customers in the world before they’re ready to make a purchase want to talk to someone on the phone. However, 85 percent say that they are dissatisfied with the phone interaction with the growth of Social media texting, you know, LinkedIn so many things. YouTube it goes on and on and on so many people now are hiding behind that texting and messaging through Linkedin. And other ways are trying to reach out to potential clients, but it’s been my experience and the experience of many professional salespeople. That the best method for communication is, is yes, face-to-face, but they get

A face-to-face is using the phone, the most efficient, and time-saving way to start a sales meeting is or to reconnect with clients or to follow-up is using the phone in today’s world, people always have their phone with them. Think about that. Have you seen anybody without a phone? Even kids have phones? It’s like another hand. Body sixty-seven percent of the people sleep with their phone on next to them. So when it comes to business, you know, when contacting clients or customers, we want to book more appointments with a new potential client that can be a cold or hot or warm lead. We want to qualify a lead with using tremendous messaging to see. Do they qualify for Us. We want to use it as follow-up, you know, 92% of the people when they have an inbound lead, Never follow up with a phone call to book that appointment. So companies are spending millions of dollars in advertising, only not to have it leads, followed up with, we want to reconnect with our present clients. This is so vitally important, not always to upsell but to stay in touch to add value.

And I just spoke to this in one of our recent podcast on building long-term Rapport and we want to return a phone. Call a good friend of mine, was at a real estate seminar, Joe Miller. He was at a real-estate thing the other day big-name real estate company in a gentleman. Speaking said, statistics said that less than 1% of the realtors in business today, return a phone call. So, why is their phone fear? What is behind the phone fear? The number one reason for phone fear is rejection. Nobody wants to be rejected. Nobody wants to put themselves out there in a way where they feel. Like somebody says, no, they take it personally and they feel rejected. The number one way to get over. This fear of rejection is to do it. You’re going to find out in our trainings. And some of the things I’m going to talk about today.

But really, when we get into the nitty-gritty of phone messaging that rejection is when you make it personal, and professional phone calling has nothing to do with what you want, personally, but what you offer, the client, the second reason is you just don’t know what to say. Many people have a fear of that phone because they don’t have a way to speak to people. I don’t know what to say. They don’t know how to handle what the other person says. They’re unrehearsed and unscripted. They just don’t know what to say. It’s an unknown, many people get hired by companies. They get thrown to the wolves or many people open up a business and they know they’re supposed to get clients. They sit at the phone. They look at the phone and go, but I just don’t know what to say. The third reason is you’re afraid of running out of leaves, you know, that’s the scarcity mentality. That the whole thing that if I make these phone calls, I’m not going to have

These leads is my wife said so appropriately. Many years ago leads are like, you know, fine wine. They don’t age with time. Somebody else sells to them. So the whole scarcity mentality of I have these 50 names sitting here and if I go through these 50, I don’t get any business from it. I’m not a business. And so yes, that’s the importance of understanding that the phone itself. Both can be a lead generation mechanism with the right messaging number for it. Feel like a failure, you know, when people put themselves on the line, and they’re not successful right away. We can internalize that and feel like failures and Zig. Ziglar said failure is an event. It’s not a person. Most people don’t realize that we fail our way to success. That, you know, a phone call after phone, call after phone, call after phone call.

Eventually things begin to turn and failure turns into success. Another one number five in talking to many people who you know, have phone adversity. So to speak. They don’t want to get on it. Is it feel like they can get embarrassed other. People will know other people are watching or the person you’re calling, you know, you’re embarrassed by what they say, you know, embarrassed embarrassment is a personal thing. Now, all of these things I’m talking about,

Rejection. You don’t know what to say. Running out of Elites. They are failure, fear of embarrassment. That’s because we’re self-centered and not client-centered. If you’re going to get in the way of somebody else’s success, because of these things, we’re thinking more about ourselves and we’re thinking about the potential client. So with that, let’s talk about some preparation because great preparation. Preparation, prevents poor performance. So let’s talk about some of the things you can do that. I’ve done that our clients do to get better on the phone to have Mastery. Number one, find a coach and a trainer that has tremendous success using the phone and they have a methodology you can learn from. So I’m not talking about that star. That’s just everything turns to Gold. But that person that has had a

Use a methodology to become proficient at the phone and make sure whoever your coaches, make sure whoever your Mentor is, make sure whoever your training trainers. There are using the phone now because of all the things with respect to sales, that is so apparent to us. Is that phone calling is really direct proportion to how many times you do it. So a person who made phone calls 10 years ago who’s not doing it now? They really are not going to be effective as a coach or a mentor because they’re not in the hunt. They’re not hearing what you’re hearing. The number two things we can do it preparation, create powerful value. Propositions. Now, in our three-day boot camp, as well as in our Mega course, we go into at least a 225 our segment on developing Great Value propositions, but I’m telling you, the single most important aspect of utilization of the phone.

