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Joe Pici shares the skills, processes, and mindset for developing determination.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.


Welcome to the sales edge podcast. How important is determination. Can’t be taught. Can it be learned? Can it be measured today? We’re going to explore one of the keys to massive success. Determination, welcome to the sales at podcast. I am your host Joe Pici. This is podcast number 252. Thank you sponsors Pici and Pici. Speaking coaching training consulting company specializing in recapture, lost Revenue, getting in front of your target market. Closing more business and negotiating higher margins and sell more virtually.com. That is our membership platform. Every Thursday night. I’m out there live doing a group coaching group.

Training e-courses downloads. A new ecourse coming out in about a week and a half 14 courses. Each course anywhere from four to twenty five modules, a complete sales training program on demand virtually, but as we move forward today, what is determination? Why is it important? How will it factored into the success of what you’re doing your determination? It’s about that drive that keeps you moving forward? No matter. Matter what it keeps you focused on your goal. It helps you overcome failure and obstacles on the way to your goal. Really. It’s that inner strength. It’s not giving up no matter the challenge. It’s being brave. Even when you’re afraid, you know, determination is a lot of things. But to determination, believe it or not is a learned skill. It is a process.

Determination is a muscle and a muscle is, if you use it, it gets bigger and stronger, which means determination needs to be practiced over and over and over again and the world we live in, you’ll have the opportunity to do that. Determination is a habit. Something that you create this habit of being determined and you use it over and over again. This determination is action. It is a decision, but being backed up by action. So many decisions are made, so many decisions are never completed. So this is backed up by action. Determination is doggedness. It’s like that dog that has its teeth in the the leg of a UPS driver. Okay, it’s Purpose Driven. It is absolutely.

Inner Strength, it comes from the inside, determination comes from the inside its intrinsic and it’s grit. It is absolute grit. So tell me. Have you ever thought about what can deter you from being determined or what can keep you from being determined, what hurts? Your determination number one is having too many objectives being multi focused, not being focused on one thing at a time. I’m trying to be all things to all people taking on many many tasks and it’s very hard to be determined. You know, a good General doesn’t take on too many fronts. The second one is lack of a process procedure in plan can hurt your determination because now you’re free willing and now you’re not locked into a process of completion. The third one is lack of time. Sometimes, the time is so short, you don’t have time to

Gain, refocus and so really squeezing things down to a time. Sometimes can hurt your determination. Something big that can hurt. Your determination. Is your need for instant gratification. In other words, you have to see something happen right away. You have to succeed success happen right away. Look, success, doesn’t always happen right away. So if you are needy of the instant gratification, you’re going to struggle with determination. Another thing that hurts. The termination is a lack of self-discipline, and I did a hold to Series on our podcast, on self discipline.

Points of it. How you can build it, you know, all of the ramifications of self this in. But I promise you this, if you lack self discipline, you’re going to lock the termination. Another one is distractions being distracted. Pulling you off. The course. Can keep you from being determined it. Kind of, instead of narrowing your focus. It enlarges your focus would hurt hurt. You from being determined. How about this detractors? What do you mean? That’s the negative input. You allow other people to So Into You things like you can’t do that. Are you sure you can do that? Are you sure? You you know, you’re giving yourself the right amount. Look if you’re not for me, you’re against me if you’re going to so negative stuff into me then quite frankly. I don’t want to be around you because that can hurt my determination and lack of character. Folks characters is something that that’s another one of my former.

Sue’s so important the character you build everything on can determine Amaya finisher or am I just a starter if things get tough? Do I have the determination of fight through to continue to go on? So here are some of the keys and becoming determined. You mean to tell me? You can teach determination? You can learn determination. I told my wife this morning. I have watched my son, my wife and I teach our grandchildren. Determination how to fight through the obstacles, how to fight through, bad times, how to complete the task. Number one, key ingredient in learning determination is, create your Clarity model. In other words. No one Advance what you want. As an end result, know when you want it and more than anything.

Know why your degree of Desire? Dictates your decision-making, everything you’ll ever do. And sometimes the words that come out of our mouths are not lining up with what we really mean. I have people all the time that tell me Joe. I really need to get this business Off the Mark. I really got to make money with this thing. When do you need to do that? I need to do it right now and then we begin to talk and all of a sudden it’s but I really need to take this five day weekend. I really You know right now I’ve got these other things pressing. So folks determination is part and parcel to getting a clarification of what it is. You want when you want that and why you wanted? The second thing is we must son up our processes and procedures and plan of action for every project. This keeps us on the rails. This helps us to get distracted less. This help us to keep that determination more because with a plan,

Process, we will gain momentum. The third one is count on setbacks count on obstacles. I mean, to tell you that during the course of us running this business, my wife iMac. Went down, you know, I mean, it’s just flat-out went down and we were nursing information off of it to back it up to get it to the hospital to but PT and PTT did not stop. We did not get distracted. We stayed deliberate and we stayed determined to get our projects on out on time on scope on budget right now. This podcast usually is done between two computers. But today we had to be

Need to get it done the different way. Why? Because we promised we would get out to podcast every week. And thankfully, we’ve been able to do that. The next one is decide in advance. I will until–, no matter what I mean. This thing is over, you can put it in the bank that we’re going to get this done. No matter what you have to decide that in in, you know, I don’t like what’s called extenuating circumstances. Well, Well, I will do that if this doesn’t happen. No, I will do that. And my determination, your determination will keep you keep you pursuing the mark. The next one is create your daily. Weekly monthly routines. People that have routines tend to be more determined people. Get up at the same time. They have a ritual. They maybe they work out.

