Ep. 281 What is the ONE THING you wish you had known…?

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What is the ONE THING you wish you had known…? You’ll be surprised at the answers! Joe Pici shares in his interviews with 5 guests, each successful in their field, who answer the question “What is the one thing you wish you had known before your got into your business or career.”

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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What is the one thing you wish you would have known before you got into business or your career. That is the question. I asked each of our podcast. Guess. And then share the answers. With our sell more virtually members. I asked a question because there’s a great value in learning from those who have gone before us today. You’re in for a treat. As a special. Thank you for all of our listeners. I’m sharing the responses to this question from five of our guests. Welcome to the sales State podcast number 281. We want to especially thank our sponsors Pici and Pici inc. which is a speaking coaching training. Tilting company. Specializing in helping our clients attract, and retain, higher Revenue, producing clients and sell more virtual e.com, our membership platform. I’m out there live every Thursday night, doing a mega training, or coaching e-courses downloads, or more than anything. We want to thank you. Helping us to expand the globe more and more downloads. It’s so excited. Let’s listen and learn from news who have been in the trenches. My first guest is Chris Wilson. Open a certified franchise consultant. Chris make sure each of his clients finds best franchise solutions for developing an additional income stream. The question. What is the one thing you wish you had known before you got into business that if you had known it you would have avoided pitfalls and grown faster. So Krista question. I want to pose to you today. What is that? One thing you wish you would have known before you got into business.

If when you went from Corporate America, and you started facing and what is the one thing you wish you would have known before you open, your first store that had you known it, you have been more successful quicker with less challenges.

So many questions, I think the one thing that I take, when I look back at my career and this journey is It’s not going to be perfect. But do it anyway, and I think that sometimes we just, you know, this is a life lesson, right? So, whether it’s about weight loss, or wherever you are in your health Journey, we come up with reasons why we can’t do it. Why we shouldn’t start or I will start tomorrow. I’m and sometimes you just have to jump in and and figure it out, you know or jump out and build the plane on the way down. I heard someone say that one day. So the one thing I would take away is that it’s not going to be Fect. But if you can rely on your skills and have a pretty good Network, you can figure it out. My next guest is Paul forward for who is a business consultant and author of the book, fundamental elements of every successful business. If you’re looking for a Christmas spirit considered pole, who after Hurricane Ida, rented a ship filled, it with water food and supplies, sail to New Orleans, to rescue people, pay attention to the gems. He has to offer.

Today we’re going to put Paul forsberg. You’ve listened to interview. Number one. Number two, number three, you know, he’s an expert, but nobody’s born an expert, and he’s talking about his lifelong learning and all of this experience. But now we’re going to put them on the hot seat. Paul. What is the one thing you wish you would have known before you got into the world of Entrepreneurship business ownership that had you known it before you started. It would have made your ride quicker, more successful with.

Hello. I would have liked to have known the difference between the business. I’m in and the job I have. And what I mean by that is I want to see a very well-to-do guy. One time. We got visit the family business was suffering really bad. We actually a big guy was going to take us out. So I’m talking to this. Guy’s name was Mitchell. Mitchell invented TV, male, or if he has heard of the pet, rock only an episode. That was his baby. Okay, that’s what he did. Oh God.

So he has me now, we have in the fishing business in Montauk. We own it. Okay, we got the big guys in town while we’re not a monopoly, but we were close to it. And then we’re searching being put out of business, by one guy. So I talk to Mitchell about it and he asked me, how big is your business? What do you do? So, I’m handing I’m giving you answers and yourselves to me. That’s not your business. That’s your job. If they’re people like me, and by people out like you, because you don’t know what business you’re in. And it was, it was, it was like a slap in the face. It open my eyes. You know what, this is a world. Are we in?

Losing market share, what was somewhat? How big is the market in the town in the county in the state? You know that was life-changing for me absolutely life-changing and I can use that in every instance in my life. I tend to sometimes run people over with it because of it. For instance. I’m just going to use one. Everyone knows your restaurant your cell. Okay, what you’re selling yourself, hot dogs and hamburgers. As in your restaurant, what business are you in? Do you sell hot dogs and hamburgers or are you in the entertainment business? The people going to come there for a meal and they’re going to be entertained, exactly understand that the restaurant business food is a byproduct of the entertainment that you can that works experience. And that’s what I wish. I would have known that earlier on because we all do yeah the biggest now. Get ready to hear from the master builder and McNeil.

