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You’ll enjoy these motivational moments with Joe Pici as he inspires and challenges you to reach for the future you want.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Hey, are we creating the future? We want we get frustrated with wanting something but never quite achieving. It. Welcome to the sales edged podcast, podcast number 279. We certainly appreciate your loyalty. I am your host Joe Pici, you’ve helped us expand around the globe, more and more downloads more and more companies and individuals being touched by. Hopefully, what we believe, we’re delivering in great content. We want to thank our sponsors Pici and Pici Inc. Speaking coaching training consulting, firm helping our clients gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. Get in front of your target market book, more meetings, close more business and sell more virtually.com.

Our membership platform, every Thursday night. I’m out there live, doing a mega training or coaching four times a month. Downloads e-courses. Specially, we are offering a complete free webinar when you go on sell more virtually.com., It’ll pop up, watch it. It’s a great one, but that’s why I’m moving forward to create the future. You want, you know, we start out with writing down our goals, don’t we? And and then we put together a An action plan, and most people set their goals, either towards the end of the fiscal year or the beginning of the next fiscal year. It’s a January, the University of Scranton research studies suggest that eight percent of the people ever achieved or New Year’s goals. That’s incredible. Why is that, you know, although you got goals in action steps, show the way a faulty.

To can sabotage, your best plans. If you want to generate the proper attitude for goal achievement, then memorize and Obey. This phrase, never make an excuse. Wow, your I coached football for 20 years and one of the things I always did with my players. I told them write that down on the mirror, where you shave, where you brush your teeth never make an excuse, what would that? That due to each and every one of us towards success if we took away excuses. And so, you know, let me illustrate examples from Athletics, you know, I always had an alert sheet for all my players. When we I was, I was in college the day before we would be flying off, you know, and I would hand them an alert e. If I was in high school. The day before, we’d have our meeting. We have our walk.

Right. Give him an alert sheet and at the bottom of the alert sheet, I asked a question. Hey men, have you played your best game yet? And if not, what are we waiting for? I’m asking you, I’m asking me, have we created the future we want and if not, what are we waiting for? There is nothing more satisfying than pursuing, your passion and your dream and it’s nothing to do with money. It’s about Mission. You’re calling your purpose. It’s, there’s something that’s burning inside of you. That’s called your burning desire. That makes your heart beat fast, your type. It makes your eyes wet. When you think about it. We all need to have a dream to chase. Don’t we? You know, and the last week’s I sat down with a number of people and I sit down with all different kinds of people. All different kinds of companies that have all different types of needs, but for

Some reason last couple weeks. I’ve done meetings with people that have always had a desire and a passion to speak professionally, you know, and that was something burning inside of them that they wanted to achieve. They wanted to have either a full timer or part-time speaking business. That was a business. But most men die with the dream still inside them because they failed to create the future. They want one of the things, one of the reasons why is excuses. We failed to create the future we want because it’s easier to make an excuse than to pay the price. If you give yourself an excuse, you’ll give an excuse to another person. You cannot achieve success and make excuses as some point. You have to

Make a decision to close the door to excuse. If you really want to understand excuses, read the book The Magic of thinking, but big go to the second chapter. It’s all about excuse itÌs. So you can make excuses or you can build a future, but you can’t do both. A second aspect of excuse. ItÌs is apologies, you know, when we make excuses we often find it necessary to apologize for not doing what it takes. I’m Sorry, I was late for the meeting. I’m sorry. I didn’t prepare well for that sales meeting. I’m sorry. I didn’t make my calls. I’m sorry. I wasn’t ready, you know.

When people go through our speaking training coaching Consulting bootcamp many times. I helped them. Give them a leg up and help them get a gig. But, you know, we had a graduate that came through our speaking training coaching course, and we have an opportunity where his topic would fit right, along in line with an event, Don. And I were putting on. So I asked him to come in and speak at the conference. Since now, we do an incredible job of teaching, people how to prepare both mentally and physically, how to make sure you eat, right, what not to eat, what you do, all the mental and emotional and and tactical and strategic preparation. It takes to be prepared to be your best self. Well, he did have a blood sugar problem. He was somewhat diabetic. And so, you know, the morning of the event,

He chose to get up late. And when I mean, when people choose, you have a choice in everything, you can do the right thing or the wrong thing. We didn’t take care of himself. Not only did he have a poor presentation, but he used language, that crossed the line. So when it was over, he called me go. Hey coach. How did I do? And I said, we need to have a cup of coffee. I believe, in being honest with people I believe in telling it. Like, it is in a polite way, not to hurt, but to educate and elevate. When I sat down with him, I was very honest about his presentation. I said, you know, and he said, I’m so sorry. I should have done this and I should have done that. I should have eaten better. I should have gotten to bed earlier and I said you’re right, but I’m not going to be able to hire you again. Folks, we live a life of apology and we think it’s okay. We think an apology gives us a pass apologies. Don’t pay the rent, you know, excuses, don’t get it, done. Apologies. Is it a good thing to apologize when we do something wrong? Of course it is. It’s the first step in conflict resolution. However, if we count on apologies to soften a lack of us, excluding our

It’s not going to work. We’re not going to be effective. We’re not going to live the life. We want to live. We’re not going to achieve the things we want to achieve and I’m doing this. This next couple podcast about this because this is the time of year where people are thinking this way. Yesterday. I had a coaching client come in. We spent three or four hours, mapping out 2020. To 2023 and what she wanted to accomplish. Then we looked back. And last year, a year ago. We did the same thing and we looked at what was accomplished but here’s what I never heard come out of her mouth.

