Ep. 236 Build Self-Respect thru Self-Discipline

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Joe Pici helps you build your self image though multiple ways  to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses thru enhanced self-discipline.  

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Welcome back to the sales. Will Smith once said, forgo the immediate pleasure for long-term self-respect. He also said we cannot win the battle. I love competition. If we cannot win over our own mind, today we’re going to be talking about self-respect. This is the sales Edge podcast. I am Joe Pici your host. This is podcast number 236 and I’m telling you, we’re excited about where we’re going, we’re excited about getting throughout the world and more and more downloads. The more than anything were excited about the impact that this podcast seems to be having for our clients. Ferg s all over the world you know the sales as broadcast is sponsored by Pici and Pici which is a speaking coaching training consulting company recapturing, lost Revenue, getting in front of your target market, closing more business and sell more virtual e.com. That is our membership website, which there are more and more features that we want to offer to you. We’re going to recommend that you check it out. Sell more virtually.com. Cam consider being a member because the major feature on that is every Thursday night I’m live. I’m doing coaching, I’m doing training. It’s impactful for pennies on the dollar.

But today what we’d like to go into is self-discipline, you know, self-discipline is a mindset. Okay, it’s most people are not willing to do what it takes to win, you know, as I travel while some before. The world and the country and still in and out of companies and in with individuals and the majority of people are good. People have a dream have a desire but maybe lack the self discipline to carry that out, you know, self-discipline I believe is there at the very center of all success and if it’s that important why don’t people address it is self-discipline is the a Anchor is the core is the very fiber of success. Why do people struggle with it? Some of the reasons why people lack self discipline, what is we’re not born with it you know it has to be developed. This is not an innate Talent. This is not something you’re gifted with this, is something you have to pursue something, you have to learn something we have to master. The second thing is erroneous. Start. Most people are in error when they think self-discipline cannot be trained or cannot be learned. Now, it does have to come from the inside a person has to want to add another. Another one is just sheer laziness, you know, when you avoid the things that require effort. And laziness is a comfort that comes from a lack of self-discipline. Here’s another one, lack of inner strength, Inner Strength is what it takes to build persistence Inner Strength, is like a muscle, you work on it. You, you feed it. And so what happens is, you know, I heard a story last week that I’d heard about, 20 years ago, there were two wolves in a fight.

And one person said to the other, which wolf do you think is going to win? He said, it’s simple. It’s the one you feed. So if you’re feeding into learning persistence, that’s the one that wins. Another one is just fear of failure. Sometimes we’re not sell discipline, but we’re afraid that if we put effort into something, if we sacrifice things and we don’t win that, we’ve been a failure. And we don’t want to waste that effort. Another one is Temptation and this is a big one, you know, all the commercials out there or the Oreo cookies in the closet or whatever. It is that tempts us, you know, is a way of breaking down our self discipline. You know you’re not a week at, you’re not always going to win, you’re not always going to be self-discipline. I mean, Don and I were in Tampa this week.

We’re both allergic. To bread and we’re training. And we’re coaching, what to this crate Cuban restaurant? And they had this great, this great bread and we looked at each other we went, well, let’s do it now, was that a lack of self-discipline for the moment, for the moment so we all do it and it’s, you know, it’s not the end of the world. Now, lack of self-esteem is a big one and breaking down self-discipline lack of a true purpose if you’re not purposeful on something. If there’s not an anchor, if there’s not a direction to Sarah, it’s not something you’re running for. It’s going to be very hard to execute an exercise self-discipline. Procrastination is a big one. You know, whenever we procrastinate were

He going against self-discipline up getting the job done in a timely fashion. Lack of willpower, lack of motivation, lack of ambition. These are all things that feed to breaking down self-discipline. Now, I will tell you some, you know, some of the effects of a lack of self-discipline. You know, aimlessness if you accept this plea, you really kind of wandering out there. You you are aimless. Another one is in Without self-discipline, you’re going to struggle with making quality decisions. A big one is procrastination. A friend of mine from Valdosta Georgia used to walk around say put off putting off, you know? And so that’s what happens when we lack self discipline, the byproduct of that is will tend to procrastinate. Another one is disorganization. You know it’s it’s people that lack Appling tend to be a little bit more. Disorganized the I did say they don’t work hard, but the lack of this discipline will tend to create this organization which in turn creates confusion, you know, where there’s a lack of self-discipline. You’re going to have a high amount of self-discipline. It’s going to cause us to fail. And ultimately when you lack self, discipline, many, A times, not in all cases, it causes a person to quit to stop doing what they were doing. So now, I’ve created a list, I love lists, I create a list on some of the steps that we can execute to build that muscle to get better too. And you know, like I said, self-discipline is a learned skill. It’s kind of like going to the gym. Tim and doing bicep curls, regular exercise will make your biceps bigger and stronger.

