Ep. 270 The Thrill of Victory & the Agony of Defeat

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Be the Come-Back Kid as Joe Pici shares his best practices for increasing perseverance in sales and business. 

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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the three Victory and the agony of defeat or 40 years ago. Jim McKay from ABC News wide world to sport. That was his opening.

Most powerful words that came from gym or to describe the human drama of the athletic experience and competition today. We’re going to see how those words translate into business and sales. Welcome to the sales, edged podcast. This is podcast number 270. I am Joe Pici I’m your host. But first, we want to thank our sponsors peachy and peachy Inc. A speaking coaching training consulting firm, which absolutely Lee strategically helps our clients get in front of their target market to close more business and sell more virtually.com. That is our ever growing membership platform. I’m out there every Thursday night, doing Master trainings. Coaching. We got e-courses. We have downloads, we have interviewers. And I’ll tell you what we want to thank you, most of all because because of you the sales as podcast is getting more and more popular. So let’s talk about the thrill of victory and the agony

Of defeat. What happens when we experienced defeat? What goes on inside of our psyche? What goes on emotionally? What is defeat? All the feet is a lot of things. Its failure to win or succeed over something. It’s, it’s just flat-out failure. It’s, it’s a setback. It’s the opposite of Victory or winning. It’s the surrender its to concede. There’s so many aspects of Of the agony of defeat. How do we react to defeat? I don’t know about you. I don’t think anybody really Embraces it. But how do we get affected, you know, many years ago? The opening of the ABC Sports World Wide World of Sports. They had pictures of people doing things and then they showed the Romanian slope, the ski guy who’s going to do a jump, the big jump.

And he tumbled and tumbled and fell off the edge. He was rushed to the hospital and people thought, you know, he wasn’t even going to make it. Well after all the x-rays he had very minor hurts, but truth be known. He never quite competed. At that level again. He was never able to overcome the agony of defeat. We move on. How does this defeat affect us? Do we quit? What do we fight? And how about the word agony? Agony is physical, or mental structure suffering. Agony is that intense pain mind and or Bobby and it’s a violent struggle.

Whether you’re talking about sports, which that came from, or we talking about business. Let’s see how this factors into business development sales and your approach in our approach, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat is so well did so well. Coincides with sales professionals. If you’re in sales, you know, exactly what I mean.

Okay, sales might have the drama of of, you know, business. It doesn’t have quite the drama of the Olympics, you know, you don’t get the gold, the silver or the bronze. It’s win or defeat. There’s no common ground. There’s nothing in the middle. There’s no like second place third place. You either win or you don’t, there’s no division of titles. If you enjoyed. Thrill of victory or you endure the agony of defeat? That’s it. That’s the end of the story when it comes to business. Let’s talk about the thrill of victory. Anyone who has made a living selling knows, there’s no better feeling than you. When you make a sale, closing a deal creates the feelings of euphoria. I know I’ve been selling since 1992 before that. I was a college coach and I recruited which was selling and when you got that kid, too. Sign when we closed a deal since 1992 selling hasn’t gotten old for me, when we close the deal. There’s a certain accomplishment there. Is that thrill of victory? I don’t care. How long you’ve been doing this, there is that certain emotion. There’s that certain feeling you get. When you win that feeling goes beyond your commission. Check. It affects how you feel, mentally and physically.

It tend to walk with your shoulders up and your chest is out. You feel like you can conquer the world and nothing reverses. The feelings of a slump or losing a deal. You can go from zero to hero in a heartbeat, but you can go from hero to zero in a heartbeat because you’re only as good as your next sale. I mean, that’s just the way it is. Now when you talk about the agony of defeat any sales person knows.

Some sales can happen on a spot and others can take weeks months, or years to close, you know, 87 percent of sales happens between the 6th and the 15th contact, that doesn’t mean they all closed at the end of 15 contacts. When you lose it, hurts our good friend client becoming as good a friend as he is a client, Joe Miller from, Texas. He was in for our sales boot camp. He was also on one of the recent podcast. He told a story about when he first broke into sales. He said he was selling high-end product. At the at the very large company level, he said in, and he was in this one process. He was in this one sale and it was weeks and it was months and at the end of all that he did.

Get the deal and this is what he said. When you lost that deal, you had a minimum of five years to think about it because those people would not need that product or service again for five years. Can you imagine the feeling of defeat knowing that thought, you had five years to dwell on that?

If I had a dollar every time is salesperson, thought the deal was sure only to have it snatched from them. It’s unbelievable. The agony of defeat can leave you with a feeling of bewilderment depression. I seem great people get out of sales because the they just knew the sale was coming through only to have a competitor. Come in, at the last minute, only to have the client change their mind.

Here, one of the key ingredients to whether the thrill of victory. And the agony of defeat is mental toughness. I’ve always said, mental, toughness is necessary and growing a business, or to live in the world of sales, because there are so many ups and downs. Sales can be an extremely unforgiving career. You’re aware of, I mean, you’re only as good as your last deal. Nobody cares about the potential. Nobody cares about yesterday. You know, when the month is over, you start over, and nobody really cares what you did in June. They want to know what you’re going to do in July. This is as much for the business owners. It is for the sales professional. It’s not just when you work for other people, you develop this mindset. I know right now.

