Ep. 264 How to Tell if You Are Ready for Success

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Many of the people who reach out to me are actually not in a state of readiness for the success they desire. I’ve got tips to help you move into the ‘success zone’.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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The other day. I made a follower of cultural potential clients. He said, I know you can help me. I know you can get me to the next level. I know, you’re exactly what I need. I know that I should work with you, but I’m not ready to pay to grow. Listen to that. No, I’m not ready to pay to grow. Wow. That was the most honest answer, the honest know I’ve ever received. Welcome to the sales edged podcast. I am your host Joe peachy. This is podcast 264. Thank you so much to Pici and Pici, which is speaking coaching training consulting company recapturing, lost revenue for our clients, that sponsor number one, sponsor number to sell more virtually.com.

Every Thursday night. I’m out there live that free webinar is up. Consider being a member being part of that, and I want to thank you. You’re the key to this podcast growing and we thank you for that. So, let’s move forward. Let’s talk about this whole aspect of. I’m not ready, what the man was really saying was? No, I’m not ready for you. No, I’m not willing to pay the price to succeed. No, I’m not ready to invest in success. No, I’m not willing to sacrifice to succeed paying the price for success is to commit to doing, whatever it takes to hit your goals, your dreams. What’s going to cost time? It’s going to cost money. It’s going to cost priorities.

To achieve the next level. One thing is for sure. There is a price you must pay to get what you want. Every dream has a price to be paid. And so knowing that there is a price to be paid to get what you want. Now, all of a sudden, there’s certain demands that are going to be put on us the minute. You lock down a desire. The minute you determined to take it to the next level.

You know, I just did a mastermind podcast with Anne McNeil on the subconscious mind and and in the book Think and Grow Rich in Chapter 2. It talks about what do you want to accomplish financially? What do you want to do to get that? What are you willing to give that up to do it? Those are principles in life. So so success demands something from us. These are the demands and Sacrifices we must execute and give up. Let me say that again. These are the demands and sacrifices that we must execute in give up. So let’s let’s some thoughts that go through my mind with respect to these sacrifices these demands. Number one paying the price demands and unwavering commitment.

No matter what happens. In other words. It’s not situational. It’s not, I will pay the price. Unless so many times. We have the unless we have the, if everything works well with nothing else, the year 2020, the year 2021 has taught us. You can’t stop because of circumstances. You have to find a way. We’ve got to commit to the characteristics of being self discipline and accountable for decisions and actions. I’ve got to say that again, we’ve got to commit to the characteristics of being self-disciplined and accountable for all of our decisions and all of our actions. So that’s one of the first demands for paying the price.

Are one another demand for paying the price? Is that failure is not an option Now. Understand what failure really is, you know, along the way, we’re going to have setbacks, we’re going to have many failures were going to make mistakes. We’re going to have restarts. The key is to keep pursuing and never give up. You see quitting is the failure. Quitting is not an option and if you don’t quit you, don’t fail it.

Really, doesn’t matter. If you get the job done on today, what matters is that you don’t give up on it and you get the job done. I can’t think of how many times Dawn had fixed a date to get the course for sell more virtually that massive webinar that’s out there. Now for free the nine Essentials of sales success. You can get that on the homepage of so more virtual. Lie, but how many times there was a fixed date? Only that? We had to move the day but you know what it is finished. It is done. She never quit. Therefore. There was no failure. So you keep getting up. You know, I once heard it said it’s not many how many times you get knocked down.

It’s how many times you get up? You only got to get up one more time than you get knocked down. So we keep working to finish the task. The next one, is paying the price demands. We never make an excuse. So what is a pet peeve of mine in the book, The Magic of thinking? But big in Chapter 2, the whole chapter is about, excuse itÌs. Excuses are nothing more than In justifications for not getting the job done because it got just too tough. So we justify I heard it. Said one time justify is just a lie. And so excuses. Get in the way excuses, cause the blame game and once we hit the blame game, failure is imminent, so we get into a spiral and the beginning of

A spiral is you know, we start justifying when things don’t get done with your excuses. We start multiplying the excuses along the way, all of a sudden we fall into the most dangerous place we can be which is to blame others. And ultimately we’ve got to know that at the end of the day, the minute we hit the blame game. We are at that precipice of falling off the cliff of failure. So it is we move on paying the price demands. We make very tough decisions. On this podcast. I was just on we were talking about decisions that we need to make. We were talking about how tough it is to make a decision and

And we were talking about that. People are faced with decisions and choices every single day. I mean, think about it. You had a choice and to make a decision on whether you were listening to this podcast. Today. You have a choice on what time you get up in the morning. You have a choice on what time you go to bed at night, you had decisions, you have to make about your career, your profession, your business, your relationships. So we’re faced with these constant. So part of pain. The price is making the tough call. The closer you get to the goal, the more decisions you’re going to have to make. So as you’re moving closer and closer to the goal. There’s more decisions that have to be made, you know, and so you start thinking about this decision. What will we do? What we not do, remember the five questions I give you constantly is what is it that I want? When do I want it? Why do I want then? What am I willing to do?

