From the series : What I learned about sales from the presidential race.
Lesson #3 Be Pithy and Persistent.

Want to observe sales in its purest form?  Scrutinize the handling of candidates in our presidential elections. For a moment, put aside your political ideologies and think of candidates as the ‘product’ that is being sold to the American people.

Newt Gingrich has taught me two important sales strategies.

1. BE PITHY – Regardless of your political persuasion,  you’ve got to admit no one thinks faster on his feet or has better comebacks than Newt Gingrich.  He had a great one last week when bantering back at president Obama’s comment “There is not one quick fix for gas prices.” Newt answered, “There is a quick fix for gas prices. Defeat president Obama in November.” You have heard many like this and whether or not you agree, they are memorable.

More than anything, we want clients and prospective clients to remember us. Creating clever, pithy statements about the benefits, results and solutions you provide will do just that.
At your next networking event instead of introducing yourself with the same, worn out,  “Hi I’m (name) with (company) and we sell (products). Try beginning with a question. One I use with great success is: “How many of you would like to gain an unfair advantage over your competition? (All the hands go up.) “Great! We need to talk. I will empower you and your team with the secrets to increase closing ratios, create loyal, repeat business and gain quality referrals. I am Dawn Pici with Pici & Pici.”

Struggling with creativity? Get the book POP by Sam Horn. It is the definitive guide for original, pithy, interest capturing one liners.

2. BE PERSISTENT – A participant in one of my sales training seminars recently asked about how long  one should continue contacting a decision maker who does not return  phone calls or emails.  I responded with an  illustration from my water safety instructor. While being trained as a life guard I was taught CPR. The instructor taught us that we should continue giving CPR to a drowning victim until the paramedics arrive or until rigor mortis sets in. I believe the same rule applies to sales. Remember, most sales happen after the eighth contact.  (Let’s face it. How many blogs of ours will you need to read before you decide we might know what we are talking about and hire us to help you explode your sales?)  High ranking decisions makers agree. Persistence is absolutely imperative for success in sales.

I’m not sure how many times the press has counted Newt out but he keeps coming back. His secret? He just keeps swinging. Success in sales is not to the swiftest, brightest, or most talented. It is to those who keep going with one more presentation, one more contact, one more phone call, one more email, one more day of hitting it hard in sales. This week  the press is saying that even if Gingrich wins Georgia, he may be out for good.  Really?  We’ll see.

As stated succinctly by another politician who was also counted out, “Never, never, never, never give up.” (Winston Churchill).

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