Prince Harry and Megan Markle are soon to be wed  as the whole world watches with great anticipation. We see the twinkle in their eyes as they interact with each other. Already they seem to be functioning in tandem, fully appreciating and anticipating the others next move.

Let’s set aside the ‘romantic love’ we see Prince Harry and Megan share.  Looking deeper into their relationship we begin to observe mutual respect, affinity, and trust bond between them. This is called rapport. Rapport is the quintessential element for business success. Building rapport with our clients is key to building our business and closing more sales.

In fact,

“Business takes place at the speed of rapport.” Joe Pici

Are you building rapport with your clients?

Building rapport with clients can be as complex as dating.

It begins with finding someone worthy of your time, (lead generation).

Then we engage in a little light conversation, (value propositions).

We get to know each other very casually, (researching your prospective client).

Next we ask for the date (booking the appointment).

This first date can be nerve racking,(sales presentation).

One date does not usually end in a marriage proposal. There needs to be additional dates, (follow-up).

These additional dates may include meeting family and close friends,(making your pitch to the entire department).

You propose marriage,(closing the deal).

An engagement ring is given, (contacts signed).

Finally, the wedding is performed, (delivering the product and getting the check).

If only sales professionals would approach a sale with the courtesy and polish one uses pursue a mate. It would be disastrous to walk up to a stranger and propose marriage. Why do we think we can walk up to someone at a networking event and expect an immediate sale?

Here’s how to relate more effectively to others

Developing rapport with another person begins with the genuine and sincere desire to know and appreciate the other. If we merely connect with someone based on the selfish motivation of making a sale, our connection will be nothing more than insincere manipulation.

What made it easy for Prince Harry and Megan Markle to ‘click’?

Although Prince Harry and Megan are from very different backgrounds, they share a common desire to help the underprivileged. This provided the fodder for engaging conversation between the two. However, this alone would not kindle the depth of relationship they now share. One of the secrets to Prince Harry and Megan’s attraction is that their behavior styles are opposites. Ever hear the expression “opposites attract”? It’s true! Opposites attract because each is ‘half’ of a common ‘whole’. One is attracted to what they lack and vice versa. Together each completes the other.

There is a dark side to this attraction. Opposites do attract but, if they struggle to correctly understand human behavior, opposites may begin to attack. Little behavior quirks that were so compelling become repelling as they begin to irritate.

Is it possible that you might be getting on your clients nerves?  Some clients want to be closed at the first meeting while others would receive this tactic as being too much pressure. There are clients who wish to socialize with you but others who just want to keep it all business. How do you know the difference?

The key for Prince Harry and Megan and those of us working to build relationship with our clients is the same. We must build rapport by:

identifying  our own behavior and communication style

then, identifying the behavior and communication styles of those with whom we interact

finally, adapting to the behavior and communication styles of others

There is no better way to build rapport than by speaking their behavioral language.

Prince Harry and Megan

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DISC model of human behaviorSo what do I ned to know about the basic behavioral styles to increase my sales?

In the DISC model of human behavior there are 4 basic behavioral styles. These are a simplified version of a complex set of behaviors. We all have a unique behavioral mix, in addition to environmental contributors. However, the vast majority of people will usually be able to relate to one of these as their dominant behavior style.

The styles are separated based on pace and priority.

Pace: Fast or Slow

Fast paced people do things, well, fast. They walk fast, talk fast, and think fast. Decisions are made decisively and quickly, as they want to move on the the next thing.

Slow paced people do things a bit slower. They process things mentally with care and think things through. Because of this, making decisions often takes time and they often ask others for advice. They are more soft-spoken and use gentle gestures.

Priority: Task or People

Task oriented people think in processes and procedures. They value results and productivity. Customer service and entertaining guests tends to drain them.

People oriented people think about the people or the feelings involved in a situation. They focus on the human element in any situation. Filing and isolated tasks tend to drain them.

When you put these two aspects together you get the DISC model of human behavior, providing the 4 basic behavioral styles. Remember I stated that Megan and Prince Harry are perfect for each other because they have a few opposite characteristics? Megan is more task oriented while Prince Harry tends to have a people orientation. This will work well for them as long as they continue to celebrate their differences rather than becoming annoyed and view these differences as deficiencies in the other.

Each style values and appreciates something different requiring us to tweak our approach and presentation.

Human Behavior and Sales – Quick Guide

DISC Human behavior

Fast Paced – Task Oriented Client

  • This client wants a quick, efficient, bottom line presentation.

Fast Paced – People Oriented

  • Socialize with this client and let them talk.

Slow Paced – People Oriented

  • Speak softly and allow this client plenty of time to make up their mind.

Slow Paced Task Oriented

  • Use data to back up your information and give the resources to do independent research.

We send our best wishes to Prince Harry and Megan as they continue to grow their relationship while serving their community and the world. We send our best wishes to you as you perfect your communication skills and build your businesses!

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