Feeling nervous about your next job interview? Discover Donald Trump’s secret.

Donald Trump is the king of business and sales. Believe it or not, job hunting is sales. You are selling yourself, your skills, your ideas, your work ethic, your people skills, and your reliability.  And no one is better at selling himself than Mr. Trump. One of the elements that has contributed to his success is that during every  negotiation he asks a great many questions. This is not because he is unprepared for the meeting. The most successful sales people ask questions and this technique should be applied to the interview process. Unfortunately,  job seekers are too often focused on rehearsing answers to the most likely interview questions and neglect to formulate a few questions of their own.

Job clinching interviews are a conversation, not an interrogation. Just as the employer has questions that show his interest in you, your questions should show your interest in the work done at the company. By asking questions of your own, you will forward the conversation. These questions are usually tagged onto the end of your answers and can ease that dreaded awkward silence.  Also, such questions help you find out what particular skills and qualities are important to the employer.  In the same way the interviewer wants to find out if you are right for the company, you need to assess whether the company is right for you.
Here are five questions every job seeker should ask:


1.  By joining this company, will I make best use of my skills and expertise?
2.  Could you describe your company’s management style and the type of employee who into it well?
3.  What is the company’s plan for the next five years, what will my role be, and how will my department be impacted?
4.  What kind of work can I expect to be doing the first year?
5. How will my performance and  leadership responsibilities be measured? By whom?

Much like a sales professional presenting a product, sell yourself by asking questions and, as the opportunity arises, highlight your strengths and show your enthusiasm. The questions you ask will show your interest, demonstrate your analytical abilities, and carry the conversation forward.

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