She coaches people on How to Build a Better Life and a Better Business. Don’t, and I have known and, for many years. She’s our client. She’s a great friend. She’s a Powerhouse, and empowers others to go from struggling to abundance with wisdom. She’s acquired. Welcome back. This is a special feature called the one thing and we have the PowerHouse, the and McNeil the master builder, and I know you’ve been through her see reason. And today we have a question for her. What is that? One thing you wish you would have known before you go into business or you? But that one thing you’d like to share with our audience called the one thing tell my one thing would be. I wish I knew the power of a twenty dollar bill invested once a month on the market in a product or

Service company that I use and the power of a twenty dollar. Bill Joe compounded over 20 30. I’ve been in business now for over 40 years the power over twenty dollar bill invested over 40 years could yield six figures compounded? Yes. I wish I knew that when I started my business. I’m going to say something here. Yes, years ago your daughter came. Came to our boot camp and she had created a brand called the baby billionaire. Yes. Could you tell me about iannone? She’s just very special to the peaches. Yes. Well, I only make nail the baby billionaire. You can go to the baby, billionaire.com to hit here information, but I only start investing with the piggy bank and second grade and we just put the coins in the back. We would take her to the bank. Well, I started learning how to it.

Because someone took somebody and I realize that I get all these degrees and all these businesses, but did not know about investing. So, as I would go to classes, I would take Ione with me. Second grade, third grade, by the time she got to be 11:00. We didn’t realize that she was the only one of us understanding the information. And so, the fast forward when she was 16, she ranked number one of the United States out of 5,000 girls for her, this Business. From an organization called. Out girls going places and her business was the baby billionaire where she teaches young people and adults now because she is an adult how to analyze stocks and invest, but Joe to give you an update on her. Sure portfolio was an excess of six figures before she turned 30. Now when we all see that time value of money chart, which is says if you start investing just in your for Roth IRA, just your Roth IRA at the age of 15. Teen and you do it for five years. And you stop the person who invests later more will never catch you and that’s exactly what she did. So that is that’s that’s why I say my one thing would be just learning the power of it. That’s not a lot of money. I’m talking, we’re talking about a single twenty dollar bill. My next guest will touch your heart. Larry Sutton is the founder and developer of our narcotics Rift.

Choice. We’ve been working with Larry. Gosh for over twelve, thirteen. Fourteen years, phenomenal, human being Larry is not just committed to his own success. But as you’ll see he is passionate about the success of others. Larry you been in business a long time. And so I’m going to ask you a very tight question. If you had to say, what is the number one thing you’ve learned in all of your years in business. Is that would help business owners out there? But the one thing that you’ve locked down and say that the one thing most important thing, I’ve learned. What would it be a really, really good question. And I’m Gonna Stop Believin all my heart is that fast to want others to succeed? It’s not

Missing it has to have a burning desire in your heart, to get others, to succeed is that we have a young man came to work for us to work with us this last five years ago, Leo, Leo struggling a little bit with this English. Hey had nothing. Nothing, but he’s convinced our store manager that he had some experience changing wheels. And tires. They had learned in his country and he just said, if you give me a chance, I promise you, you won’t be sorry and my store manager. You know what, Marco? Oh, yeah.

We can make a difference in this guy’s life. We’re here to change lives the strap. This so Marco got a place to stay Hardy. Rotated his staff. If you have to bring him to work, to get it to work. Well, my role is stories for years. He’s certified with every certification there is to have in the shop. Wow, number one, trainer Nationwide and stop learning when our faith has come in. They come down to his new shop. He

Legally, hold them accountable. He ate it, just amazes me the cake and kills everything. He does. I drove in one day and then this is what truly, it’s all about. Right here. It really is. I’m not blowing smoke. I’m being sincere. I drove it in Hillsborough Avenue one day and and I walked into the shop and I have a big hug on Julio and I said, man, how you doing? He’s the boss. I will show you something. He walks out and he shows to this car. It’s a nice little used car with everything with the wheels and everything. I said dude. You got a new car to know.