Whatever it is people with routines. And schedules tend to be more determined. Next. Really embrace the whole delayed gratification. Okay? Delayed gratification is like when you’re farming and you’re putting a seed in the ground and you don’t see anything and you know, the old bamboo trick that the bamboo tree when they plan a bamboo tree, for the first five years you see nothing. But in the next five years it grows a hundred feet delayed gratification is I don’t have to see immediate results. I’ll keep

Pursuing a, keeping determined eventually. I will see results the next one which is number seven, cut out the outside noise. Like I said before, if you’re not for me, you’re against me, you know, I turned off the news. I haven’t listened to the news since the 90s. Okay, I turn off anything negative that’s going to keep me from being razor sharp focused because I got to stay determined and sometimes we allow the outside noise. Eyes to cause depression to cause fear to cause anxiety, to in that can affect our determination. So, the next one is focus. On Milestones have benchmarks have measuring sticks along the way.

See the winds along the way and be able to measure things along the way, then you. Here’s what that does. Your determination grows as you seek progress. So, don’t just think the end result is all. I measure know you want to measure winds along the way, which is going to increase energy and your capability of staying and being determined. The next one is has short-term and long-term goals.

So, in other words you’ve got Goals that you have you have the end result but have some short-term goals at every project we have in everything we do. We have short-term goals. Now, of course, we have the long-term goals, but we’re measuring along the way. So the next one is create an execution of daily habits. Do you keep habits? You have daily habits. I’m a creature of habit. So I look at I study, very successful people. They tend to be creatures of

Habit, this one is be consistent consistency, creates success, consistency, creates, momentum, consistency, can overcome obstacles. And this is all part of your determination create. Razor sharp Focus, get the eye of the tiger. I mean, you gotta, you gotta understand. You know, what happens? Is this? When you’re doing this process, I’m teaching you. When you got number one, completed, which is knowing what it is. You want, when you want it, and why you want it. So, I want you to consider I given this model before. But if you had a piece of paper, and you put ABCD in a, is the beginning of a project, you’re excited, you’re you got this dream. You’ve got to open this business. You got a new product here. You have a book, whatever you have something you want to get out.

Struggled the obstacle that distraction, the thing that most most people get knocked out. They get knocked off course. The key is to get to see, which is the completion of the task. But here’s the key in the secret. When you hit the struggle focus on D, which is the dream, the purpose, the reason the why? So every time I hit the wall, I don’t focus on the wall. All I focus on the dream. I focus on the result by focus on the reason I focus on the why, why do I want to get this done?

Become a completer of every project gained a reputation from your clients, your peers to people around you and whatever this person starts. They finish. They always do what they say. They’re going to do. No matter what happens. They complete no matter what comes up. They have the dogged determination that they’re going to fight through it. That reputation is going to gain you respect. It’s going to gain. You clients is going.

Increase your bottom line. It’s going to give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. Now. The next thing is so how can I teach this? I mean, if I’m learning all this stuff and I want to teach it. Let’s say you want to teach you to your grandkids. Let’s see. You want to teach it to your team. You want to teach you to your company, you want to teach you to your kids, whatever. There’s three stages of teaching, determination first. You have to learn and master it. You have to learn how to be determined. You have to master it? Then the second one is you have to do it over and over and over being determined, has got to be a habit in your lifestyle. So you learn it then you do it.

Which is the essence of number 3 is now, you can teach it, but the first aspect of teaching, anything is are you modeling it? Are you modeling being determined? Are you modeling and all those categories I gave you? Okay, those? Let’s see that look in here. I’d about 13 things. That’s going to help you become determine if you model those. If you do those, your

Fight to teach them. Please don’t teach determination. If you quit. Please don’t teach the termination, if you don’t finish, please don’t make determination of theory, keynote speech. If you’re a determined and you fight through obstacles and you complete every project, you are qualified to teach it and you can teach it because you teach people by showing them. That’s the essence of the greatest speakers coaches and trainers. Hers out there, the people that have the most impact, the the best people out there that are facilitating and and really doing educational seminars or training, people are the ones who are out there doing what their training. So my challenge to you.

Is build your determination. Be a person that others look at and they point out that person go. That person is determined. It doesn’t matter what they start. They finish they are determined. It’s going to draw people to you. Like I said, it’s going to give you an unfair advantage over your competition 18. If this is a good podcast for you. Can you like it? Share it? Can you give us a five star rating? Write a comment on it. Take out your phone and type in to the text box sales edged.

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