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It’s that time of year when we all begin to think about New Year’s Resolutions. Joe Pici will show you how to make and follow through on your New Year’s Resolutions.

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Hey, team. Are you aware that 9 out of 10? New, Year’s resolutions are broken. Are you a net number? Am I, on that number? If so do. Not. Feel guilty the way that New Year’s resolutions are traditionally approached sex, even the most determined individuals up to fail. I have some ideas today that maybe can make us all more effective and executing. Our New Year’s resolutions. We’re only about a week out. This is the sales as podcast number 280. Thank you so much for being part of our expansion. Thank you for our sponsors Pici and Pici, which is our speaking coaching training consulting, firm helping our clients, recapture lost Revenue, attract and retain more clients, and gain an unfair advantage, over their competitors. And sell more virtually.com, our membership platform where I do.

Make a training or coaching every Thursday night live for our members. There’s downloads. In e-courses. Once again, we want to help our clients recapture, that lost Revenue. We want to help our clients attract retain higher paying clients. And again, thank you. So as we’re moving forward according to experts resolutions fail for a few reason, there’s a lot of reasons. I picked just a couple as we’re preparing. So many of you are writing down New Year’s resolution. So many, you know, look back at how they did with their last year. New Year’s resolutions.

You know, we don’t leave room for mistakes. That’s one of the reasons. One of the reasons why we fail to accomplish. Our New, Year’s resolutions is most resolutions. Sounds something like this. I’m going to lose 25 pounds to do this. I’m going to go to the gym, four times a week for the rest of the year, you know, and there is we have a goal and there is a process. However, life often is not as simple as that things happen.

Before the end of January, you may get the flu or your work schedule, might change causing disruptions, and your for time a week promise. Sometimes, once you feel, you have broken that promise, you’ve let yourself or someone down. You can get discouraged. Throw your hands up in the air and feel like giving up, you feel like a failure. Offered a, what’s the point? Does this sound familiar? Have we missed goals? Have we given up on New Year’s resolutions? Because we hit the wall. We had a glitch. Does that sound familiar? So often resolutions are made with this all-or-nothing attitude, that leaves, no room for circumstances that are out of control instead of seeing the benefits of our efforts. We see the missed opportunities as falling short this

Attitude often leads us to give up the whole Endeavor. Think about February 2020, think about December and January 19 and 20. Think about the New Year’s resolutions that were put in place. Think about the goals. The objectives do. Now, the new approaches and then covid hit. It was like a punch in the face of punching a gut. And so many people actually, Had to change direction or give up, but they internalized it as failure.

You know, sometimes another reason for failed attempts at New Year’s resolution is we set unrealistic expectations, you know, there’s an interesting cycle that plays out every year, you know, January first comes we exactly set up our resolutions for the Fresh Start. However, something happens in that first, six months. And most people will give up or even forget their resolution. You know, when we continue the rest of the year, as we did the year before, that is December 31st year before it rolls around, then we start all over with a new resolution. We do this every year.

And we expect a different outcome. Why do we keep making resolutions? Every year? What’s behind the New Year’s resolution? I mean, don’t we want a better start than we want more compliment. Don’t we have bigger goals and dreams and new directions. Even the biggest resolution cynic will admit that, they really feel the urge to set up small personal goal at the beginning to every year. They almost feel guilty and compelled. I got to have New Year’s.

Lucian’s, or I’m a loser. Despite repeated failure, people make frequent attempts at self change psychologists call this false. Hope syndrome, you know, the false. Hope syndrome is categorized by unrealistic expectation. Unrealistic expectations about a likely speed amount. He’s and consequences of self change attempts at first. It may sound quite this. Hardening disappointing, false, hopes, and drum. It makes it sound like an illness. It makes it sound. Like I shouldn’t try self-improvement. That’s not the case. The reality of this syndrome is that we cannot change, but rather we can have unrealistic expectations about how fast, how difficult and how drastic to change maybe. So simply put

Sometimes unrealistic, expectations on time frames. Can create this syndrome. The lesson is not that we should give up on our attempts for positive change. The lesson is that we need to set realistic goals, realistic results. Realistic timelines. The biggest reason, we fail at our resolutions is that we set ourselves up for failure, and a lot of that is because we’re in flexible, in our methods. Say the goal is to lose 25 pounds. There are a few ways to go about doing this one. Option is, you know, packing healthier lunches, eating out less, don’t do fast foods. But what happens when you find out your current were scheduled, doesn’t leave you much time for cooking or meal prep, maybe your job requires you to take clients out for lunch. Okay, you know, it’s really hard to eat broccoli over lunch. And it happens three days in a row before, you know it you’re off course, but remember, there are other methods to lose weight. You could try new tricks list. You can even do a workout program. So what I’m trying to help you understand is there are more than one ways to reach your goal. So it’s not failure. Sometimes is redefining a way to get there. Unfortunately, most of us give up instead of looking for Alternatives when one method doesn’t work.

We often give up the entire goal. Therein lies. The biggest problem of our lack of achievement today. We hit the wall, only to believe we’re failures and it won’t work instead of maybe try another door. So New Year’s resolutions are healthy. It’s good to change yourself and make positive goals. In fact, these type of goals are absolutely vital for business survival. However, the traditional unrealistic inflexible route. Sometimes make goal setting and goal achievement.

