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Find Solutions – Overcome Obstacles- Don’t let challenges  overwhelm you. Joe Pici will help you remain in problem solving mode.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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How important is attitude. I had asked my college football coach once up. Time said to me, you know, PC. He said, you can’t measure attitude and out of respect. I didn’t say anything. Yeah, but I’m on my way off the field. Here’s what started going through my mind even way back when no, you can’t measure attitude, but you can remove really measure the consequences and the results you get from having a good or bad attitude. Welcome to the sales edged podcast. This is podcast number 262. I am your host Joe peachy. First. We want to thank our sponsors Pici and Pici, which is a speaking coaching. And consulting firm right now, recapture lost revenue for our clients, get in front of your target market. New go, she ate higher fees, and sell more virtual e.com. Our membership platform, every Thursday night. I’m out there live doing a coaching or training downloads e-courses, and stay till the very end. I have two very important announcements, but we want to thank you for your loyalty. We want to thank you for being a part of what we’re doing, helping us. Spread the word and help more companies and individuals.

So let’s get to our topic when I say attitude. What do we think? What is attitude? Is it important? Can we change our attitude? Attitudes are the very thing a person? Focuses on whether it’s positive or negative attitudes are learned behaviors. Their views attitudes, our habits repeated over and over again, attitudes or perceptions. It’s the way we view someone or something. Attitudes are judgments and attitudes are more important than skills. Let me repeat that, you know how emphatically I am about polishing. And

Stirring and coaching and training skills, but believe it or not, attitudes are even more than those skills. How is our attitude? And why do we tolerate a bad attitude? So when you look at things, the byproducts of attitudes of good attitudes, I’ve kind of looked at some of the many, there’s so many things that happen when you when you have a great attitude. Attitude. Like I made a short list here. And one thing is you’re going to find solution to every problem. You know, Winston Churchill once said, a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, but an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. You’ll also become a leader. People will follow you. The want to be around you. Positive people. Draw people another one. You’re

Going to conquer fear. You’ll learn how to face it and Conquer it and the famous Napoleon Hill. Once said, fears are nothing more than the state of mind. It’s all about attitude, you know, not only, you will execute constructive and creative thinking your whole approach to life is find a way, find a way. The next one is you were going to handle criticism very well. The old Ben Franklin once said any fool can criticize condemn or complain and most fools do when you have a great attitude.

You can defeat negativism, negative criticism.
You know, a great attitude is going to just raise your self worth in your self-esteem. A great attitude is going to reduce stress people with Trump. A poor attitude. Have a lot of stress in our lives. It’s going to make you happier and healthier. It’s going to give you incredible energy. It’s going to help you attract and retain clients, employees, friends, family. I mean, do you want to
Around a person with an egg. Have attitude. I don’t.
It’s going to improve your decision-making. CI sharp clear, positive attitude gives you tremendous Clarity of mind and tremendous Focus. It’s going to help motivate you and people around you and I can go on and on and on about all the positive things that happen when you have a positive attitude, you know, positive attitude is a Cornerstone for Success. It’s going to help you and your
Company. Activate your dream pursue your passion.

You know, follow and to just don’t ever want to have a give up attitude. And so these are some of the many, many, many benefits of having a great attitude. Now, of course, whenever you have benefits, you also have consequences negative consequences to not having a great attitude or people that you work with people, you employ clients having a poor attitude number.

Thing that happens when you have a person with a poor attitude, it’s going to destroy morale. It’s absolutely becomes a cancer where morale is destroyed. Another one increases turnover folks were living in an environment. Today. We’re hiring and retaining clients is the hardest thing of my lifetime. I’ve never seen it harder to attract and retain clients than right. Now, and I will tell you that part of the hiring and retention is going to be if you have a positive attitude, people want to work with. And for people, they want, they want to hire you for your positive attitude. Another one is a poor attitude will create a toxic environment. Have you ever gone into a athletic team, a business and Association?

And you could just sense and feel the toxicity. You can feel the contempt, you could just sense the conflict. It’s not a great place to be. Next, it’s going to reduce productivity, highly productive, people are very positive. When you get negative situation going on in the workplace, you’re going to have tremendous reduction in productivity. You’re going to lose clients, you know, we own a business. It’s hard to keep clients. One of the ways you keep clients is to be positive.

You’re going to have tremendous absenteeism. You know, I remember our daughter when she was in college. She actually managed three floors and nurses over the hospital in Tampa in the call-out rate. And the absenteeism was unbelievable. It’s because the doctors were not positive with the nurses. It’s going to truly create an abundance of conflict. Nothing. Good is going to happen when you have a situation where someone or the environment is negative. So some bad attitudes and behaviors. That should not be tolerated. What do you mean? Sometimes? You got to cut it out. I mean, I don’t understand why we tolerate bad.