I’m looking at, I’m looking at today. What is today? Today is like November 13th, and I’m looking on my hit sheet and I have already 26 formal proposals out just this month. Here’s what I know. It’s going to be the thrill of victory. There is going to be the agony of defeat not. All of those are going to go to market. I mean since January 1. I’ve got 270 plus four poles. Sells out. But I know they’re not all going to be victories. I know because the law of the Jungle says this in sales and Business Development, you’re always going to get more NOS than yeses. It’s just the way it is. And when people entered the sales world, it’s almost like a shock to them. For some reason. They think they’re going to have 100% close-ratio And You Know It And that just doesn’t exist. So while the thrill of victory motivates me succeed. Is super successful who are more motivated by the agony of defeat losing stinks. It’s not fun, but it’s part and parcel to being successful in sales. So what I did, I created some tips. I created some tips and coals to action on what you could do to equip yourself for that Agony of defeat. Number one, when it happens acknowledge. How you.

You know, how you feel my disappointed. Am I frustrated? Am I angry number to realize that the feet is temporary as a setback? You know, Willie Jolley says, a setback is a setup for a comeback. He said that again, as powerful, we shall it. A thought of it. Willie Jolley says, a setback is a setup for a comeback. So, know that this setback, this Defeat is temporary unless you let it become part of your life, forever. Number three. What have I learned from the situation? In other words, when I have a defeat we need to learn from it. What did I learn from this experience next? How can I get better? And next, what can I do differently? So I learned this is being a football coach when we walked off the field and

We were on the defeat side. The first thing we did was we looked internally at ourselves as coaches. Not, not the kids, but us, what did we learn from? This loss? What can I do, better? What can we do? As a coaching staff to do better? What can I do differently? What they have called a different play in that situation. Number four. Realize this everyone who has ever achieved any success at all. We’ll have defeat. I’ve never met a successful person. Not ever that didn’t have the peach one year. We had, we’re having an exceptionally tough year. And a mentor of mine said, Joe read a biography every month.

And I said, well, why would I do that? He said just read a biography every month and I read 12 biographies. And what I found out was every one of those highly successful people went. Through the world of defeat. They experienced defeat over and over and over again. My wife, one night was watching The History Channel and told me what she was watching was late at night and it was the Giants of business the Carnegie’s and oh it was amazing. And every one of them faced defeat.

And rose again. Number five, know what your safety valve is. Some of you might be too young for this, but, you know, we always had a pressure cooker and a pressure cookers when you were cooking food and a top of it would open up and let the steam out releasing, the pressure. I think each and every one of us has to know what we do under stress. When did the feet comes and we’re feeling tremendous, stress. What can we do? Some people read a book. Some people go out and run.

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Really? Do you know where you go? And do you have a place to go to revive to thrive? The next one is number 6, reach out to your coach. Everyone should have a coach and a coach is best. When You Face a defeat, get feedback, give honest feedback to your code, so they can give you honest feedback. So, don’t go It Alone. Make sure you have a coach to help you handle. Defeat the next. One is increased, your positive input. This is where you have to be extremely careful about what you watch, what you listen to who you hang out with. So, you know Listen to More podcasts read better books about success in overcoming defeat associate with winners. Find out who’s out there slugging it out that is gone through defeat after defeat only to win, spend time with them.

Number eight, assessory focus and restart. So now I’ve reached I really have assessed. What this the challenges were why we were defeated in that deal. I refocus and then restart and do this as quickly as possible. You never want to sit and wait there was nothing worse in football than losing and having an open week and open week is when you have a kind of a time in the schedule where you don’t have a game coming, right up the next week, now you had two weeks to do.

I want it. You want to refocus and restart right now to get over the feet. Get over the loss. Let’s get to number nine faced a fear and go. Anyway, action conquers fear. Don’t let a defeat make you paralyze. You face it go again and do it. Now. Number 10, don’t blame others. It’s not other people’s fault. Take your with his number living. Take the responsibility for fixing. It.

The biggest problem and I always notice when I hear people blaming others, the end is soon when things get to the blame game. The end is soon that’s salesperson is going to quit their business. They’re going to quit their job because it’s not their fault, but when we take responsibility, now, I’m in charge of fixing this. Now, number 12 generate more and better leads. Now. We kick it into gear proactive Behavior. If I’m not closing the business, I want, if I am having defeat after defeat change the pain, you’re fishing in right. Joe ponds, find better leads number to make more calls.

14 book. More meetings which get you to course stories. There were 15, get out more proposals. It’s a numbers. Game defeat can only stay defeat if you don’t do the work. Number 16 stay in the game. Stay focused staying again. Keep swinging the bat and number 17. Keep your eye on the prize. Remember why you’re doing this? Remember? What’s at stake? Remember why you want to close the deals? Remember why you want to make that kind of money? You keep your eyes on the prize and then you fight through the struggle. So, folks, hopefully the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat the challenge is, there’s

Defeat in business, then victory. And defeat is sour but it makes the victory so much sweeter. So take out your phone, put the word sales, edged in one word. Text box, sends 2 5, 5 6 7 8, go to the PC and PC link go to the splash page right now. We’re offering a free 9 Essentials of sales. Success webinar. Check that out. Go through the whole course. It’s a great training.

Listen to our podcast like it share it, make a comment on it, join sell more virtually.com, be part of our virtual coaching platform. And if you can do me a favor, go to Global gurus dot-org. We’re only about two weeks from them, closing down the voting. If you wouldn’t mind vote for me in the sales Division and then go over to the to the workshops and vote for report Mastery for sales, but I thank you so much. We certainly appreciate.

You being loyal and helping us grow this? Cash. A the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Let’s go for those victories. Have a great day.

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