Ep. 282 “NO” resolutions for Success

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This is part 2 in Joe’s series on making New Year’s Resolutions. Today he’ll challenge you with “NO” resolutions.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Happy New Year. We are two days away from 2022. Unbelievable. This is part 2 of the New Year’s resolution.

And I’ll tell you what, we are so excited about 2022 and I know you are too, you know, just days out and you know, how are you doing with lists of New Year’s resolutions. The scary thing is that statistics say 80% a resolutions fail by February. So what’s going to be different for True success, you need no resolutions. And what I mean by that, That is what you say. No to see. Ultimately, your success depends on more about what you say. No to them what you say. Yes to. That’s in the book. Good to Great. Most of us say yes, to too many things resulting in lives that difficult to manage because you’re so busy. Welcome to the sales, edged podcast, podcast number 282 and I am your guest Joe peachy. Thank you.

So much to you our audience, our team, helping us expand the globe more and more downloads, more input from you. And we appreciate it. Also, we want to thank our sponsors Pici and Pici Inc, which is a speaking coaching training consulting. Firm helping our clients recapture lost Revenue again, front of those Target markets, close more business and sell more virtually, which is our online membership platform. I’m out there every Thursday night doing Megan. Trainings and mega, coaching’s recommend you check out. More virtually.com. And by the way, we are now open for sponsorship people that would like to sponsor the sell more virtually and the sales edged podcast. We would love to have you get in touch with us at 4:07. 947. 2590. I know we’re big enough. Now. The advertising would be great for you. So let’s move on. Let’s talk about no resolutions or what you say. No to. And this is so hard. Hard member in one of the previous podcasts. I talked about a things to do list and the things not to do with. So I may just a couple simple things on the New Year’s Eve Eve. So to speak of things, we might say no to the first one is busy work. It’s easy to think you’re being productive. When you’re actually just being busy, you might spend lots of time organizing your files writing your goals, your plans making call list, you’re getting

To get ready. How are these things important and they are but it’s not working your business because it produces no income. Think about the tasks that are your highest income producing activities. In other words. What makes you mind in my business and Dawn and my business, it’s me doing sales meetings sales calls, it’s me generating leads and it’s me doing the training. That’s what Makes us money, you know, it’s vital to vote most of your time to working your highest revenue, income-producing activities, you know, and so many business people kind of get confused by busy versus productive. Some activities. Don’t make you money, but they’re still important like, checking email and Linkedin. They are important, but these are indirect or secondary. This is building activities. They need to get done.

But not during Prime Time. The second thing is time suckers, you know, you know, time suckers are, are those things that pull away your time and non-productive activities, you know, it could be things like grocery shopping during business hours. Having doctors appointments doing yard work. Yeah, believe it or not. People do that during business hours. There are important things in our life, but

Shouldn’t be done during Peak Performance time, you know the things like you’ll lose your focus. Using LinkedIn is so important to make connections. However, how many times do we go on LinkedIn to generate a lead when we get distracted by reading posts as a distraction? Okay, or you go to YouTube to learn something about social media.

They help you grow your business, but then you see a funny dog video and you just have to watch it. These are time suckers. The challenge, you know, if you want to get a handle on this, here’s something you could do. I know many, many years ago. I was a college football coach and, and they wanted to, they actually imput it this into the coaches daily life. Like, we weren’t busy enough, believe it or not. It was very revealing so you can actually keep an activity log, it’s painful. I promise you, sometimes it seems like it’s a waste of time. You’re

Couldn’t do it forever. But what happens is you’re going to keep a log of what you’re spending your time on. So it’s amazing to some of our clients that I have doing this, that they’re starting to see where little pieces of time, get away from them, you know, so what happens is every 15 minutes, if you’re not in the middle of an activity you jot down what you just did. Okay. This is a log that you can look back and you You see the categories and you see primary activities to secondary activities and time suckers. So you want to specially pay attention to the task that breaks your momentum. What are the things that breaks our momentum and pulls us away from reaching our goals. These are activities, you know, that are going to add to your no resolution. You know, I was talking to a good friend of mine in client, Joe.

Miller and how many times? When you’re working in your business or working a job, and all of a sudden you’re pulled into a low Revenue producing activity, you know, it’s like putting a thoroughbred. Alright, and into a mule race. That was good. I liked that one. Next analyze your day and figure out when you’re doing your highest revenue producing activities. What hours do they are you the most productive, some of you work, 8 to 5. You know, and that there’s nothing wrong with that. And, and you have to peek before me times, examine, and determine, which time you need the most to hit your Market to get the most done. Now. Here’s a power punch with respect to that, now that you’ve determined your highest income producing activities and your highest income producing hours, bring them together.

There, Joe, what do you mean, if you know your highest producing activities, but, you know, your peak hours for productivity, put those High income producing activities during your Peak Performance hours match, your most productive hours with your, your highest productivity activities and say, no to everything else. Even those in the important secondary activities. These are important. They need to wait to non Peak Performance time. For example, LinkedIn is very important to our lead generation, but I certainly don’t mind leads during business hours. I’ll do it. Prior applying no resolutions. Meaning. No, I won’t do that in this position. That’s why I said months ago, having a things to do list and a not to do.