Unable to happen. So how can we make our plans, stick? What’s going to be different this year? How can we make it stick? Let me recommend breaking things down into bite-sized pieces. Now, I’m a big thinker. I coach. A lot of people that are big thinkers. I’m not saying not to have big hairy audacious goals and dreams and passions. However, I am saying that we need to break.

This is instead of a long year, plan of action. You could have a long-term Vision. However, we recommend breaking your plans down into 90 days Cycles. Not only is this more manageable. It has a better way of being metric. T’5. It gives you some flexibilities and you can turn on a dime. If things are not going. Well, your 90 day New Year’s solution set a realistic goal for the year. However, Ever. Look at it, 90 days at a time. They’ll stay where you are. You know, they’re always some way you can grow your business and your personal life was 2021. What you expected. Did you hit the benchmarks you went after were you successful? If you were, that’s great. However, if you weren’t

It’s Not Over, You know, it doesn’t mean you can. If you were successful doesn’t mean you stop, you don’t sit down on your success. You don’t Waller in this excitement of what a great year. We did have a great year here at the sales, edged at peachy peachy at some more virtually, but the last thing I’m going to do is sit on it. Never sit on past Glory. The competition is moving all the time. They’re getting better. They’re going after your clients competitors are always goal. Setters. Not only do we have to keep up but we have to advance past where they are at the same time, set a goal. That’s realistic with a realistic deadline. If you’re having trouble setting these goals. Let me recommend you. Give me a call at four. Oh seven, nine four, seven.

590. And let me take you through my system of priority and time management. It has worked for us for over 20 years. It is worth for our clients is a way that you can set these goals, realistic with attainable time frames and stay. On course, this unique system priority and time management will give you the security and Assurance of reaching your goals that will take your business and personal life to the next level. Level. We must set up a process and procedure to how we’re going to achieve these goals emotion is. So you can’t regulate it, but you can regulate processes and procedures. Just there’s different ways to lose weight. There’s different ways to grow business. There’s different ways to capture leads. There’s different ways to develop what you do.

Commit to stick to these things for at least 90 days. Okay? Right. Now, if your decided to join a chamber of commerce, also leads group to generate leads before before you quit, because you didn’t generate anything. In the first few meetings realize it’s going to take time count the cost of success. In any decision set those meetings up. You know, we have 20 So generating leads, but if one is not working. The first thing I want to do is a my exhausting. All of the things I need to do to have this techniques and strategy work, be willing to make some changes and I just did a podcast last week on people’s reticence to change and evolve and I’m telling you right now. Change is the most important thing we have to embrace because the ball is always Always moving the target is always moving the way we get. Where we need to get is always changing. Is your technology up to speed. Are you ahead of the curve? Are you behind the curve? Have you learned how to sell virtually as well as live? How do you have you learned how to deliver virtually as well as live? I know that we have virtual training. We have OnDemand virtual training. We have live virtual training, we have

Live training. We have many different ways that we can deliver quantifiable results to our clients and that all came from two years ago. New Year’s resolutions plans that we had to execute and did we hit the wall a few times? No, many times. Did we have setbacks? Yes, we did. But all we did was regroup, reload, reassess, and reactivate, because that’s the key to staying on course with our A resolutions, so there’s things that we Can do you know when we’re sitting down? Don’t list too. Many New Year’s resolutions. Find the things that you most want to improve find the things that you most want to get better at find. The things that are going to move the needle to you. Having a more advanced business model more successful. Skillset better, Communications ability, whatever it is that you decide. You want to gain. Gain, for 2022, then you want to narrow the amount of things you’re going after you want to metric it. And then break it down into a 90-day cycle. Because I’m telling you sometimes, when you build out New Year’s resolutions for 12 months. It just seems so big. So, my recommendation here, as we start really preparing for 2022, you know, things don’t change.

People change, it’s not up to the economy to get better. It’s up to me to get better. It’s not up to, you know, the world to get better. It’s up to what are we doing in our resolutions and our tactics are skills. They’re going to help us to get better to increase market, share. And so, as we wrap this up folks, we’re so close. So close to 20 21 being put in the books. It’s yeah, it’s important to look back. It’s important to look at lessons learned. It’s important to learn about pit bulls we’ve had but now it’s time to look forward. Now those things down. Write them down on a piece of paper and start to focus on. What can I do in the first 90 days of 2022? And if there’s a setback, what’s my plan B to get to the same place? Folks? Thank you so much. We certainly appreciate.

Dated. Hey, first thing is we are within days of global. Gurus. Closing down the boat. Please go on go. Goo. Goo’s dot organ. Get Joe Pici your vote in the sales Division and then go to sell more virtual e.com. A pop-ups going to comes can say the nine Essentials of sales success. I could ask you to do a lot of things on on that site. But what I’m going to recommend is that you take a few minutes, subscribe. It’s a free webinar and watch it. Those nine Essentials of sales success. I promise you is going to help you with your New Year’s resolutions when it comes to attracting clients retaining clients getting in front of your target market building out a better and and more profitable business. It’ll literally tell you what are the thing. You could honestly make those nine things, your 90-day resolution. Hey, if this is a benefit to you, can you like it? Share it, right? A great.

Comment. Thank you so much. And let’s move forward. We will see you at our next podcast.

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