And what am I not willing to do? What am I willing to give up to get. There is no such thing as succeeding without giving up something to get and this is where I see people challenged. We all are challenged with the fact that we get into a comfort zone. We get into a zone of could friend of mine years ago. He used to call it the coma of complacency, you know, complacency is absolutely the

Of success being satisfied, being satisfied with where I am. But saying you want something else that becomes so much frustration. So you’re going to have to make decisions. You’re going to be making decisions on where you put your time. You’re going to have to make decisions on where you invest your money. You’re going to have to make decisions on your energy, and you are going to be making decisions. Visions. Priorities, and all of these, things will be continuously tested. So now the next one, paying the price demands sacrifice, and that’s probably the biggest one, you know, sacrifice is something no one wants to do. But if you look in the dictionary, sacrifice comes before success, you know, it’s the bigger, the goal, the more More the sacrifice in 2020 Before covid Dawn and I had set some hairy audacious goals, and it was amazing because we have not changed the goals and we knew that the sacrifices we were going to have to make with everything that was being thrown at us. We’re going to be bigger than sacrifices. Maybe we had paid in the past some of the sack.

Of phases. We might be thinking about. And most importantly is, how we think the beginning of every action starts with thought in the book, Think and Grow Rich. By Napoleon Hill. He talks about the subconscious mind in that book. He talks about all actions begin in thought. So we may have Have to do something and here’s my challenge. You might call to action is that you answer these questions? And you really take time to think about this. We may have to change the way we think. So. I have a few questions as in the way of a call to action. Number one, what? Beliefs must I sacrifice to attain? The goal. Am I holding on to Old beliefs? Am I holding on to Old thorns?

That will keep me from taking the next step, the next one, what beliefs could I prove could prevent me from achieving? That goal? What are the beliefs that are the hurdles that are the gaps that are in the way of achievement. Number three, what habits must I be willing to sacrifice? That is could be dietary. This could be. Sighs. This could be on your daily routine. One of the gentlemen on this Mastermind ask me a question Joe. Do you believe successful people? Keep a routine? Yes. No question routines. Create habits habits create success, but just like, in anything is good habits, and there’s bad habits. So, what habits a my executing today?

I need to get rid of number four. What happened? What happens do? I hold on to that. Can sabotage me? This is just like that, but I have to literally, you know, I keep a things-to-do list. I keep the things not to do list on some of that, not to do list our habits that will sabotage us getting to the next level. Next. What values should I improve to succeed? Everything should be based on solid values. Are you, are your values foundational for Success? Do we need to improve our values? Because remember people buy from people, if we provide results benefits, Solutions, and value. So how our values,

Next, what does the gold demand that I change about myself or my process? So these can be things like skills? Do I need to have a greater set of skills for achievement number two, strategies, your business strategy, your career strategy, your methodology on how you do things. Does it line up or we holding on to the old habits, you know, February 1st of 2021. We have a business model. That was built. Okay, that we would be able provide are speaking.

Two or three ways. We had to change the strategy. So now we have 10 ways to deliver, and I’m not telling you is comfortable. I will tell you it was necessary. Another one is work ethic. Think your thought about your work. Ethic. Are we working hard enough? Are we working hard enough in the right areas? And number four is priorities. Do we have everything lined up based on priorities? Do we do the highest revenue producing actions? First, do we do high Revenue producing actions or comfortable actions?

Amber Comfort is the enemy of success. And so now, the final question. Am I willing to pay the price of success? I mean, think about all the things we thought about here. What do I want to accomplish when and why, and then as we build out what is the price that I will have to pay so many people get into sales. So many people open up businesses without understanding. What it’s going to take to be successful. So they buy the sizzle, but they don’t buy the steak only to be surprised. But once they find out, this is what it’s going to take.

Then have they taken the time to say? Am I willing to pay the price of success. So my challenge to us each and every one of us as we listen to this podcast and go back through it. Are we going to answer the question? The way that gentleman did, I’m not ready to pay to grow, that could be payment of time. Money, priorities, strategies, or are we at the time, have? We decided it is the time. I’m ready. To pay the price of success to Great announcements. Elmore virtually.com dawn has launched.

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