Ep. 230 The Daily Habits of Top Sales Performers

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Joe Pici helps you get into a daily rhythm of the 12 habits that deliver the results you are looking to achieve.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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Welcome to the sales edge podcast, podcast 230, have you ever wondered Is there a common denominator? Are there certain things? The highly successful sales professional does that other people just don’t Don’t do well today, we’re going to address those things. This is the sales a podcast, I am your host, Joe peachy, welcome podcast, 230 our sponsors, Pici and Pici, which is speaking coaching training consulting, company focusing on recapturing, Lost revenues for our clients and also sell more virtually.com as our membership platform. I’m out there live every Thursday night, doing coaching doing training, e-courses downloads. So much more to come. We’re going to be launching sometimes end of the summer, a complete sales, training web based program, that you’ll be able to access on time, in time to deliver great results. But as we move forward today, wow, this is probably one of my favorite topics. You know, what are the daily habits of the highly successful sales professional, but not just a highly successful sales, professional. Anybody that is required or has to sell to get clients. That could be business owners that can be sales professionals. You know, this just two people that are out there on the front line selling and so here’s the thing, we have to caution ourselves. We’d stay away from gimmicks and I can tell you, you pick up any sales book or scan the pages of Google search. Everyone seems to have a trick.

To becoming successful salesperson a new idea. The internet is filled with quick tips and gimmicks all that promise to get you the next sale. Gimmicks, the next new thing, it’s not always the right thing to do, you know, I think we have to understand sales is about replication. It’s about, can everybody do this? It’s not about Charisma. It’s not about Talent. It’s not about gadgets. Successful sales professionals will tell you the same thing stay away from gimmicks. The problem with these strategies is that they’re often just mere theories based on little to no, actual sales experience, you’ll sell success does not rely on in a talent Charisma. The latest lingo or psychological manipulation consistent sales success relies on.

Consistent daily practices, you talk to any great athlete. You talk to the best of the best and I was a football coach for 20 years and I will tell you the same drills. The same skills were taught daily, you know, and that would translate it always into the game. And so we’re going to be talking about the good news here because good news means you can learn it and anything you can learn. You can You can execute, you know, successfully getting more business is going to come from skills and processes and repetition. And so consistent sales success, relies on successful daily practices, you become not robotic, but you become consistent and certainly daily practices. And so you do a career in sales is challenging it. Stop if you own a Business and you’re required to sell. If you’re a sales professional, it’s tough. It’s Not Easy. It looks easy and that’s why people jump into it. But there’s a lot of things, you have to learn a lot of things. You have to execute, you know, you, it can create stress. It can create long hours a current create burnout. But here’s the thing, you know, Sister officials don’t burn out, because they weren’t cut out for sales. That’s a bogus bully. They burn. Because they didn’t have a practical daily practice that they followed. And so we you know, I have been selling in sales training it and believe me, I still sell, you know we eat, what we kill a Pici and Pici I am required to do all the selling. So I am still in the hunt. I’m still executing these daily practices and that’s why I feel like, you know, I I’ve located, what I call the 12 daily Habits of Highly Successful sales professionals. The Daily doesn’t so to speak, you know. So we’ve identified and we’re going to roll them out to you. We’re going to go. This is going to be a two-part training. This is part one will go into part one, and then we’ll go to Part 2 because I want to be able to get this. This is not like a quick

This is a process, these practical, strategies, get results that will transform you and your organization from inside out. We know we get results from this. We personally get results from this and every company an individual. We work with, we’ve been able to deliver quantifiable results. Now, what I’d like to focus on is, what are those 12? Let’s lay them out for you. Okay? The first of the 12 successful habits number one every day, okay? When you, when it’s time to go to work, I’m not talking about when you’re exercising or, you know, getting your mind right, whether spiritually or whatever you do. But when the bell rings, when it’s time to go, what are those 12, things? Number one, we need to revisit as I always revisit. What is it that I want to accomplish? What is the big? Sure, what are the numbers we want to hit and can we measure in metric, Dem, you know, what are the quantifiable numbers that today needs to bring us? And so you look at the big picture and how this ties into your weekly, goals your monthly goals, but this is a quantifiable end result number. So you should have in front of you as a professional in sales, you know, as a business owner. What is it that you Want to accomplish in the way of numbers that particular day. Number two, you want to revisit all your deadlines and timelines. How does this play into your deadlines and timelines? You know, when do you want this to happen? So you, you start out with what is it that I want to accomplish, what are our number metrics, okay? Then when do we want this to happen and then I would recommend strongly you Ruiz you revisit why you’re doing this.

Sales is tough. Okay, and we all know sells the stuff we understand the ups and downs, you know, the emotional ups and downs at sales can create for us. The why is the engine? This is the gasoline. This, this is the very thing that keeps you going. So when I’m sitting down in the morning, okay, and I look at that. I revisit what is it that I want to accomplish today? What are my num? What are my metrics? Whatever. When do I want to get this done? How does this play into timelines and deadlines and all of that and then I revisit quickly. Joe, why are you doing this? Why do you want to hit those numbers? You know, what does that number generate for Pici and Pici? You know, what are you what? Why do you want to hit those gross revenues? Why do you want to hit that net profit? This is how you start your day then. So that’s number one number. Over to number three. Let’s get to number. The next four. Okay, the next four are what I call Essential skills. So these are your essential skills. Now, your essential skills are going to be number one regeneration. Now we’re going to go into these in depth but I want to lay them out. So now you’re on number 4 and you want to say, okay how many leads am I going to generate today? Day where my lead? Coming from snail until lead generation. The next one, is how clear is my value? Proposition is your messaging, clear? Today you’re going to revisit your messaging, you’re going to read, review your value, proposition your script, that’s all part. And parcel with this, you’re going to revisit that value proposition, okay? And then you’re going to revisit it in your script. You’re Next one, is your phone calls. How many outbound calls are we making okay? These are the habits of successful sales professionals. It’s these are the essential skills that have to be mastered their have to be executed daily. So it’s lead generation. It’s clear value, proposition e and it’s phone calls now. The next thing is how many core stories, our sales presentations? Are we doing that day?