An excuse and apology for not doing what she needed to do. Did we need to re-strategize? Do we need to rethink? But yeah, but you know what? You cannot steer a parked car. He had executed to the best of her ability, the plan we had last year now, to get to the next level. We need to re-strategize. But the one thing I know will not come out of her mouth or excuses. See will pay the price. She will live the life. She wants to live. The next one is regrets individuals who create the future they want.

Live with few regrets. You know, we had a friend, many years ago. I’ll never forget and he was an, IT person in the timeshare industry and he had a dream of being a professional speaker. He attended our speaker bootcamp and together. We did a coaching session after, and he decided to put on his first training event, despite his fears, his busy work schedule. He planned and executed his own. Own seminar successfully that night. He called me all excited. He said coach, I did it. I’m pursuing my dream.

Just a few months later. He passed away at 40 years old, but he got to taste his dream. There were no what-ifs. There was no regrets. There was no apologies. There was a fulfillment of a dream because he took away the excuses. He took away, the apologies. He executed his plan. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. To create the future, we have to live now, you know, we must suffer one of two things, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret or disappointment. Jim Rohn said that. So, let’s talk about The Credo. Okay, Kenny Stabler for some of you you don’t know who he is. He was probably for many men over 40 50 year period. He was probably the most successful left hand quarterback that live. He played for the Oakland Raiders back in the old, Al Davis John Madden days, you know, and they nicknamed him the snake and they nicknamed him the snake because he had the tendency when the game was on the line and they were behind, but he had the ball, no matter how much time there was on the clock.

Would cut your heart out. He would throw that winning touchdown. Well, after he retired, he was asked to speak from time to time. Well, he was on a dais with a number of speakers. In Jack London was asked to speak before him and Jack, London had created his own poem called Credo. And here it is. I would be rat. Rather be ashes than dust. I would rather my spark should burn out in a brilliant Blaze. Then should it be?

By dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor. Every atom of me a magnificent glow than a sleepy in permanent Planet. The function of a man is to live not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time. What a powerful poem looked at up Credo. Well, Kenny was scheduled to speak right after Jack and the ANC did not like Kenny Stabler and wanted to make him look bad. Now, Kenny was not a stellar student in college. He went to Louisiana Tech. He was not known for his academic prowess.

Said to Kenny in front of everybody. Kenny. What is that poem mean? Can they absolutely had a brilliant reply throw deep throw deep? Now, think about that. You can throw shallow. You can throw behind the line of scrimmage. You can throw a screen pass or you can throw for the End Zone. Those who create a future will always throw deep and in my life.

Podcast, I talked about change. I talked about risk. This is what it’s all about. Here’s the key to success in business, never make an excuse and surround yourself with people who have a dream and who live a life devoid of excuses and apologies. But before you can find that person, we must be that person. Are we the kind of person that has closed the door to excuses. Do we live a life of solution? I used to tell my players. No apologies. No regrets. No excuses. No regrets. No apologies. No excuses. Let’s get the job done. I choose to work with people who want a solution. These are people who never make excuses. It’s their mission in life, to find a way to create a future. They want individuals. Like this are driven by their dreams and their passions.

They’re Rare Breed. We must be that person. So my challenge to all of us as we’re starting to think about. How do I want to end this year. Our next podcast? I’m going to be talking about some of the aspects of those New, Year’s resolutions. But how do I want to end this year? Do we realize we have just days to 2022. Some people going to make excuses, and make apologies. They haven’t done this past year. And that’s a life of regret. I chant. You took Lucid Braun excuses every day. Like it’s your last play hard and create the future you want. So as we wrap this up, folks. I’m asking you a favor within days of global. Gurus closing down, the voting. Would you go on global? Gurus dot-org? Would you vote for Joe Pici? And the sales edge? And then take out your phone and go put in sales, edged one, word and text it to five five, six. Seven, eight. It’s going to take you to pitching peachy link. Is going to take you to a splash page.

One thing I’d like you to do the call to action is Watch the free webinar, 9 Essentials of sales success. It will help you. To gain an unfair advantage, over your competitors. It’s going to help you book more appointments. It’s going to help you drive more Revenue. So folks, I challenge you to live a life of solution. Not a life of regret. Thank you so much. If this is an asset to you, can you like it? Share it. Make a comment and we see you at our next podcast.

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