Are You Ignoring Leads?

by | May 13, 2013 | Empowered Professional

Rule #1 for Success in Sales

The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

from Pici & Pici Inc

Tom was engaged in building a direct sales company. Although he lived in Florida, he made the choice to travel to Mexico to build his business. After several rather expensive trips resulting in limited success and with funds running low he came to a stark realization. He could build his business locally with a smaller investment in time and dollars, hence, greater ROI.

With the explosion of business on the internet it is far easier to gain clients at a distance. Unfortunately, with increased focus on SEO and KLOUT scores business owners tend to forget about the business ‘under their noses’. While Internet exposure is a critical piece of the overall marking picture, it is only that, a piece.

Are you missing out on some of the ‘low hanging fruit’ in your own back yard?
Here are three strategies to turn you and your company into a lead generating machine.

1. Develop a core story about your business. Your core story should relay:

•    the pain your client may be experiencing if they are not accessing your product/service.
•    the benefits, results, and solutions your product/service provides.
•    how your company will deliver these results.

Please note: Your core story should take no longer than 10 minutes.

2. List the names and contact information of everyone who knows, likes, and trusts you. These are the individuals with whom you have developed rapport. Rapport is the deepest level of relationship that can be established in a business setting. These folks view you as the ‘go to guy/gal’ or trusted adviser. At rapport, people will not only purchase from you but will also give you quality referrals.

3. Share your core story with each individual on your list. Make sure your marketing message is well understood by those you interact with regularly. For example, acquaintances may know you as a plumber but are they aware of your specialty?

4. Ask for quality referrals. The individuals you know may or may not need your product at this time but each one has at least 200 friends, relatives, and acquaintances and some of them could potentially benefit from your product or service right now.

Recently we spent an evening with long time acquaintance, Andy Andrews. We each shared the latest in our business plans and discussed possible potential clients. As a result we will be more effective when referring business to Andy. Likewise, his enhanced understanding of the results we provide at Pici & Pici has enabled him to better help us.  This was a powerful evening and well worth everyone’s time.

Seek ways to help each of your contacts create business this year. Remember those who provide quality referrals are 90{db95e0fd77ae6d141d4535e2bf7b464d98e4151322120f553d7786be9a7303be} more likely to receive referrals in return.  Make sure individuals in your sphere of influence understand the benefits, results and solutions your product/service provides. Take advantage of the golden opportunities surrounding you.

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