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Get in the hunt! Challenge makes you stronger and builds self esteem. In these motivational minutes Joe Pici helps you challenge yourself to win your own war.

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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition. This is The Sales Edge podcast. Where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals. And now here’s your host Joe Pici.

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This is Joe Pici. Have you ever wondered why some people just love to be in the hunt, the chase. I mean, I think it’s deep down inside of Most people to want to accomplish to want to chase something. And today this is the sales edge podcast, Number 220. And we’re going to give some information on what it takes to hunt to chase the psychology behind it sales as podcast is sponsored by Pici and Pici, which is a speaking coaching training consulting firm right now. We are so intensely helping our companies and clients recapture lost Revenue. Also, sell more virtually.com. This is a membership platform, every Thursday night for pennies pennies, I’m out there live four times, a month, coaching, training, a group, what should be part of that downloads e-courses and so much more. So today in podcast, 220, we’re going to dig into a little bit about

The chase the hunt, you know, that it’s a natural instinct in most men and women to want to accomplish more. However, there’s some self-doubt. There’s so many fears are so many things that maybe inhibit us from getting started. However, if we face that giant, if we decide to move forward, It will develop Superior accomplishments. And so some of the things we think about, when we think about the word hunt and the chase, we think about to pursue To run the race. Okay, we think about to explore. We think about the challenge, we think about that Quest, you know, I don’t know why I came up with this topic, but I think he’s just watching people around us that are pursuing Excellence that are that are working through their fears, their concerns to accomplish more. And if you stay till the very end, I’m going to give you the secret to this whole thing that it’s taken Me years to understand but stay right to the end because I’m going to I’m going to be explaining the whole psychology and reason why we really do Chase or hunt. let’s talk about why don’t some people hunt? Why don’t some people chase? I have a list. Number one is fear of Success. I had a guy this week, just very week call me in coaching and said, I think I’m afraid to succeed. I think if I succeed he takes everything to another level. I’ll have to work harder. I have to do more and I don’t know if I can handle success. That’s one of the reasons, another fear of failure, we are faced with criticism and condemnation and so we have become risk-adverse because we’re just afraid you just don’t want to fail. There’s another one just insecurity whenever we’re facing. New challenge of, you know, a real race hunt There’s always going to be insecurities that we have. Besides insecurity, we’re going to be dealing with self-doubt. Can I really do this? Do I have what it takes the boss calls you in and says, we want you to take this promotion. We want you to take a new responsibilities and maybe we’re wondering. Can I really do it? You have a business opportunity sitting in front of you, you have a present business where you’re considering taking it to the next level.

Do I have what it takes to take this thing to the next level. Another thing is loss of what we have. Sometimes we become so pleased and we have something we have that job. We have a small business we and we’re afraid to lose what we have. So therefore, we don’t go back into the hunt, I read a book one time, you cannot steal second with your foot on first. I, so, it’s all mindset. It’s all about mindset. Next one is Possible Setbacks will let me rest assured that there are going to be setbacks in every new challenge in every new hunt. And every new Chase is going to be setbacks and that’s just part of it. Never be shocked by it, be prepared for it. Setbacks are part and parcel to a greater success. Comfort zone. I had a friend. We may still be friends, we haven’t talked in a while but anyway I heard him speak one time from a huge stage and he said never fall into the coma of complacency you ever been there? Do you know people that are there, they become very complacent and they go into almost a coma state.

The next one is satisfaction. I’m not saying we should never be content. But I don’t know that we should be satisfied and maybe not for achievement, but becoming a better person. So satisfaction can stop us from getting into the hunt into the race into the chase. Self-limiting beliefs is a big one. We have a set of beliefs and beliefs allow us to perform. And if you have self-limiting beliefs, you may not perform. You may not go after that prize. You may not go after that next chase that next hunt. And so we are who we are based on what we read, what we listen to who we associate with. Sometimes our limiting beliefs, everything to do with what we’re putting in our head, you want change the picture, you got to change the input from their other people’s opinion. And I will tell you more times than Not this defeats the chase. What other people saying, what other people are thinking. I mean, just the other day, a client of mine called me up and said, do you know what so-and-so said about you? I said, no, and I don’t care and that’s easy for me to say because of my behavior style, but it does affect us, doesn’t it? negative people pulling us down. I used to know the analogy of The crabs in the pot if you put one crab in a pot and gets out, if you put a bunch in a pot, they’ll pull each other down because they don’t want that one to succeed. And so, from there, the settle for we used, I used to call it the settle for a wheel here, we have two wheels, we have the hunt the chase wheel, and then we have to settle for wheel and that’s up to you. Is that where you are? Is that where you want to be?