So now you have number four of the essential skills. So the first three were really to get the game in place, okay? The first string established, what you wanted when you wanted it, why you wanted it. But now we dig into those essential skills that you’ve polished up with training and your process which is lead generation. Your value, proposition messaging, your phone calls and Your core stories. Now from your core stories are your powerful sales presentation. We’re going to be going into proposals so that your proposal is your scope of work. What? You’re sending out to the client after. You’ve done your course story that explains your offering your pricing structure, okay. The next one is your follow-up. To close the deal. Now follow up, can go on and on and on, but you want to have a follow-up process in place. And so, you’re making outbound phone calls to set up appointments and to sell, but you’re also making calls and you’re sending out information in a way of follow-up. So after the proposal has gone out, you’re following up. So now we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, Eight, nine of of the essentials. But the core Essentials we’re up to six which are We gen phone calls of value from csis phone calls horror stories.

Proposals and follow-up. Now, the next one is to close the deal. They asked for the money to bring this process to a culmination. I mean, to ask questions, like, are you ready to move forward? How can we close the gap on this decision? Do you have what information do I need to provide to make a qualified decision? Okay, now from there, another essential another key, another one of the core is Already management. So when you look at this four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, those eight core Essentials, your priority management becomes very important because that’s how you schedule, everything that’s how you rank order everything you’re doing. So now you have the internal skills, the essentials, that’s where the rubber meets the road. You know, the other part was getting

Getting your. Okay. Getting everything in order, making sure everything lined up your numbers all lined up now the last one number 12. So K is recap and plan tomorrow recap and plan tomorrow. And what does that mean? Well, so many times when people are they finish up with their priority management, or they finish up with follow-up calls, they closed the book, they turn out the Light and they’re done. And tomorrow starts over tomorrow is an extension of today. So in recapping and following up the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to plan tomorrow. I’m going to do my things to do list for tomorrow top down. And I’ll do a whole thing on things-to-do list and another pod cat, I’m going to literally create my call list for sales calls. And for follow-up calls and all the names and numbers are going to be lined up. I’m in the make notes and anything that happened that day, and transfer it over that I have to address. So, let’s say I send out proposals today and I made the call and, and they didn’t answer. I just said, hey, the proposals on your email, let’s connect tomorrow. To make sure you received it and it’s not in your spam mail. I want to keep the ball rolling. I want this nice. Should be a continuous ongoing process. So the last thing I do today is preparing Tomorrow. There’s nothing worse than the whole world and walking into your office sitting down and saying, okay, who do I need to call today? Where am I in the process? You have got to map out the recap is also and I don’t know how you track it, you may use a CRM, you know, we have a CRM but we also, Track everything on, on legal pads and white boards. Because I want to keep things in front of me where I’m making my sales calls, you know, where are we in the process? I mean, after I record this podcast, I literally will be in my office and I will be whiteboarding. What I call Hot targets, hot targets, hot targets have been through the entire process and the only thing left is a decision. The only thing left is when do they want to go to market? And so, that’s a hot Target list. And I’ll have that all prepared because I’m recording this on a Saturday morning. I can’t call those people. Today cuz they’re all corporate people and so Monday, I’m going to have a hot targets list. So Monday, I will have my list for outbound sales calls. I’m not doing any training Monday, so Monday is specifically Geared for sales. I’m going to have all my follow-up calls but then with an asterisk, I’m gonna have my follow-up calls with hot targets and so as we’re as we’re recapping this whole thing and we’re looking for the In denominator of, you know, the the whole thing for the highly successful and in the next podcast, the second part of this, I’m going to go into some details on the essentials. We’re going to go into some details on lead generation value. Propositions the phone call the core story, The Proposal, the follow-up, the closing of the deal on priority management, we’re going to go through it in depth, but I wanted to give you the roadmap.

I want to give you the overview. These are the common denominators of the successful sales professional. As you can see, there’s no shooting from the hip, This is highly organized. This is very structured, but look at the most important thing I call them the essential skills. It is vitally important that you’re hitting these 12. But into 12, the most important, the most important are those Oils, the eight Essentials of selling the legion, the value prop, the phone call the core story, The Purple. These are all the essentials the non-negotiables to play at the top of the heat. So folks I’m I know that this has been an intense messaging. However, I will tell you this the highly successful sales, professional the highly successful, This. Owner that has consistent. Ongoing clients has a set of habits that they execute every single day.

This has been the sales edge podcast, if there’s some value to, can you like it? Can you share it? Okay. Can you write a great comment? Take out your phone type in sales, edged text, it to five, five, six, seven, eight, it’ll take you to a Pici and Pici link will take you to our splash page. Lots of free content. Great information. We’re promoting right now. We’d like you to look into his go to the sellmorevirtually.com membership platform, consider joining. I’m out there every Thursday Night Live doing coaching doing training for pennies on the dollar ecourse has downloads tremendous interviews, folks. We recommend strongly, you consider being part of that team. So thanks so much. Look for the second half of this year will be coming soon. Thanks a lot.

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