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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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We have just completed our three-day sales bootcamp, our three-day business of speaking training coaching. It is Sunday morning.

A week ago today. I was loading. And I was setting it up Joe ponds and I were moving tables, putting out manuals and we spent the entire day Sunday, greeting people from all over the country over 10 states, many cities. It was an exciting day. And so, I always promised that, after our sales boot camp. I’m going to come back with you with some basic lessons that were learned and the results of the boot camp. Welcome to the sales stage podcast. This is podcast number 268. Our sponsors Pici and Pici inc, which is a speaking coaching training consulting, firm specializing, recapture lost Revenue, get in front of that Target Market, close more business and sell more virtual e.com. That is our membership platform. I’m out there live every Thursday night, massive amounts of just content. We have that ecourse all ready for you. The report Mastery sales training, but Right now we’re featuring a free webinar, the nine Essentials of sales success. And so we’re excited but most of all we want to thank you. You are the reason we’re still out there. You’re the reason we’re growing. So let’s get to it. I’m so pumped. I don’t think we’ve ever had boot camps back-to-back with this the best results we’ve ever gotten the most Talent we’ve ever had really the best atmosphere we ever have.

It’s only because of the people who walked in the room. There were four lessons learned. And number one was processed promotes progress. So many times, people think it’s Charisma and talent, you know, it’s that certain it that you have. When in fact, the people came in a room learned a process, will always dictate more productivity and progress. The second thing they learned was Was action conquers fear, it’s not about self-help books. It’s about finding that very thing. Looking at, it learning the skills and then attacking it, the third thing was Clarity creates consistency, and I’ll go into that in depth, but the clarity is about creating process of procedure, right messaging, but it will give you a consistent action. And

Execution equals income. And that’s what sales is all about. So Monday comes November 1st. Of course, I’m in there before the chickens get up. I walk in there 330 getting ready. I’m getting ready. I can’t wait. It’s exciting and believe it or not at six. Am people started coming in people from all over? And I mean, we had one young lady. Vicki, who red-eyed in from? Or nia literally got off her plane at 7:00 a.m. And she was in that room by 7:45. It doesn’t start till 8:30 and years, you know, people are getting to know new people. I mean, we’re talking about 26 people from all over the United States that did not know each other. And so we get started. They come walking in and they find her seed to have

This amount of content from their manuals, the whole thing. The most important thing is that they’re all at different levels. The majority of them have had an in-depth and inbound sales methodology or referral based methodologies. They never had to have a complete sales process where they had to generate the leads. They had to convert those leads with booking appointments. They had to do course stories, your sales presentation, follow-up, proposal contract. They had pieces of that, but they can’t came to

Complete the process. And so as they come in and the relationships are being built. We went right into laying out the sales process. Right? From the beginning. We went into our processes and our procedures. We followed that up with a complete accountability chart called the focus board. So now they have the foundation in place of the non-negotiables store sales. Assess. Then we take a very, very deep dive into communication skills. We are master trainers of this till we get into the whole thing about reading behaviors, adapting behaviors. We go into a 90-minute piece on listening and wow, the lights begin to come on because listening is one of the major factors of sales. And so who comes to this as I looking down the list as I’m going through the list of the

Sis, yes, but looking where we are. Do you feel stuck? You feel fulfilled and people have come in and that that are right. Now. I have seven spots open while six spots open and I have eat open proposals.
And the common denominator is these folks, want Fellowship, especially after not seeing fellow humans for two years, right? They want, they want that, they want the

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