Next. People play it safe. And if we didn’t learn anything, anything at all, from the last year and a half playing it, safe is not always the best play. I know we put our foot on the gas pedal and we took risks, we pushed the envelope because we knew that if we settle for, if we sat back, nothing was going to happen from there. There can be a lack of ambition. Sometimes people don’t have ambition, that’s not bad, it’s not a bad thing. But these are some of the reasons why people don’t get into the hunt. They don’t get into the chase. They lack Ambition. They have they don’t have that fire in thier belly. They don’t have the hunger, that’s the last one, they lack hunger. You know, I heard a guy say one time, you got to be hungry, humble and persistent, but as Les Brown says, hunger is the most important aspect of drive and desire. So now we listed some of the things that some some characteristics, we’ve listed some of the reasons why people don’t hunt

About the reason they do on. Let’s talk about those people that decide, it’s time to hunt, it’s time to get to the next level. It’s time to get out of that comfort zone. The first reason that people and the benefit of this would be Develop better skills, anytime you have to take something to the next level, you’re going to have to improve your skills, which means you’re also going to have to improve strategies. So, the idea of the hunt, the idea of the chase, we have to get better and so we’re forced to get better we’re forced to work on ourselves. We’re forced to learn new skills. I look at Dawn. She does it. She launched it now people realize she knows what she’s doing. I’m not telling you. It was an easy road that hunt that chase to produce three to five more silos of income For Pici. Pici was not easy. New skills had to be learned. I had to learn new skills. I’m, I’m standing in front of a computer. I’m doing WebEx, is in zooms, and virtual trainings all over the world. This is not part of the game for me a couple years ago and it hasn’t been comfortable. I had to learn new skills. We couldn’t drag our two kids are pretty good production. We can’t drag them around. We have to be able to do this on our own. Next. You become a stronger person. Anytime you take on a challenge, anytime you get in the hunt, you will get stronger. What doesn’t kill You makes you stronger and then another one.

You will have to meet new mental, emotional and physical demands. What we are and who we are and how we are has gotten us where we are to get to the next level. We have to become stronger better. Another one, it’s going to raise your self-esteem. All the self-help books in the world. Our external motivation. But until you go to action, self-esteem doesn’t raise. It’s action that conquers the fear and gives you better self-esteem. That’s what the hunt does. That’s what the chase does. Another one, it’s going to develop mental toughness and I said, before a coaching client from South Carolina. Once said, if you had to pick the number one ingredient, it took to win.

To run a business to be in sales to develop. What would it be? As in one thing would be mental toughness by the stop. Throws you curve. Now be able to bounce. Got to Be able to fight back next. It will teach you how to face the fear and go anyway. You know, I’ve read biographies of great people that talked about their fear, About that, they went. Anyway, that’s what the chase does for you. That’s what the hunt does for you. It’s going to help you develop courage. Courage, when we’re watching this and our grandchildren. Now, we’re watching in the getting mostly stronger, and have greater courage. The courage to face new challenges every day. The world are growing up into now. Technology and everything changes on the dying. They’ve got to be able to have that internal courage. Because they’re going to have to make a lot of adjustments in life. It’s going to help you the benefit of saying, no. Without guilt. See when you’re in the chase, when you’re in the hunt you can’t do everything. And when you’re pursuing you’re going to have to say, no. It’s going to help you say no without feeling guilty yet. Doctor, I talked to Todd. Yesterday, probably one of the finest human beings on the planet and we were talking about the fact that you work through, you know, he’s been successful his whole life. But one of his challenges is, he feels bad when he says, no.

Is saying yes to everything going to help you to be effective with those yeses. From there. It’s going to test your limits. I need push that envelope. It’s kind of like that athlete when they get that second win the hunt. The chase test. Your very fiber who you are your core. Build confidence. I’ll tell you what confidence comes from the chase. It comes from the hunt. It doesn’t come from books. It doesn’t come from seminars. It doesn’t come from podcast. It comes from your personal chase,Your personal hunt, excellence. It’s from there. It’s going to demand when the benefits going to demand that you become Superior in your execution, to take it to the next level to be the best. You can be to always deliver things on time on scope on budget. The next one is develop a greater will part in mindset. Cool. We all like love those movies. Like Braveheart, Rocky, And you watch those movies of people that are overcoming insurmountable odds. You project yourself into that movie and say, I wonder if I would have done that. You get into the hunt, you get into chase. You’ll win your own War. You build your own mindset, your own mental toughness from there, it’s going to help you break free of those limiting beliefs, because now you’re really doing it. You’re really going for it from there.

It’s going to expand your capacity to dream. You see dreams are fantasies without action. So, as you begin to do things, your self-esteem, your subconscious says, you can have that dream because you’re doing what it takes and on an image Eights. Basic could claim the prize that the have the golden chalice. That’s not what it’s about. I promised you that I would share with you the very secret and the secret to the chase in the hunt, is not what you accomplish, but who you become, You enjoy the journey, you start to become that better person. You start to become that reliable person. It’s not in the, it’s not in the prize, is in the process of accomplishment that you are executing and becoming better. It’s who we become in the pursuit. You start liking yourself, you start respecting yourself. How can anyone else respect you? If you don’t respect yourself. So as you pursue as you hunt as you chase, the win is not just a prize but it’s who we become in the game of pursuit. Hopefully, this is giving you value. Hopefully, this is something that you can listen to, maybe be inspired by maybe actually realized that. It’s not about always money, but who you become in the chase.

So this has been Joe Piciof the sales edge. Take out your phone one, word sales Edge. In the message box, text it to five, five, six, seven, eight, it’ll take you to Pici and Pici splash page. I mean linked into the splash page. Yes, there’s Five videos on recapture lost Revenue. Yes there’s downloads on on ebooks. Yes, there’s links to our podcast but right now we’d like you to really take a look at sell more virtually.com. What Dawn has created here every Thursday night, I am out there. I’m doing live training and coaching 4 times a month. E-courses downloads interviews. We’re so excited about this. If this been a good podcast for you, can you like it? Share it. Can you write a great comment about it? We certainly appreciate your loyalty as we’re growing around the globe and getting more and more downloads but it’s only a testament to your loyalty and you passing this on. So hey y’all have a great day and we’ll see you on the next podcast.

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