Hey smile. That Basin. I thought my son this car. Wow, and he said, actually, he said, you bought my son this car and I said really? Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, buddy. I didn’t I didn’t do that. It was opened up. This tiny little door of belief. Yeah, who came through and it

I don’t care how many Thor helping how much money you put in the bank. There’s nothing that’s going to be a satisfactory to you as the same kind of situation right? There is the most exhilarating. The most gratifying the absolute need is feeling you’ll ever have in your life that you even have a part of it. Just amazing. So, I gotta say though. One thing.

Is care about other people success with Riley’s brother than you could ever possibly imagine. Where are your man with a great heart? And it’s, it’s sincere. It’s transparent. And you have honored us to be on our show. We’re going to get this all over the world. We’re going to challenge people to buy their tires at our, and our tire expressed by their franchises. That are and are, and you’ll never be sorry. Sorry, and you will get more than you pay for. So thank you so much. Thank you for a great day. Thank you. You too. Finally, we have Crystal Parker a business coach, an author. She has written a book, the best robot wins a best seller and the president of the United States and Central Florida, Christian chamber. Crystal tirelessly gives herself to help others achieve success. She’s a client, and she’s a great friend.

To Crystal. This is the portion of the show where we ask you. The one thing the one thing you wish you would have known or had access to before you started on this entrepreneur Trek that if you would have known some of those things, maybe you could have gotten where you want to go quicker and more efficiently. That is a hot seat. Okay. Well, I think if anybody’s been plugged into your audience long enough, don’t know it. But this is, this is true. I’ve had great mentors in my career life and having a mentor has been just tea for me in the corporate career and help me sort of navigate The Labyrinth that existed. And I’ve always had really strong mentors, and when I went out on my own business, I didn’t know what I

Do it Joe? I didn’t. I swear I wondered around and played around, just trying to figure out, like you heard from there. Like, I like a lot of stuff and I’m good at a lot of stuff. But I know how to boil it down. I didn’t know how to sell it. And so if there was one thing, I wish I would have known when I started my business and my second half, if you will my p.m. Wave, I would say it was to know you. Just telling you that what you’ve taught me in this business. I mean, when I started working with you, and I’m not just trying to sell this for your audience because it’s the honest truth. You guys, when I started working with Joe just in that first month, we close more deals than I had three years prior on my own. He helped meeting to really streamline understand the value. One of the biggest things that I learned in working with you. Joe. I want to give all your training away, but you taught me a lot.

People say yes a lot and they’re really busy and I love working with busy people. I like I don’t want somebody that sit around watching TV all day. It’s but the thing about that was I was saying yes, a lot when I should have been saying no and you’re taught me that I’ll be more successful by what I say no to the what I say yesterday, when you taught me that I looked, and I had to really take a true assessment of all the things I was involved in and doing, and I had to start seeing though, and I had to say no, and when I did it free, Ed me up to go do the right things for me for my business. Another thing that you taught me that’s been critical is to keep my wife right there in front of me because you know, sometimes that fools hard or sometimes you just feel like well, I don’t know if I could say that on. If I could do that and you would remind me what? My, why was because we’ve been working together now for some time. And whenever I get a little bit questionable, should I do this? Should I do that? You pop my wine right up.

Economy. And so now I keep that right by my desk. I see that picture of that little girl with the point is for your audience, get somebody. That’s where you want to be. If you’re out there and you’re in, maybe an individual contributor, maybe you’re in sales or whatever it is that you’re doing find somebody that’s where you want to be. Wow. That’s the type of people and information. You can get at sell more virtually.com., Take out your phone, put it in the text box sales. Age. One word, send it to five, five, six, seven, eight. It’ll take to a peachy peachy link. It’ll take you to a splash page. The first thing you’re going to see is nine Essentials for sales success. Let me recommend you watch that really watch that and enjoy because that’s going to help you recapture lost Revenue, get in front of your target market, but then consider being a member with us for sell more virtually.com. So team at this is a value to you. Can you like it? Share it, write a comment.

We’ll see you at our next podcast.

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