Corporate Performance Consulting

The Corporate Office

Proprietary intensive performance management and customer service training workshops customized for your team.

Hundreds of businesses have seen the measurable results that prove our methods work.

Performance Management Training

Reduce Conflict and Employee Turnover

"50% of a manager's time is spent resolving people problems related to trust and poor communication”
-US News and World Report-
How much is this costing your company?

Better Communication and Working Relationships

Clear, positive communication based on human behavioral insights keeps things rolling along smoothly & efficiently, & it keeps everyone happy.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees are engaged employees. Gallup organization measurements place the cost of actively disengaged workers at 416 billion per year.

How does effective performance management revolutionize your company?

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Customer Service

Leadership Development

Learn to organize high-performance teams by playing to employee talents and creating a highly cooperative, harmonious environment.

Towers Watson Communication study found that companies with highly effective communication had 47% higher total returns to shareholders compared with the companies with less effective communication practices.

Improve Customer Metrics

Track satisfaction, loyalty, & retention scores/rates. Gain & apply customer feedback to improve service & processes.

How does expert customer service training revolutionize your company?

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Regular corporate performance training is the answer

Give us a call to learn more about achieving greater success with our Rapport Mastery™ for corporate office workshops.

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Larry Sutton, Owner, RNR Wheels Franchise

Rich DeSena, CEO, Progressive Debt Relief

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much you’ve positively effected our floor. From the moment you left I had a number of employees rave on how much it helped them. I think your style made it easy for them to want to listen and understand which I appreciate more than…

Paul Moreau, President and Co-Founder, Cartridge on Wheels

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