Attitudes and bad behaviors. I know with our grandchildren, how hard Dawn, and I work to help them learn to have a positive attitude to have a great attitude. So whenever you’re looking at bad attitudes and bad behaviors, you’re looking at abusive Behavior. This should not be a tolerate thing. You should not tolerate abusive behavior in the workplace. Number two, you should never tolerate. Dishonesty. That is an attitude dishonesty comes from the root of an attitude. Another one is disrespect.

Whatever happened to yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. Whatever happened to showing respect. We don’t always have to like people but we should respect their position next. Lack of effort, a lack of effort is tied into a person’s attitude. And why is it tolerated next? In. I mean, people just not doing something that they’re called to do. Another one is negativity. But there’s one thing that drives me nuts is to be around people that are negative all the time. It’s the glass half empty. You want to see people who draw people. You look for the people that have the glass half full. And it’s situational ethics. This is a challenge in a modern-day business world that people change the rules. That’s all part of attitude. And so, as we’re moving on,

I want to give you a couple things that you may want to work on. You know, I know this that every day you have an opportunity to have a great attitude or a bad attitude and people say to me all the time. Well, you’re born with your attitude. In fact, so many psychologists say by the time you’re 40 years old, your attitude for life is shaped. That’s like saying well you’re overweight and you can’t fix it. That’s like saying, you know, you have a physical ailment and you can’t fix it.

You can fix your attitude. This is something that proactively we want to make a dent in move forward. So let’s let’s say this number one. Am I going to tolerate a bad attitude in myself? Am I going to tolerate a bad attitude in my employees? Am I going to tolerate a bad attitude and people who surround me now, you can’t change them. You can determine how much time you want to spend there.

And so let me give you a couple things. You may want to begin to work on to improve your attitude to get better. Number one.

Higher attitude, you know, wherever I go, you know, the questions I get asked by my clients is Joe. What is the key to hiring? Great, salespeople. Joe. What is a great way to hire? Great sales managers. Joe. What is a great way top to hire, you know, a great account manager people in collections, people in negotiations, and they go. Oh,

On and on and on, and I always say well, hire character, higher attitude, higher self discipline higher ambition, but you train skills and strategies and so many people foot that. So, the first call to action is hire people with great attitudes. Next work on our own attitude every day. Every day. I have a choice, Am I going to be negative? And I going to be positive. Am I going to be reactive? Am I going to be proactive? I recommend strongly, you find a way to start your day. Okay, whether it’s reading something spiritual, whether it’s watching, you know, a less brown or whatever. Get your day, started in a positive, note every day. Number three. And I believe this is another Cornerstone. We talked about cornerstones, learn to be grateful.

Folks, I think, when people lack gratefulness, I begin to see a great negativity in them, and I begin to see them either getting ready to quit close down their business. Gratefulness is a another Cornerstone. And so I recommend you find things to be grateful for next. Be the kind of person other people want to be around. Are you a people Magnet or a people? Repeller? And so, one of the things you can do there and I recommend this strongly, is once you’re getting your attitude straight, then you want to dive into being a better communicator, and we’ve done, tremendous amount of podcasting on the communication Styles. We do it.

Master communication Styles, but only after you get your attitude, right? Because if your attitude is right, you’re going to use it to adapt to people and not manipulate people Embrace professional and personal growth. What are we doing to get better? What are we doing to improve? What are we doing every day? In a way of taking, what we are in? And no, and taking it to the The next level. When’s the last time we read a book on attitude whence, you know, I’m getting ready to be on in McNeil’s podcast. And the chapter, we’re going to be going over in her Mastermind, group is the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind. You cannot lie. Your subconscious knows if you’re telling the truth and you. And so these are all parts of being positive. So, here’s some calls to action. I recommend you do that. And now I want to get to some

Incredible incredible announcements and I want to ask you for a favor. Hold on. Cuz number two is the announcement. But number one is something I’m going to ask for, from you a favor, guys. You’ve been so gracious and so loyal. And you’ve helped us so much grow our brand, but it’s time to vote for Global gurus. So if you go to Global gurus dot-org, and go to the sales division, to vote and vote for Hopg and also open now is the sales Workshop vote for the Rapport Mastery sales Workshop. We would certainly appreciate it. It’s only because of you that we’ve been able to receive those High rankings for the. Let actually it’s been four years. We’ve been on the top of the heat there with global goo goo’s, but we had appreciate you, helping us with that. That’s Global. Gurus dot-org vote in sales for Joe peachy. Number two.

And we’re so excited about this. We have a special gift for you as promised. So when you take out your phone and put the word sales, edged in and you sent the five, five, six, seven, eight. The first thing that’s going to come up is nine essential for sales success. That is a free webinar on sales success. I recommend strongly you watch it. This thing is going to Contain powerful tips and and skills and objectives and how to be successful in sales. So please go there today. Once again, sales edged 2 5, 5 6, 7 8, hit the webinar. 9 Essentials for sales success. Enjoy it. It’s free is power packed and it will take you where you want to go. So thank you so much for being a part of the sales, edged if you liked it like it, if you

Please share and make a comment. But we will see you at our next podcast and please vote for me a global gurus.org. Thanks a lot.

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