Ep. 260 Client Loyalty Begins With This 

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Joe Pici shares a key characteristic of sales and business success that sets the tone for the kind of work culture that you want to create, provides consistency in workplace behavior, and builds loyalty and trust in customers and prospects.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Are we trusted by clients friends bosses employees and family? Today? We will discuss a powerful way to

Unbreakable trust, welcome to the sales edged podcast number 260. I am your host Joe peachy, but first, we want to thank our sponsors PT and PTT Inc. A speaking coaching training consulting firm that specializes in negotiation skills sales, tactics and skills getting in front of your target market and sell more virtual e.com. That is our online platform where every Thursday night. I’m out there live doing group coaching training.

A courses downloads. Take a look at that one. We welcome you to be a member but most importantly I want to thank you don’t and I want to thank you who become a tremendous team, helping us get into over a hundred country more and more exposure and downloads helping more people. So today we’re going to be discussing something that I believe is a Pinnacle Point of, not only your business, but your, your family life, your Relationship life. It is such a key. There are a number of ways. We are measured by other people. People are constantly measuring us. Your custom. We measuring other people. I believe one that evokes the most emotion is, do we keep our word? Do we keep our word with other people do? We keep our promises when we say something. Can they take it to the bank? I think that creates the most emotion, when we’re being measured.

Words have power and they do created motion. We can’t see or touch the spoken word. It’s something you can’t see or you can touch but the the word has the power to lift up or to put down. It has the power to build or destroy. Think about this, someone gets an idea, but then they speak it and others, take that information, and they build cities and they build.

Since this Nate build relationships, that’s the power of the spoken word. As we can see our words, have power and our words have importance. Now some of the questions that I’ve always asked myself and some of the questions I’m sharing with you that you may want to ask yourself, is do we really put value in our word. What is the value of our word? Is there a weight that we put on the words that come out of our mouths? Mouth. Number two. Do we keep our word? All of the time is our word, our bond. When we say something. Is it concrete? Is it immovable object? This is something that that we can lock down and others can lock down because our words are kept all of the time not. Situational situational ethics, is, what’s going on in a modern-day. This is where we say something. But then,

Two months down the road, things change a little bit, and we want to slant it more to our advantage. So we change it, which means we never kept our word in the beginning. Another one number three. Do we look at our words as promises? We should keep. And that is with your children, with your grandchildren, with your spouse, with with your friends, with family, with business partners, with bosses with employees. Are we making promises that we keep another one is do we look at our words as solid commitments? If we really valued our words, if we put weight on our words and when words came out of our mouths, are they commitments? We’re suggestions. And this is so important because many times, we just say things without weighing them without putting a value on them without understanding.
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