They used could be. So vitally important this lines up, right? With your New Year’s resolutions. What are you going to do? What do you not going to do? Because we don’t want to get distracted. Make no multitasking, a no resolution. Multitasking is just what it sounds. Like, during your highest income producing H, maintain focus on your highest income producing activity. He’s, which means do not multitask. Multitasking is a myth, you know, you can only do things. Well, one at a time, block off. The certain amount of time for that particular task tonight before on your things-to-do list. Block it out. You know, if you wait till the morning to do those things, you’re going to get distracted. We need to learn to master time. I invite you to give me a call and let me walk you through our priority and time management system. It’ll change everything about how you say yes to things and say no to things. Now. Let’s talk about another area. We need to say no to and that’s just flat-out. Toxic people, you know.

Position where we have to be around. Toxic people. I have a no resolution to toxic people. All right. There are people that want to rain on your parade during – they’re nasty. They’re unhappy and they’ll even verbally attack you. You don’t need to have those people around you. Now, unfortunately, sometimes you have to work with them. Sometimes it could be a boss of co-worker. Sometimes it can be a client. Sometimes you can be their client. We need to learn Certain of communication skills. If for some of you out there that have been through our disc human behavior training. We have an entire training on assertive communication. It is so important. But you know, this is like splinters toxic people are like splinters, you know, do you ever get one? It really hurts the more you ignore it. So learn how to communicate assertively. And therefore also learn how to limit the

Amount of time, you have to be around toxic people many years ago, Don and I were at a conference we were speaking at, but one of the other speakers said something really cool. You didn’t say much good but this was good. He said, take out your cell phone and all the toxic people in your life. Delete off your cell phone list and I’ll tell you what. I saw people are and they were just think if we didn’t have to go through life dealing with a lot of toxic people. People, what would our attitudes be like, let’s talk about another one toxic situations, you know, maybe you’re with the right company and maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re at the right job, and maybe you’re not, maybe you’re in your right business and maybe you’re not. You might have taken a position to get your foot in the door for certain Corporation. The next thing, you know, a couple years have gone by and you feel stuck. You might need to take some on

In courses, some extra training to put yourself in position for a better position, you know, maybe you’re in a wrong career, may be in there. You’re in the wrong business, you are where you are today because of decisions. You made five years ago. Let me say that again. You are, we are where we are today because of decisions that we made five years ago. If you’re thinking of a second career, go for it, you know, think about what What you’ll have to do to prepare for it. Five years down the road, everything. We do. Has a five-year long-term plan to it in order to apply no resolutions. Which means again what you say. No to your going to need some extra training. Make the time for, you know, training to understand priority and time management and making quality decisions.

I’m constantly reading and studying and learning on a daily basis a day. Doesn’t go by that. I’m not focusing on the things. I need to get better at if you’re looking to have a better year in sales. You might want to talk to us about our sales Trend. Maybe you want to improve your lead generation and our lead generation training on LinkedIn. Could help you in order to expand your business. You may need help with branding. Okay, some of you may be thinking you. Don’t have the money. But if it’s your passion, you do whatever you need to do to make things happen. I mean, we’re right now in the holidays, I’m telling you, what people are, people are all time high Orlando Airport this weekend. We’ll hit numbers. They never hit people coming to Disney and SeaWorld and people will make time and money for vacations and all that is good, but they’ll stand back and watch.

Should I invest time and money in professional and personal growth? And that’s up to you. These are things. We say yes to or no to say no to the things that are distracting. You, you know, be careful. You don’t get pulled into those distractions. So as we’re looking at, you know, two days from now, you’re going to be sitting in 2022 where you are in 2022, is going to be based on more on what you say. No to then what you say, yes to. So I have a

The action for you. I’m going to really hit the tip. The Reiser sharp tip. I want you to spend the next 24 hours, just be thinking and get out of pad. What is the single one thing? Let’s get down to the one thing that you can do in the first 30 60 days. The most important thing you can do. You can execute to have this biggest impact on your career, your business, your profession. What? Is that one thing we know that one thing? So here’s my offer to you. You want to know my one thing is. You call me? 4079 4725. 90 you send me an email Joe at Pi CIA NDP. I see i.com go on my LinkedIn profile ask Joe, Joe. What is the number one thing you believe will have the biggest impact in the next 90 days. I’ll tell you how I got there and I’ll help you get there. So take out your phone.

Typing sales, edged to the text box, one word. Send it to five, five, six, seven, eight, that will hit the link. Pitching PT, take you to a splash page right now. We’re recommending strongly and do this today. Do this. Now, watch the free course, 9 Essentials of sales success. It will help you get that Competitive Edge. It’ll help you attract and retain more clients. It’ll help, you know, what to do, what not to do. It’ll make you more. More effective and efficient at attracting and retaining quality clients in this. And that what it’s all about. If this podcast is a value to you, can you like it? Can you share it? And can you make a great comment on it? Happy New Year. We’re so looking forward to locking arms with you and helping you take your business, your career, your profession to the next level.

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