So let’s talk about some of the steps. I would recommend you take and your effort in my effort to improve our self. Discipline number one is, ask yourself this question. Why do I want to have self-discipline? What is the core? What is the reason? And I’m not going to give you the answers. This is something that Have to ask yourself. What is the very reason why I want self-disciplined? I know what it is for me, for me to reach the goals, the heights. The plateaus we want their we have got to execute self-discipline number two. What is it that I want to achieve? What do I want to achieve that self-discipline? Is going to help me? So is self-discipline going to add to my achievement. Next, do I have specific goals that I’m approaching you self-discipline, part of self-discipline is the ability to write down goals. You hear it all the time, every seminar, every book talks about you have goals, write them down and sometimes we lack the self discipline of actually writing them down. Now, number 4, how badly do I want these goals? What it was my Your desire. You desire for achievement must be stronger than the temptation to give in. Let me read that again. Are you wrote this down low Dark Thirty this morning. Your desire for achievement must be stronger than the temptation to give in. So is what you want stronger than that distraction and then that breaking down of self-discipline. We a couple weeks ago, we have Ruben Gonzalez, four-time Olympian you do.

And we were interviewing him and, and in one of the breaks, I said, what’s the key said self-discipline, anyone who achieves above and beyond is going to say self discipline is key. To number five is, what is it that you really want your degree of Desire? Dictates The decision to do or not to do another journalism, I reread it, your degree of Desire, dictates the decision to do, or not to do. So the stronger, your desire, the easier it is to have self-discipline. If you’re just half-hearted about something, you’re going to struggle with self discipline. Number 6 challenge, every excuse. You always hear this, I don’t have time to write a book. Challenge that decision. You mean, you’re not willing to give an hour of Television time at night, to maybe write a little bit so challenge. Every decision, number seven, execute delayed gratification, you don’t hear that anymore. Delayed gratification is be willing to put in the work today for the benefit tomorrow. We live in an instant gratification Society Technology has done that. Every video, three steps to instant success. There’s no such thing. And we’ve got to not only execute this self-discipline in ourselves, but it’s with our team’s just with our children. It’s with our grandchildren, teaching them that they may be planting a seed today and watering it, but the fruit doesn’t come up right away. Delayed gratification is Got part of self-discipline. Number 8, make tough choices in advance. Have a decision making process whereby you have the end result anchored in it. So you’re asking yourself Do I have self-discipline and does it anchored strong enough that when someone asked me a question? I ask myself. This question, is this the best use of my time towards my long-term? Goal, we have priority management. So all decisions we made are made in advance. And so the next one is removed Temptations. That’s a big one. I mean, if you know, you’re a junk-food junkie, take them out of the house now. Look, I’m not, I’m not judging. I’m saying that if you know you have a Temptation and you don’t have the self-discipline will remove the Temptation, you know, just remove it.

Next, this is number 10. What you say no to is far greater and more important. And what you say yes to have the ability to say no in, this takes tremendous self-discipline. And it’s hard to say no to a request from a friend, you know, it always comes down to the side and quit deciding the next one. Number 11 is be consistent with small habits, so really be consistent in those small everyday habits, with gonna build on your self discipline. You know, another one is 12 limit interruptions, have the discipline, the self-disciplined Closed. It’s closed. You know I’m not going to take coals right now. I’m not going to get to my email right now. We keep the main thing, the main thing. Next develop the power of focus. This is a skill. You can improve another muscle. Another skill and focus is so important when it comes to self. Discipline number 14, eat sleep, and exercise regularly. Hurley. I mean exercise is not fun except for a small group of people but its necessary and you don’t have to run up a mountain do something every day to get your heart pumping, have the self-discipline to eat more, good stuff than bad stuff. Number 15, focus on the process and habit, not the result. The big part of self-discipline is not being 100% results, driven, but being processed driven and completing those tests number 16, a big part of self-discipline is to measure everything you do measurement is uncomfortable. Sometimes we don’t like the answer, but this is part of your self discipline structure time to measure number 17. Mean when you fail and we do, we all do reassess restart? Refocus, get back in the game. You’ll forget the failure in the last week’s podcast, I talked about mistakes and I said, learn from the mistake. Forget the mistake but learn the lesson same thing here and self-discipline. You know don’t always expect Perfection. Yeah, that’s number 18.

Don’t expect Perfection. You got to get better every day. We’re in a state of improvement number 19, which is improve your skills. Your habits, your focus every single day. And number 20, Focus on your dream, your desire, your why the secret to self-discipline is the power of the dream has to be bigger than the distraction? The power of the dream has to be so strong. It makes self-discipline easier, you know, and when you look at this lesson, as I was thinking through this lesson and I was thinking about those people Those great athletes. Those great business people. Those people that seemed to achieve more than they should achieve. They, they are not Extraordinary People. They’re ordinary people that accomplish extraordinary things, but the component that keeps Jumping out. They have incredible self-discipline my challenge to you, my challenge to me. It’s let’s improve our self discipline every day. Let’s work to get better and watch what happens.

This has been the sales and podcast. Take out your phone. One word, sales, edge text, it to five, five, six, seven, eight, all there’s e-courses there downloads there’s ebooks. Here’s links to this podcast right now. We To check out some more virtual e.com. Consider being a member, we’ve got a mega pro project coming in, probably the beginning of September a giant ecourse on sales, but Folks at this is a benefit to you. Can you like it? Can you share it? Can you make a great comment on it? Can you tell your friends about it? We want to be an asset. We want to be a piece of your toolbox for Success. Thanks a lot. We’ll see you at our next podcast.

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