That is the power of your value proposition. So you’re going to want to get some in-depth training on. That is so important. Now number three is create scripts, scripts are powerful. Here’s some of the scripture going to want to have. You want a script to book appointments. You want a script to navigate the gatekeeper. You want a script to how you get voicemails return? You want a script that if this goes into a meeting you Pick up the phone, you gave your value, proposition you read your script and they want to talk to you. Now. You have a script that takes you into your core story. Those are the four vital scripts that you should have. And once again scripting creates momentum, momentum creates confidence number four is stick to the script. You know, I’ve always heard people say, well, you know, I can’t find my script or sometimes I use it. Sometimes I don’t consistent consistency.

Number five. Block out time. Do time blocking. Don’t just try to fit your phone calls in take time during a day and schedule out blocks of time. You’re going to make these calls number 6, prepare for objections, and we have a mega training, sell more virtually.com., I’ll talk about it in a little bit. We actually have a section of that training on overcoming and Objections we do the same in our bootcamp objections are going to come. You have to be prepared for them. Usually. It’s only three to five objections you’re ever going to hear but you want to be proficient at handling them number 7 track your calls. So always have everything you’re doing tracked. You want to measure because whatever you measure will improve and track your Your results. So it’s really funny because everything we do, we track all my white boards in my office. Everything I do is a legal pad, everything we do. We have to be able to look at a moment’s notice because you’re never as bad as you think. You’re never as good as you think your numbers are never as bad as you think they are. You’re not getting as many knows. If think you’re are, that’s why you always want to trap. Now. Let’s talk about some mindset perspectives.

What is a know, just think about that? What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? If they say no, you’re probably still going to have a great dinner tonight, your family still going to love you. It’s not the end of the world, but don’t let a do not let a small know, keep you from a big. Yes. Don’t let that. No, get in the way of great success. Get to the next call. My wife always says, Says, she never stops her day on a bad call. Finish up with a good one. The next one. Don’t take those personally, you know, it’s not about you don’t, you know, it’s that they don’t want your service. They don’t want your results. They’re not looking for what you do and it’s not now.

Number three, it’s their loss. Not yours. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that when I go into a company, we’re going to book appointments. We’re going to close. This is, we’re going to negotiate higher deals. We’re going to overcome objections. We’re going to get return phone calls. We’re going to navigate the gatekeeper who are going to do all those things. We’re going to give her our clients to Competitive Edge. We’re going to help them recapture, lost Revenue. Now, I know it, we’ve done, I’m confident. I have a person says, no, who lost? I said to a young man. The other day says, well, you know, he says, I’ve been looking at the boot camp and I’m probably don’t probably looking more towards October than April and I said, great that’s not a problem. Can I ask you one more question? Yeah. I said do you want to wait a year to start making money?

He was quiet and I was quiet and I said, one more thing not being confrontational. Have you thought about what if you don’t move forward, what are the ramifications of not moving forward? Now, whatever his decision was he did decide to come in April, but whatever. His decision was had he said no who’s had a greater loss, the amount of business. He could have lost in 10 months. And another one is Number. It’s always a timing thing in my experience. Most of the time, people say, no, it’s more about timing than you, then your product, then your service. It’s always about what they want to improve.

What they want result. But what is their timeline? So, you may catch him at a bad time. You may catch him on a bad day. That’s why follow-up is so important when you stop calling people, never I don’t have them but I continue to keep him in my cold cycle. So as we’re moving forward at a couple, a couple things. I’d like to talk to you about, you know, at P&G and peachy and Elmore virtually. We have put a major emphasis at helping people overcome their fear of the phone. We’ve helped them book more appointments. Our focus is to close more deals. Our focus is to navigate to gatekeeper to overcome objections to get voicemails return. This is our focus at our own business. We only do, you know this every day. So therefore we feel qualified that we can teach it and help you over. Come that fear help you get that Competitive Edge. So let me give you a couple places that you may be able to work with us. Number one. We ever three days sales, boot camp. Coming up on April, 25, 26 27, in Orlando, Florida. Again. We only have about seven seats left. So, if that’s something you want to talk about, give me a call for 07 947 2590. Also, if you go to sell more virtually, okay, the first thing that’s going to pop.

Up is a mega course nine essential oil sales success. That’s gonna give you a great free training, but also explain to you this Mega course were in that Mega course, we spend probably the equivalent of four hours of helping you to navigate that gatekeeper to overcome objections to book more appointments. So, check out some more virtually so team, hopefully, this has been a value to you. Can you You do us a favor, number one. Can you like it? Share it? We need a great comment from you. We certainly appreciate that. And also take out your phone and type in sales, Edge to this text box into five, five, six, seven, eight and hey, that’ll take you to sell more virtually. It also take you to our podcast too many things, but we challenge you to do what you need to do to face the fear. Go, anyway, and let’s become Masters on the phone. It’ll make you a lot of money.

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