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Avoid walking into the trap of closing too soon, too late, or not at all. Joe Pici will help you recognize buying signals as he provides techniques for closing more deals. 


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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Many years ago. I was on a red-eye, coming back from Portland, Oregon had done sales training for a few days and then the flap in front of me on the sea.

Was the Success magazine. The whole thing was dedicated to sales sales professionals follow up the whole thing. And I read this article and I was astounded to find out that 92 percent of sales professionals. Never ask for the business. We’re going to confront some of those issues today, but welcome to the sales edged podcast. This is number 284 and I am your host Joe Pici. We want to thank Our host Pici and Pici Inc. Speaking coaching training consulting firm continues with the live, outbound telephone called training to get in front of your target market book, more appointments, close, more deals, and sell more virtually.com. There’s our membership platform where every Thursday time out there live doing a master coaching or training downloads. E-courses a special biggie course that we’ll talk about at the end of this episode.

But we also want to thank you. You’ve helped us expand the globe. You’ve helped us to get bigger and bigger and we certainly appreciate your loyalty. But today we’re going to be talking about a topic that really this is just going to be a small piece because at the end of the day, your ability to close the sale is where the money is made. So many times. You’ve worked so hard to generate a lead to book the A appointment to do a great core story or sales presentation and then what happens at the clothes?

You may be missing buying signals. Today. We’re going to address some of the critical issues on buying signs. That you should be aware of not all of them. But some of them missing buying signals will hurt your closing ratios and again, sales professionals business owners. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Buying signals are your key for identifying. When to ask for the sale. There are some common mistakes. Steaks in timing. There’s many steaks pick tree today to discuss. The first one is asking for the money too quickly, you know, sales is a process that, you know, we have a five step process for cell during the actual presentation, but asking to quickly will destroy trust and a relationship. The second one is asking too late waiting too long to ask for the sale.

To close the sale many times. They’ll just go find another vendor and the third one in worst of all is not asking it all so many times sales professionals feel like the sale will close itself. When we do need to ask we need to have statements. That will close the sale before we go any further realize, sometimes we do not get a clear buying signal because we spent too much time. Time with the wrong person. How many times have we done a sales presentation? A sales meeting only to find out that the person did not have the power and the ability to pull the trigger. I’ve seen countless hours wasted professionals. Getting so frustrated when they get to the end of the meeting only to hear. I’m not allowed to make that decision. I’m not the one you should have talked to and all that has to do is

So the first and most important thing sales is about the series of finding out the needs and the pain and the concerns of that potential client, that I need out. What is it that they want to accomplish? What is their desired results sales is also establishing the timeline knowing when they want to move forward to solve, this problem sales is about helping the Each yourself. And they want to move forward to solve. This problem sales is about helping to differentiate yourself from the competitors by knowing your uniqueness by knowing your strengths. It’s about sharpening, these skills sharpening these strategies. It’s about. I was just on the phone with one of my greatest coaching clients, and I said to him, I said before you get into goal setting before you you get pick a part of your business. As you really want to elevate. He said, well, that’s sales. I said do a SWOT analysis on the past. Another words. Let’s SWOT analysis on your sales for 2021. What were your strengths? What were your weaknesses? What are the potential opportunities?

And what are your threats and when you get done with that and you look at the money you want to make and with relationship to sales. Now. Let’s start a SWOT analysis on what you want to be your strength in 2022, with respect to sales what you believe are now your weaknesses which need to be addressed and improved. What are your possible opportunities that are inside a 2022 that you can go cell into which our new markets, new clients, new products, new services and what are the potential threats one Potential Threat is always we all have a mega client. Right? What would happen if I lost that client? So what are your threats? And so when we look at this?

Whole thing. When we look at closing the sale. Let’s look at your SWOT. What about closing the sale? Are your strengths? What is it about? Closing the sale are your potential weaknesses? That’s for this tale. Do not know when to ask for sale. Are you struggling to get in front of the decision maker? What are the possible opportunities for you? In the next year. And I look at the area of improvement. What areas can you improve when it comes to closing the sale? Well, I can tell you right off the bat areas, that’ll increase closing. The sale is having a stronger value proposition. Therefore, when you get to the meeting, there’s no confusion. There’s no doubt. There’s no questioning. They know why you’re there and by having a solid core story, but I

Your closing ratio will always be in direct proportion to how you set the meeting. Did you get in front of the right person? And did you uncover the need and looking at the threats to your closing ratios? When I look at threats to closing ratios, is it that your value proposition is weak. So you’re sitting in front of too many of the wrong people and you’re not generating the revenue to stay in business. So for you, people out there that have a sales team, wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to swat?

What’s going on with your sales team? And because the topic of today was reading the buying signals of closing the deal. How about, if you swat your team, who are your greatest closures, who doesn’t close? Who’s not bringing business. And, and here’s the thing about closing business. It’s so easy to read, They’re either on the border on off the board. I’m looking at today, today is, oh my goodness. We are minutes away from the ball dropping when we’re recording this podcast. And I’m finally, I’m closing the books here in the next day, on 2021. And the number that’s on the board that I’m looking at. Yes, there’s proposals. Proposals came from sales, meetings sales, meetings came from great phone, call phone calls came from lead generation. But then the number one on four. Looking thing. I’m looking at is how many deals did I?

Close. How many went to? Kitt. How many of them do I have deposits in full payments? Because here’s the thing in our business, a contract is not a contract without a deposit. So assess yourself, assess your metrics, assess your team’s metrics and we can all be better closures and at the end of the day, that’s what sales all about, closing business. So hey team. This is the sales ad podcast. Take out your phone type in sales as into your search box into your text. If box and send it to 5. 5 6, 7, 8, hit the PT PT link that will take you to a splash page. And there, the first thing you’re going to see is nine Essentials of sales. Success a free pop up for a free webinar on that webinar. There are some keys to how you can generate better leads book, more appointments, close more business. Gain, an unfair advantage, over your competitors. That’s what it’s all about is we move forward 2022. Should be your best ever.

Year, if you focus on the right thing, thank you so much. If this sales in podcast is a benefit to you. Can you like it, share it, and make a great comment on it, and we’ll see you at our next podcast.

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